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Earth Systems Agendas Spring 2014. Earth Systems 1/8/14 Welcome Back! Intros Syllabus Remind 101 Text Book HW: Bring Calculator tomorrow Get syllabus.

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1 Earth Systems Agendas Spring 2014

2 Earth Systems 1/8/14 Welcome Back! Intros Syllabus Remind 101 Text Book HW: Bring Calculator tomorrow Get syllabus signed REMIND101 Text to 706 434-8709 Period 6: @8ee7a Period 7: @fbc83

3 Earth Systems W 4/23/14 Warm Up 1.What holds its temperature longer – water or air? 2.Explain what causes the seasons to change? 3.List factors that would influence the climate of a region. 4.Which factor has the greatest influence over the climate of an area? 5.Which parts of the earth would have the mst seasonal change? Least? Explain. Notes on Climate BRING TEXTBOOK FRIDAY

4 Earth Systems T 4/22/14 Climate change webquest. Stamp #1-19 Today: #20 TURN IN AT END OF CLASS

5 Earth Systems M 4/21/14 TURN IN CH 14 VOCAB Warm Up 1.What do you know about climate change? 2.What do you want to learn about climate change? Climate change webquest. Today #1-19 (complete for homework if not done at end of class) HW: Complete #12 & 14 at home Tomorrow #20

6 Earth Systems Th 4/17/14 “Quest” corrections and make-ups Note: Quest will be recorded out of 50 points. Vocabulary assignment – due Monday Define all terms from Chapter 14, using the textbook Be sure your definitions MAKE SENSE


8 Earth Systems T 4/15/14 Warm Up 1.What process from the water cycle removes heat? (Takes away energy)? 2.What process from the water cycle adds heat? (adds energy) 3.How is a supercell storm self-sustaining? CW/HW: Severe Weather Review Guide Use notes and book Work in poster pairs Complete for homework SEVERE WEATHER TEST TOMORROW

9 Earth Systems M 4/14/14 In theater for guest speaker – Jared Stevenson Storm Chaser

10 Earth Systems F 4/11/14 Complete storm comparison poster w/ Q’s (5 minutes) Warm Up 1.Why do you feel colder when it’s windy? 2.Why do you feel hotter when it’s humid? Notes: Wind chill and heat index CW: wind chill & heat index ws.

11 Earth Systems Th 4/10/14 No Warm Up TURN IN CH 13 NOTES Journal check Complete Severe Weather lecture Partner activity – Storms comparisons

12 Earth Systems W 4/9/14 Journal Check moved to tomorrow Severe Weather lecture/notes HW due Thursday: Notes Ch 13, Sections 2, 3 & 4

13 Earth Systems T 4/8/14 Journal check tomorrow Vocab due tomorrow CW: due at end of class read ch 13: The Nature of Storms; sections 1 & 2 For every red and blue section, – Write the section title – Take relevant, meaningful bulleted notes. Don’t copy from book. HW: due Thursday Repeat procedure above for Ch 13, Sections 3 & 4

14 Earth Systems M 4/7/14 Welcome Back! TURN IN CLOUD PROJECT Warm Up 1.List all the kinds of storms you can think of. Storms Vocabulary CH 13, due Wednesday Lecture with guided notes: storms

15 Earth Systems Th 3/27/14 The Day After Tomorrow Ten notes describing evidence for global warming.

16 Earth Systems W 3/26/14 Test corrections Anyone have The Day After Tomorrow DVD? CLOUD PROJECT DUE MONDAY AFTER SPRING BREAK – DO IT TONIGHT!

