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Cloud Types.

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1 Cloud Types

2 Clouds are classified by their altitude.

3 Cumulus Clouds

4 Cumulus Clouds These clouds look like fluffy, rounded piles of cotton.
They from less than 2 km above the ground but can grow to reach as much as 18 km. Cumulus clouds usually indicate fair weather.


6 Stratus Clouds

7 Stratus Clouds These clouds form in flat layers.
Stratus clouds usually cover all or most of the sky. As stratus clouds thicken, they may produce drizzle, rain or snow.


9 Cirrus Clouds

10 Cirrus Clouds These clouds look wispy and feathery.\
They form only at high levels where temperatures are very low. Cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals. They indicate a change in weather within 24 hours.


12 Stratocumulus- Flat and puffy

13 Nimbostratus- Stormy and Flat

14 Cumulonimbus- Puffy and stormy

15 NOAA- Site on Clouds

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