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2 Instructional I and II CERTIFICATION INSTRUCTIONS Instructional I is your first teaching certificate. Instructional II requires 3 years of teaching, 24 post-bacc credits and the completion of a school induction program. You apply for Instructional II certification through the school district where you are teaching.

3 Paper Application Should Include: Certification Cover Sheet PDE338G – medical form requires doctor’s signature for first certification Certification Analysis Sheet – completed by adviser listing courses required for certification (graduate students). Include transcript for any courses taken outside of Arcadia. Photocopy of Praxis Scores Photocopy of Instructional Certificate if already certified. This includes Intern and Emergency Certificates. The certification application requires approval from the Certification Officer, Graduate Studies, Taylor 105.

4 Certification Cover Sheet Complete the following information. Return to: Office of Graduate Studies, Taylor Hall, Room 105 Name:_____________________________________ Social Security #: _________________________ 1.Type of Certification applying for: Intern ( must submit copy of Intern Application )Educational Specialist Instructional IElementary School Counselor Instructional IISecondary School Counselor Certification Concentration:_______________________________ 2. Have you previously been certified by the State of Pennsylvania? Yes _____ No _____ If Yes, provide a photocopy of certificate. This includes a copy of Intern Certificate. 3. Undergraduate _____ Graduate: Certification only ____ Certification plus Master's Degree ______ 4. Practicum/Student Teaching Information: School Placement/Name of School: ______________________________________________________ Grade Level: _________________________________________________________________________ Applicant's Signature _______________________________________________ Date: ______________ Certification Officer's Signature ________________________________________Date: ______________

5 General Application Form PDE 338G (medical form) Section I Personal Information Section II Certification Information Subject Area and code Section III Health Certificate Licensed physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. Signature not required if previously certified (includes intern and emergency certification) Section IV Background 1 through 7 Section V Code of Conduct Section VI AFFIDAVIT YOUR SIGNATURE AND DATE

6 What’s New? PDE is now requiring electronic applications via TIMS – Teacher Information Management System. The Graduate Office is still requiring paper applications. Instructional I & II Paper Application can be found at The application will be scanned and the original 338G form will be mailed back to you with the certification letter stating you have met the requirements of certification once the TIMS electronic application has been submitted.

7 TIMS With TIMS you can do the following: Apply for state certification Submit related application materials Monitor your application status Pay fees using a credit card Update your contact information, such as name change and address Communicate with PDE Print certificates Add additional areas of certification

8 PDE website: You will access TIMS from this portal but first you must Register and create a Profile.

9 Name Prefix: ▬ First Name: *▬ Last Name: *▬ Name Suffix: ▬ Company: ▬ Title: ▬ Address1: * ▬ Address2: ▬ City: * ▬ State: * ▬ Zip: * ▬ Phone : ▬ Fax : ▬ Email Address: * ▬ User ID: * ▬ Password: * ▬ Confirm Password: * ▬ If you ever lose your username or password we will ask you the following question, and need to receive your given answer, to confirm your identity. Please use a question that you will be sure to remember. Question : * ▬ Answer : * ▬ Register ▬

10 Accessing TIMS After you register and create a profile Log In then select the “Teacher” Icon in the Center of the Page

11 Accessing TIMS Select the TIMS Icon

12 AccessingTIMS


14 Establish Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) Profile This one time registration process requires the following information to be provided: 1. If you hold a PA certificate, enter the information that was provided at the time of issuance of your latest PA certificate. 2. If you do not hold a PA certificate, enter your SSN, Date of Birth, and Current Official Name as it appears on legal documents. * SSN: * Confirm SSN: * Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): * Official First Name: * Last Name: Middle Initial: * Citizenship Status Continue>>>

15 TIMS Home Screen Dashboard The Home Screen displays previous information. You must create a New Credential Application any time you are adding another area of certification.

16 Credential Type and Subject Area Select the credential type (Instructional I) and subject area Answer YES to question 2. This step is critical to process your application through TIMS. If you say "no" Arcadia WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION.

17 Step 1: Background Questions These are the same questions found on Page 2 of the PDE338G form. If you answer yes to any of these questions you will be asked to submit legal documentation and/or a letter of explanation.

