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Fungi Review. What type of heterotroph are fungi Decomposers.

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1 Fungi Review

2 What type of heterotroph are fungi Decomposers

3 Fungi are made up of tiny hair structures called ______. Hyphae

4 Name 3 diseases caused by a fungus? Thrush Athletes foot Ring worm

5 What fungus belonging to the deutermycota group, is an important antibiotic used as medicine? Penicillium

6 What is the cell wall of fungi made up of? Chitin

7 What is this mutualistic symbiotic relationship between a fungi and a plant called? Myccorhizae

8 What is this symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae called? Lichen

9 Match the group with its example Basidiomycota Ascomycota Deutermycota Zygomycete Bread Mold Yeast Penicillin Mushroom

10 Ecological Succession

11 Succession Succession is a gradual development of a community over time. Succession occurs in predictable stages.

12 Primary Succession When a small community of living things begin to live in an area that did not previously contain plants or animals. 1. This begins when bare rock is exposed and lichens grow on the rock.

13 Lichen- pioneer species? Grow on bare rock A symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi Slowly breaks down rock by excreting digestive enzymes

14 Soil Forms 2. The acids in the lichens break down the rock over time and these particles of rock mix with dead lichen to form soil.


16 Mosses and Organisms 3. After many years, the soil becomes deep enough for mosses to grow. Insects and other organisms begin to live in the mosses and lichens. When they die, the remains add to the soil.

17 Plant life 4. Over time, the soil layers thicken and the moss is replaced with ferns. These ferns are replaced by grasses and wildflowers. Small shrubs and trees begin growing.

18 A Forest 5. After hundreds of years, the soil is deep enough to support a forest.

19 Climax Community A Community that has grown to its full growth is called a Climax Community


21 1. Lichen is a symbiotic relationship between fungi and a) an animal b) a protist c) an insect d) a plant

22 Densely packed hyphae Layer of algae/ cyanobacteria Loosely packed hyphae Densely packed hyphae Lichen Structure

23 2. Which of the following would you observe growing first in primary succession? a) oak tree b) dogwood tree c) ferns d) moss


25 3. What is a community that has grown to its full growth called? Climax Community

26 Secondary Succession When an existing community is destroyed and the original plant community regrows.

27 Disturbances A disturbance is any event that interrupts life in an ecosystem. Examples: A forest fire, cutting down trees, animals grazing in a field, farming.


29 After a disturbance, life must go on… Crab grasses and weeds grow. This will occur by the first year after the disturbance.

30 In 5-15 years shrubs and small Pines begin growing in the area.

31 Over a very long time the pines begin to be replaced by hardwoods and larger trees.


33 Continuous Cycle

34 Which of the following would NOT be considered a disturbance? a) cutting the grass b) Ice storm c) Forest Fire d) Animal grazing e) All above are disturbances

35 Explain why frequent disturbances contribute to more diversity of organisms:

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