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Monochromatic Paintings

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1 Monochromatic Paintings






7 Using a grid to make a flat graphic monochromatic painting


9 Before you get started Prior to starting the project, prime a large piece of paper so it’s dry by the time you’re ready to draw and paint!

10 Step 1: Cropping the Image
Select your picture and crop it down to size Keep in mind that it’s easier to work with an even measurement like 6”x8” rather than something like 6 5/16” x 7 1/8”

11 Cropping Make sure your cropping is straight and is also the correct measurement by using your ruler and following instructions!!!

12 Step 2: Cut out your image
After you are SURE your image is correctly measured out, cut it out with scissors and discard the rest so you may focus on the section of the image you chose.

13 Step 3: Defining Values Use a ballpoint pen (preferably colored ink) to outline each of the different gray values found in your photocopy.

14 Step 4: Applying the grid
Use your ruler to measure out your grid squares in equal increments, depending on the size of your cropped image. ½”, 1”, 2”, 1 ½”, are examples of some easy-to-work-with grid square sizes. Make sure you follow directions and get the grid squares even!

15 Step 5: Grid your paper Use your ruler to grid your paper
You must have the same amount of grid squares on your canvas as is on your cropped image You will have to enlarge the squares to a different measurement

16 Step 6: Contour Grid Drawing
Use the grid to lightly draw in your image. You will do a contour drawing following the lines you have made on your photocopy defining the different grey values.

17 Your drawing should look something like this before you start painting:

18 And will end up looking something like this using monochromatic colors:

19 Step 7: Mix one tint or shade at a time, and start painting either the darkest or lightest values.











30 You can see how each gray value on your photocopy will transfer to a different tint or shade of the color you choose in your painting.

31 Time to start the project!
Write your name and period number on your paper and prime it with gesso if needed. Start with step 1 (cropping your image) and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS from there. Have fun!!!

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