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Tobacco Free Montana Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program Saving Lives and Money Presented by Linda Lee December, 2010.

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1 Tobacco Free Montana Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program Saving Lives and Money Presented by Linda Lee December, 2010

2 T OBACCO ’ S A NNUAL T OLL Claims lives… –1,400 Montanans die each year –More deaths than most other preventable causes combined …and Causes –Numerous cancers, heart attacks, strokes

3 C OMPREHENSIVE P ROGRAMMING Includes –Statewide, county, and reservation programs –Youth prevention –Protection from secondhand smoke exposure –Montana Tobacco Quit Line –College-level initiatives –Tobacco-free and smokefree policy efforts –Surveillance, data collection, and evaluation

4 MTUPP Comprehensive Programming in Montana $9.4 Million Budget –$963,000 (CDC) –$8.4 Million (MSA) Voters Approved 32% of MSA Adequately Funded Programs Are Effective – Large investment yields large declines in tobacco use – State programs are cost-effective – If funding is lost, tobacco use rises

5 S MOKEFREE A IR S AVES L IVES Achieves Public Health Benefits –Immediate and lasting decline in heart attacks –Fewer cases of lung cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses Strongly Supported by Montanans –88% support law for restaurants –76% support law for bars –More than 95% of businesses comply with the law

6 C OMMUNITY P ROGRAMS Serving 90% of Montanans in 47 of the state’s 56 counties, on 7 Indian reservations, and at 2 urban Indian programs

7 P ROTECTING M ONTANA K IDS Big Tobacco Markets to Youth –Replacement users –Most start before age 18 –With current smoking prevalence, 18,000 youth alive today will die prematurely Our Strategy –Effective school policies –reACT youth empowerment program –Counter-marketing –Media literacy

8 P OLICY Tobacco Prevention Policy Works –High tobacco prices –Smokefree and tobacco- free places –Funded comprehensive program

9 Current Policy Efforts Tobacco Free Medical Facilities - More than 50% of Montana hospitals Smokefree Public Housing - ARRA grant: Low SES population Tobacco Free Recreation -Tobacco Free High School Rodeo campaign Education for tribal smokefree policies - Rocky Boy and Blackfeet policy

10 R EDUCING C HRONIC D ISEASE –Montana Asthma Control Program Clean Indoor Air Act Montana Tobacco Quit Line Tobacco-free Schools of Excellence Initiative –Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Clean Indoor Air Act Cross-Program Collaboration –Montana Diabetes Project Helping people with diabetes quit Montana Tobacco Quit Line –Montana Nutrition and Physical Activity Program Encouraging activity and healthy eating

11 Specific Populations Pregnant Women 16% –WIC, Home Health Low Income 37% –Medicaid Project American Indians 55% (approximately) –Culturally specific media

12 Media Campaign –Promotes the Quit Line Targeted Outreach –WIC, healthcare providers –Medicaid Project Survey pre & post Media Mailings to providers & participants P REGNANT W OMEN 16% smoke at some time while pregnant

13 A MERICAN I NDIANS Targeted, Specific Media –Tribal design –Tribal language American Indian Prevention Specialists –7 reservations, 2 urban Indian programs Tobacco use and resulting disease and death is high

14 C OLLEGIATE I NITIATIVE More than 25% of Montana young adults smoke (21% of Montana young adult men chew) Montana’s Collegiate Tobacco Prevention Initiative is led by students who: –Form coalitions, educate & assist with new policy implementation –Promote tobacco-free campuses 10 Montana campuses participate: –UM, Montana Tech, UM-Western, MSU (Bozeman, Billings, and Northern), Fort Peck Community College, Flathead Community College, Carroll College, & Helena COT

15 S ENDING THE R IGHT M ESSAGE Tobacco Industry Spends More Than $90,000 a Day –Addicting our youth –Promoting new products “Counter-Marketing” Includes: –Paid advertising –Earned media –Media literacy & community education

16 M ONTANA Q UIT L INE Nicotine is Addictive Most Want to Quit Quit Line is FREE –Telephone counseling, quit plans, NRT, reduced cost meds More than 46,000 Montanans have called Proven Effective 30% Success Rate

17 S AVING H EALTH C ARE D OLLARS Tobacco Addiction Destroys Lives: It’s Costing Us a Fortune. Montana’s Annual Cost is in Excess of Half a Billion Dollars. –$277 million per year in excess health care costs due to smoking –$305 million annually in lost productivity –Montana households pay $557 state and federal taxes each year to cover smoking-caused government expenditures

18 S AVING L IVES E VERY D AY Adult Smoking Down to 16% from 19% in 2000 Youth Smoking Dropped to 16% from 27% For Each 1% Drop: –7,400 fewer adult smokers –530 fewer high school smokers –2,200 fewer kids becoming tobacco-addicted adults

19 S URGEON G ENERAL R EPORT Tob acco Smoke Inhaled Immediate damage to arteries –Vessels thicken & narrow –Blood platelet get sticky –Secondhand smoke triggers heart attacks Confirms benefits of quitting ASAP –DNA damage leading to lung cancer & birth defects –Recommends immediate cessation and protection from ANY exposure to secondhand smoke

20 New Products

21 MTUPP Progress Report – FY10

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