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Lesson 10: How Your Brain Thinks Thoughts Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1593, Italy)

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1 Lesson 10: How Your Brain Thinks Thoughts Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1593, Italy)

2 We need your help!

3 Everybody has challenges in school. What are some setbacks or problems that you have experienced in your classes in school? Warm Up

4 “I’m usually good at classes like PE or social studies, but I get nervous before a math or science test. It’s like I try to memorize everything, but when I sit down to take the test, I can’t remember anything and my heart starts beating really fast.” - Keisha, 9 th grade student in San Jose, CA Keisha

5 Alan “I’m not the best at English or Social Studies class. It’s mostly because English isn’t my first language. Everybody else seems to know so much more than me. They can new learn things so much faster.” - Alan, 10 th grade student in San Jose, CA

6 Star Wars Clip

7 The Growth Mindset Yoda had a Growth Mindset which is a belief that people can learn, change and become better at things with effort, strategies and help.

8 The Growth Mindset The brain has an amazing ability to grow and develop like a muscle. With a growth mindset, you know that people can learn, change and develop. You know that people aren’t just “dumb” at Math or English; everybody can improve.

9 The Brain


11 A Dense Network of Neurons

12 dendrites cell body axon axon transmitters Parts of a Neuron

13 String Ball Toss How does your brain think?

14 How Thoughts Are Transmitted

15 Neuron & Synapses Video Synapse = connecting space between neurons Chemicals carry the signal across the space.

16 “What part of the neuron receives messages from other cells?” “Dendrites”

17 How much of the energy in your body is taken up by your brain? Take a Guess!

18 Your Brain Needs… Fuel Sleep Exercise Challenge!

19 When you work hard at something, the active neuronal pathways thicken with connections and they get faster at thought.

20 What does this mean for successful learning? 1)Your brain forgets when it doesn’t have enough energy or rest. 2)The more your brain muscle practices, the easier it is for the brain to find information. 3)If you tie a new fact to other knowledge that your brain already has, it’s easier for the brain to “get it”.

21 Break up into two teams, and come up with a team name. Like Family Feud™, one player/team comes up to answer question. If you know the answer, tap the table first. You then have 30 seconds to ask your team for help. If you answer incorrectly, the other team gets a chance.

22 What is a growth mindset?

23 How does your brain think thoughts?

24 Name four parts of a neuron.

25 What are dendrites?

26 How are messages transmitted in your brain?

27 Name four things that your brain needs to function well.

28 How does challenge help your brain?

29 Name three things that you would tell your little brother or sister about their brain.

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