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1 PRESENT CONTINUOUS I He She It We You They am is are going outside.

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1 1 PRESENT CONTINUOUS I He She It We You They am is are going outside.

2 2 We are working at ÜN TV, now. Students are studying very hard this week. Linda is getting ready for the TV program. Günsen is wearing a pink sweater. You are watching TV now..

3 3 I am not working now. He is not (isn’t) playing football. They are not (aren’t)playing in the garden. It is not (isn’t) raining. She is not (isn’t) wearing a hat..

4 4 Is Tom writing a letter? Yes, he is / No, he isn’t. Are they having a party? Yes, they are / No, they aren’t..

5 5 Where are you going? What is Jimmy reading? What are the children doing? Where is Linda going? Why is he crying?..

6 6 What does your father do? He is a teacher. What is he doing now? He is watching TV at the moment. What do you do?I am a student. What are you doing now? I’m listening to the teacher..

7 7 Please pay attention to the use of want- like-love-hate-know-understand I’m tired. I want to go home. Do you know that boy? Do you understand? Jane loves Tom. I like Turkey. Jimmy hates shopping..

8 8 1-Is Jimmy having breakfast? 2-Jimmy has a car. 3-Tim is having a shave. 4-Tim has four children..

9 9 Jimmy is having breakfast. Jimmy isn’t having breakfast. Is Jimmy having breakfast? Jimmy has a car. Jimmy doesn’t have a car. Does Jimmy have a car?..

10 10 Put the verb in the present continous or present simple 1)Listen! Somebody..............(sing). 2)How often........(you/read) a newspaper? 3)Tom.......(have ) a shower at the moment. 4)What time......(Linda/finish) work everyday ? 5)I..... (know) him very well.. is singing. do you read is having does Linda finish know sing-read-have-finish-know

11 11 Put in am/is/are/do/don’t/does/doesn’t 1)Have a cigarette. No, thank you. I........... smoke. 2)What....... you do? I........ a teacher. 3)Why...... you laughing at me? 4)Excuse me,........ you speak English? 5)He.............. watch TV very often.. don’t do am are do doesn’t

12 12 Make meaningful sentences. (Present continous / Simple present) 1)Linda / have / a lot of books. 2)Where / you / go / on /holiday. 3)Jimmy / watch / television / now. Jimmy is watching television now.. Where do you go on holiday? Linda has a lot of books.

13 13 Which sentence is correct? 2)Look! A car comes. 3)What are you usually have for breakfast? Look! A car is coming. I am getting up at 7 every day. 1)I get up at 7 every day. What do you usually have for breakfast?

14 14 Translate the following sentences into Turkish. 1)What do you usually do in your free time? 2)Jimmy and Ayşe are having lunch now. 3)Linda never eats meat. Boş zamanlarınızda umumiyetle ne yaparsınız. Jimmy ve Ayşe şu anda öğle yemeğindeler. Linda asla et yemez..

15 15 Put the following sentences into imperative form. 1)Burak is not cleaning the blackboard. 2) Bedreddin is not doing the exercises. 3) Students are not taking notes. Burak, please clean the blackboard. Bedreddin, please do the exercises. Students! Please take notes..

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