17 Earth Systems T 3/25/14 TURN IN STUDY GUIDE Atmosphere and Weather Test

18 Earth Systems M 3/24/14 Stamp in review sheet Test review Warm Up 1.How do you calculate wet bulb depression? 2.Which is always colder, dry bulb or wet bulb? 3.If dry bulb is 18 C and wet bulb is 8 C, what is 1.Relative humidity? 2.Dew Point? TEST TOMORROW CLOUD PROJECT DUE MONDAY AFTER SPRING BREAK

19 Earth Systems F 3/21/14 Test TUESDAY Cloud project due Monday after Spring Break Use for weather info Warm Up 1.Make weather predictions with explanations based on today’s weather map. 2.Name the air masses in the north on today’s map. 3.Describe why high pressure usually leads to dry weather. 4.Describe why low pressure usually leads to wet weather. 5.Where are the high and low pressure bands on the globe? (hint: Look at global winds patterns). Review global winds diagram CW: Predict Weather w.s. HW: Weather review sheet – due Monday

20 Earth Systems Th 3/20/14 1.Look at weather map. Describe fronts and locations 2.Predict weather based on map. 3.What is the doppler effect? assignment-discovery-doppler-effect-video.htm Doppler effect Weather instruments Global Winds & 12.3 ws – due at end of class

21 Earth Systems W 3/19/14 TURN IN WEBQUEST Warm Up 1.Look at weather map 2.Describe fronts and locations 3.Predict weather based on map. Notes on Air Masses

22 Earth Systems T 3/18/14 In media center for air masses webquest

23 Earth Systems M 3/17/14 Warm Up 1. Describe the three main types of clouds. Quiz returns & review Meteorology Vocabulary – due tomorrow

24 Earth Systems F 3/14/14 No Warm Up Atmosphere Quiz Cloud video with notes – pre-answer Q’s BRING BOOKS ON MONDAY

25 Earth Systems Th 3/13/14 Turn in Atmosphere Webquest Warm Up 1.How many cloud pictures do you have so far? 2.What processes are involved in cloud formation? 3.Brainstorm nouns associated with cloud formation. 4.Why so many different types of clouds? Quiz 11.1 & 11.2 tomorrow (review notes, vocab & activities)

26 Earth Systems W 3/12/14 WarmUp 1.What are the units of a) relative humidity? b) dew point? 2. Explain why there is fog over a lake on a cool summer morning. Review and Complete lab and turn in Atmosphere and heat transfer webquest Ch 11.1 & 11.2 quiz Friday

27 Earth Systems T 3/11/14 Warm Up 1.What does evaporation cause? 2.What is the dew point? 3.How are dew point and relative humidity related? R.H. & D.P. lab

28 Earth Systems M 3/10/14 Warm Up 1.What are the layers of the atmosphere, from earth to outer space. 2.Write a mnemonic sentence to help you remember the layers in order. Book Work - worksheets

29 Earth Systems F 3/7/14 TURN IN ATMOSPHERE VOCAB SHEET Intro Cloud Project Properties of the Atmosphere lecture with notes Relative Humidity and Dew Point practice

30 Earth Systems Th 3/6/14 Test corrections Test corrections Atmosphere vocabulary – due Friday Atmosphere vocabulary – due Friday

31 Earth Systems W 3/5/14 Turn in earthquake review sheet Turn in earthquake review sheet Earthquake Test Earthquake Test Atmosphere vocabulary – due Friday Atmosphere vocabulary – due Friday

32 Earth Systems T 3/4/14 Stamp review sheet Stamp review sheet Review Fault Lab Review Fault Lab Jeopardy review, if time Jeopardy review, if time

33 Earth Systems M 3/3/14 Warm Up 1)Contrast stress and strain 2)What kind of plate boundary causes tsunamis? Explain. CW/HW: Complete earthquake review sheet TEST WEDNESDAY

34 Earth Systems F 2/28/14 Very cool earthquake video! Very cool earthquake video!

35 Earth Systems Th 2/27/14 Journal Quiz Seismic Waves Lab (w/ Slinkies) Earthquakes video

36 Earth Systems W 2/26/14 Warm Up 1.What is the epicenter of an earthquake? 2.How many seismometer stations are necessary to locate an epicenter? Explain. Epicenter lab – turn in by end of class Reminder: Earthquakes Test next Wednesday Ch 19

37 Earth Systems T 2/25/14 Turn in Earthquake vocabulary Warm Up 1.What kind of boundary causes land to “thicken”? 2.What force is associated with that? 3.What is the fault called? 4.Draw this type of fault. Notes & Practice ws Reminder: Test corrections in ASE Wed & Thurs EARTHQUAKES TEST NEXT WEDNESDAY Ch 19

38 Earth Systems M 2/24/14 No warm up Fault activity Earthquake vocab due tomorrow

39 Earth Systems F 2/21/14 Warm Up 1.What causes earthquakes? Today’s agenda: Lecture with notes Lab on Monday – need scissors and colored pencils HW: Earthquake vocabulary now due Tuesday – don’t forget!!!