18 Step 2: Demographic Details This screen is populated with the information you provided when you registered and created a User Profile. Areas not shaded can be edited

19 Step 3: Education Details Regardless of what information you see on the screen you are creating a new application and there is NO information in it until you put it in. Graduate students click Add New and select the institution where you did your undergrad degree. THEN click Add New again and select Arcadia. Undergrad students will only need to add Arcadia.

20 Add/Edit Educator Preparation Program Add the Educator Preparation Program you attended while at Arcadia University. Educator Preparation Program * (Select from menu box) Program Level* (Select from menu box) Program Level Type* (type is traditional) Attendance Start Date (MM/YYYY)* End/Anticipated Graduation Date (MM/YYYY)* Program GPA * Note: You can enter a future date for anticipated graduation for a certification program but not for a graduate degree. * denotes a required field

21 Step 4: Certification Details In-State Certification (displays any current PA certificates and can not be edited) Out-of-State Certification (you can add out- of-state certifications if relevant) Note: This screen does not require that you add any information. Any screen that allows you to move to the next step without adding information is not a required screen and you should (seriously) leave it alone and keep going.

22 Step 5: Proof Items Details All requirements and related proof documents required for the application are listed here. Any that may be submitted electronically are designated. Original documents must be submitted directly to PDE with a Cover Sheet that can be printed after submitting the application from the confirmation screen or from the dashboard (Home Page).

23 Application Summary Check the Code of Conduct Section and Correct and True Section at the bottom of the page and “Proceed to Submit”

24 Payment Screen

25 Application Submitted Print the Cover Sheet and mail to PDE along with any requested documentation.

26 Cover Sheet Note the Scan Bar: This is unique to each applicant. The general form is the PDE338G from the paper application that will be mailed back to the applicant from the Certification Officer.

27 University Verification Once you submit the electronic application through TIMS, the Certification Officer from Arcadia can access the application and recommend the candidate to PDE. This process will take 8-12 weeks before PDE approves the application and the candidate can print the certificate (credential).

28 Credentials Check the status of your application every few weeks. When approved you will be able to print your Certificate.

29 Professional Certificate


31 CONVERT AN INSTRUCTIONAL I TO INSTRUCTIONAL II This is done through the school district where you are teaching REQUIREMENTS: 3 years of teaching in PA public school 24 Post-baccalaureate credits* –Undergraduate/graduate courses from an accredited four year school (Religion, Law, Medicine and Community College credits excluded) –PDE approved in-service credits Induction Program * Effective September 1, 2011 Educators issued an Instructional I certificate after September 22, 2007 must complete 6 credits in the area of Inclusive Classrooms as a part of the 24 post baccalaureate credits required for Level II conversion.

32 PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Act 48) To maintain their certification, all school personnel are required to participate in continuing professional development. Every 5 years teachers must complete: 6 undergraduate/graduate credits or 180 hours of PDE approved in-service OR a combination of credits and hours

33 Adding An Instructional Area To A PA Certificate REQUIREMENTS: Must hold an Instructional certificate (Level I, II or administrative) and be adding an Instructional area. Applies to middle school (7-9) single area content (until 2013) or secondary (7-12) single area content (no time restriction) (math, general science, chemistry, social studies, etc.) Pass required Praxis exam and apply directly to PDE via TIMS Excludes: all K-6 or K-12 Content Areas and any Instructional subject with "no qualifying score". for information on Praxis tests

34 RECIPROSITY INTERSTATE AGREEMENTS PA has interstate agreements with 42 states. Agreements simplify issuance of a comparable certificate by another state. Teacher must obtain forms from the Department of Education for the state in which they seek reciprocal certification. Program Verification forms from out-of-state agencies should be sent to the Graduate Office. Additional certification requirements may apply.

35 Resources for Teachers U.S. Department of Education Certification Requirements for all 50 States (maintained by the University of Kentucky) PA R.E.A.P. (Regional Education Applicant & Placement Program)  On-Line Application reviewed by School District Personnel who are Hiring Teachers  Job Listings for Educators  Other Participating REAP States Internet Resources for Teachers can be found on the Graduate Forms Page For help or information pertaining to Certification contact Mary Kate McNulty, Certification Officer


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