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1 Helpful Notes 2005 Tutorial 1 : Game Pad.

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1 1 Fastedd @ Helpful Notes 2005 Tutorial 1 : Game Pad

2 2 Select the Origin folder from the Browser. Right Click on the XY Plane. Select Visibility from the menu.

3 3 Select the XY Plane. Select Rotate and press the space bar to display the square. Select the arrow as shown.

4 4 Select Work Plane. Select the XY Plane and drag the new Work Plane as shown. Alter the size to -80. Do the same again. Drag the new Work Plane in the opposite direction. Alter the size to 80.

5 5 Select the two new Work Planes one at a time. Right clicking and selecting turn off the Visibility. You should be left with the visible XY Plane.

6 6 Select the Look At icon to set the XY Plane as shown. Select 2D Sketch and select the XY Plane to start a new Sketch. Select the Point, Hole Centre Icon and select four points as shown. Make sure that you place one at the 0,0. Select the Fix Constraint and select the 0,0 position. Right click and select Done or Esc.

7 7 Edit the dimensions as shown above. Select Spline and pick the three points. Note that you require to pick the last point twice to terminate the command. Select Rotate and press the space bar select the corner pointer as shown.

8 8 Turn off the Visibility of the Sketch and the XY Work Plane.

9 9 Turn on the Visibility of Work Plane 1

10 10 As before start a New Sketch on this plane. Place 4 points. Make sure you place one at 0,0. Use the Fix constraint on the 0,0 point Edit the Dimensions as shown. Apply a spline to the points.

11 11 Turn on the Visibility of Work Plane 2. Start a New Sketch on the plane Work Plane 2

12 12 Select Project Geometry and select the Curve on Work Plane 1. Notice a copy will be projected onto Work Plane 2.

13 13 Turn on the Visibility of XY Plane. You should see a view similar to this. Select Loft from Part Features

14 14 Click on select a sketch Select the Curves one at a time. Notice the direction arrow. Then Select OK. Pick this one first.

15 15 Turn off the Visibility of the XY Plane. Hopefully your Loft looks like this.

16 16 Turn on the Visibility of the XZ Plane.

17 17 Turn off the Visibility of the LoftSrf1 This should be your XZ Plane Start a New Sketch on this plane.

18 18 Draw the above sketch on the New Sketch plane. You will need to use the fix constraint @ the 0,0 position. This will keep the part centred. Try Finish the sketch.

19 19 Rotate the view over as shown. Select Extrude Set extents To Next and select the Loft. Make sure the Profile of the Game pad is selected.

20 20 Have a look at your Loft – Hope it looks like this.

21 21 Select Thicken /Offsett. Select the Loft set the Distance to 5mm. Make sure the new surfaces direction is upwards. Check that the you have set the dialogue box up the same way as shown and select OK.

22 22 Turn on the Visibility of the Sketch containing the Dimensions. Start a New Sketch on the Same plane.

23 23 Rotate the View over to see the dimensions. Select the Project Geometry icon. Select the three circles to be Projected onto the New Sketch Plane. Finish the Sketch.

24 24 Select Extrude. Make sure the three circles are chosen for the Profiles. Set The Extents To Next and select the Offsett as the Terminator. Make sure your dialogue box looks like this. Then Select OK.

25 25

26 26 Turn off the Visibility of the Sketch containing the dimensions and the Thicken/Offset plane.

27 27 Hope yours Looks like this – Sony eat your heart out.

28 28 Lets add a 8mm Fillet to the Edges top and bottom.

29 29 Looking Good

30 30 Rotate the Game Pad over make the XZ plane Visible. Start a New Sketch on this plane.

31 31 Lets add a window to the model. Select Rectangle and draw the shape in the position shown to the given dimensions. You will need to Fix the centre or it may be out of position. Finish the Sketch

32 32 Rotate your view as shown. Make the XZ Plane Visible if off. Select Work Plane and create a new work plane with Offsett distance of 30mm. New Work Plane

33 33 Create another new Work Plane 10mm away from the last one you created. New Work Plane

34 34 Select Extrude. Select the rectangle as the Profile to extrude. Set Extents to From To and select the two new Work Planes. Lower plane first. Make sure you select Cut. Then select OK.

35 35 Switch off Visibilitie of any planes that get in your way

36 36 Add a 2mm Fillet around the Bosses and the Screen.

37 37 Looking Good

38 38 On your own Offsett the main loft 2mm Downwards

39 39 On your own create a New Sketch on the XZ Plane.

40 40 On your own make the sketch Visible that shows the rectangle. Project the rectangle onto the New Sketch. Finish the Sketch.

41 41 Extrude the rectangle from the main body to a depth of 2mm use the other work plane.

42 42

43 43 Note we cannot see through the window as the object is a monolithic model, even if its glass. (something that is the same in all its parts)

44 44 Select Thicken/ Offsett. Set Distance 2mm. Make sure the direction is down. Turn on the Visibility of the Loft.

45 45 Rotate the part over. Draw a Hexagon 38 A/C and a circle 20 Diameter at the centre of it. Draw lines from corner to corner. Trim as shown

46 46 Select Extrude. Select the Profile of the shape shown. Set to Cut. Set Extents to From To. Select the two Planes.

47 47 Offsett the XZ workplane 50mm as shown. Start a new sketch on the new workplane. Draw a line through the centre.

48 48 Select Revolve. For the Profile select One Half of the circle. Select the line through the middle for the Axis. Select OK. Look no hands

49 49 Create a new sketch on the XY plane. Project the sketch of the Ball to your new sketch plane. Draw a new circle diameter 20

50 50 Extrude the circle and FOR Extents select To. Select the Sphere you may have to rotate your drawing.

51 51 One Joystick

52 52

53 53 Start a New Sketch on the New Work Plane. Turn on the visibility of the sketch containing the circles and Project them to your New Work Plane. Make sure you draw a line through the centre of the circle.

54 54 Finish sketch and select Revolve. Select one half of the circle for the Profile. Select the Line through the centre for the Axis. Select Extents to Full. Select OK.

55 55 A tracker ball

56 56 Fastedd @ Helpful Notes 2005

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