40 Earth Systems Th 2/20/14 Test corrections Earthquake vocabulary – due Monday

41 Earth Systems W 2/19/14 Turn in Volcano Review Sheet Turn in Volcano Review Sheet Volcano test Volcano test

42 Earth Systems F 2/6/14 No Warm Up Complete the ½ sheet quick review Complete Ch 18 textbook ws & review Review multiple choice from 18.1 ws CW/HW: Complete study guide – due on test day Test Tuesday No more review after today

43 Earth Systems Th 2/6/14 Turn in Volcano Project rubric with student # Warm Up 1.What kind of volcano is Yellowstone? 2.What is a cinder cone? Read 2 articles & complete summary sheet. Start review guide

44 Mount Pinatubo eruption video 9 minutes ftsc ftsc

45 Earth Systems W 2/5/14 Volcano Project due tomorrow save it to your student number and turn in your rubric with number on it. Warm Up viscositylava fountains 1.What kind of viscosity produces lava fountains? Why? tephrapyroclastic flows 2.What kind of viscosity produces explosive eruptions of tephra and pyroclastic flows? Why? Volcano notes HW: complete pluton review sheet & back Volcano test TuesdayBRING TEXTBOOK TOMORROW 6 TH PERIOD – TURN IN VISCOSITY LAB

46 Earth Systems M 2/3/14 Intro volcano project – due Thursday Media center Test next Tuesday

47 Earth Systems T 1/28/14 Warm up 1.What is viscosity? 2.Name 2 liquids that are highly viscous. 3.Name 1 liquid that has low viscosity. 4.What factors influence viscosity? Viscosity lab Continue notes

48 Earth Systems M 1/27/14 Turn in volcano vocab WarmUp 1. How do subduction zones result in volcanoes on the mainland? Notes on volcanoes

49 Earth Systems F 1/24/14 Test corrections Test corrections Volcano vocab – due Monday Volcano vocab – due Monday

50 Earth Systems Th 1/23/14 Turn in vocab sheet Plate Tectonics test BRING TEXT BOOK TOMORROW

51 Earth Systems W 1/22/14 Warm Up 1.What are Laurasia and Gondwanaland? Returns Returns Review graham cracker “CRUST” Review graham cracker “CRUST” Power point notes and final review Power point notes and final review Study guide – complete vocab Study guide – complete vocab TEST TOMORROW TEST TOMORROW

52 Earth Systems T 1/21/14 No Warm up No Warm up Turn in Pangaea activity Turn in Pangaea activity Graham cracker tectonics lab Graham cracker tectonics lab

53 Earth Systems F 1/17/14 Plate Tectonics video Complete pangaea activity

54 Earth Systems W 1/15/14 Turn in Plate Tectonics webquest Complete Earth Formation video with notes

55 Earth Systems 1/13/14 Complete graphing and answering Q’s from Cosmic Dust lab and turn in. (10 MIN.) CW: video on earth formation w/ notes of-the-earth?m=5189717d404fa&s=All&f=1&free=false MEET IN MEDIA CENTER TOMORROW – GREEN SIDE

56 Earth Systems 1/10/14 Warm Up 1.Write down your academic goals for this semester. 2.How will you achieve your goals? Article on Dinosaur Extinction Theories Article on Dinosaur Extinction Theories Earth formation videos Earth formation videos CW/HW: Complete Cosmic Dust Graphing – and turn in

57 Earth Systems 1/9/14 CW: Cosmic Dust Lab – to be continued tomorrow Today’s goal: count all sets and make predictions

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