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Y1.U6.3 Soup.

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1 Y1.U6.3 Soup

2 Objectives Identify types of soup Prepare various soups and consommés
Discuss leftovers and soup

3 Key Terms Clear Thick Cream Broth Purée Consommé Bisque Chowder

4 Definition A soup can be any combination of vegetables, meat or fish cooked in a liquid. It can be thick (gumbo) It can be thin (consommé) It can be smooth (bisque) It can be chunky (chowder) Usually hot, sometimes cold

5 Types Clear Broths Consommés Thick Cream Purée Bisque, Chowder, Cold


7 Clear Broth Made like stocks but include meat and are served with a garnish

8 Broth

9 Clear Broth Based Sweat long cooking vegetables
Add appropriate broth and simmer Add seasonings, simmer Add additional ingredients, simmer Adjust seasoning

10 Clear, broth based

11 Consommé Stock or broth that has been enriched and clarified

12 Consommé Clearmeat (clarification) Egg whites
Ground meat, poultry or fish Mirepoix Herb/spice Acid (tomato, lemon juice or wine) Oignon brûlée (for added flavor/color)

13 Consommé Process Clearmeat Add cold stock Slowly bring to a simmer
As RAFT forms, make a hole in center Simmer Carefully strain through several layers of cheesecloth

14 Consommé Fix Degrease (cold) 4 egg whites per gallon
Simmer stirring occasionally until egg whites coagulate Strain

15 Thick Soup Types Cream soup Thickened with a roux or other starch
Purée Soup Thickened with main ingredient (starchy vegetable or legume)

16 Cream, process Sweat hard vegetables Thicken
Add flour, cook to blond roux, add liquid –or- add stock to veg, simmer, add blond roux –or- add thin velouté or béchamel to vegetables Add soft vegetables/flavoring Bring to boil, simmer to tender Purée Finish with hot milk, cream, thin béchamel or cream sauce


18 Puree, process Sweat mirepoix Add liquid
Add main ingredients/flavoring Bring to a boil, reduce a simmer until tender Reserve portion of broth (adjust) Purée Adjust seasoning and thickness

19 Bisque Traditionally a shellfish (including shells, puréed) soup thickened with rice Combines cream and purée process Generally shrimp, lobster, crayfish thickened roux Finished with cream

20 Bisque, process Caramelize mirepoix and main ingredient in fat
Add tomato Deglaze with wine Incorporate roux Simmer Strain, puree solids, return to liquid, simmer Strain, simmer Finish with hot cream


22 Chowder Hearty soups with chunks of main ingredient Clam, corn, etc.
Usually contains diced potatoes Usually contains milk or cream (not Manhattan clam) Most thickened with a roux Chowder

23 Chowder, process Render salt pork over medium heat Sweat mirepoix
Add flour (roux) Add liquid Add ingredients (based on cooking time) Add milk or cream Season


25 Cold Can be started hot and then chilled Vichyssoise, fruit Start cold
Gazpacho, fruit Cold soups: Cream at end Usually thinner Cold dulls taste, attention to seasoning Cold

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