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The History of Jacksonville

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1 The History of Jacksonville
An Overview of our City Created by Mr. Kelly Revised by Mrs. Anderson

2 Morgan County History Organized January 31, 1823
Seymour and Elisha Kellogg and Charles Collins and their families were the first to settle the area. Cass and Scott Counties were part of Morgan County until 1837 and 1839 respectively

3 Jacksonville History Platted in 1825
Name is kind of a mystery… in honor of a former President or of a charismatic Baptist minister? Which Andrew Jackson do you think the town was named after? Diamond Grove was a focal point for settlers for its wood source

4 Illinois College I.C. was founded in 1829 – It is the oldest college in Illinois Rev. John Ellis was the Founder along with the “Yale Band” who came west to establish I.C. They wanted I.C. to be the “Athens of the West”. Beecher Hall - oldest college building in IL. It began as a medical school. Edward Beecher, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was the first President of I.C. It was an all boys school for many years

5 Illinois College Jonathan Baldwin Turner and Julian Sturtevant were early professors at I.C. IL Gov. Richard Yates, U.S. Senator Edward Spilman, and lawyer William Jennings Bryan earned degrees at I.C. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, and Mark Twain lectured at I.C. Who is pictured on the right?

6 MacMurray College Peter Cartwright -- preacher and founder
Illinois Conference Female Academy established in 1846 and renamed Illinois Female College in 1863 and the in 1930 it became the MacMurray College for Women MacMurray College became co-education in 1955, allowing men to enroll.

7 Women in Jacksonville History
The Ladies Education Society (1833), closely connected with I.C., is believed to be the oldest women’s club in America In 1847, Dorothea Dix was instrumental in establishing a State Hospital in Jacksonville Catherine Kendall (Mother) Carson -- a midwife

8 Former Jacksonville Businesses
J. Capps & Sons Mill was established in 1839 and carded and wove woolens for clothing Andre and Andre Department Store Lane’s Bookstore Cassell’s Cigar Store and Factory Schmalz & Sons Grocery Grand Hotel and Opera House

9 Jacksonville Transportation
Cherry’s Livery The Northern Cross was the first railroad in Jacksonville and it connected with the Illinois River in Meredosia Hook’s Trolley System of Downtown and State Street Jacksonville Bus Lines

10 Lasting Businesses in Jacksonville
Lukeman’s Clothier Walton’s Appliance Farmer’s State Bank The Eli Bridge Co. has manufactured ferris wheels since 1900 J.C. Penney Jacksonville Journal Courier WLDS Radio Passavant Area Hospital

11 Restaurants of Jacksonville
Di Silva’s Cafe Winstead’s Drive-In Birdsell’s Drive-In C.R.’s Drive-In Dairy Queen Lonzerotti’s Dog-N-Suds Drive-In Top’s Big Boy Drive-In Merrigan’s

12 Current Jacksonville Businesses
Pactiv AC Humko (Kraft) Nestle Eli Bridge Hertzberg Permabound Bound to Stay Bound Passavant Area Hospital ILMO

13 Current State Institutions in Jacksonville
Jacksonville Public Schools Illinois School for the Deaf and Illinois School for the Visually Impaired Jacksonville Developmental Center

14 Civil War and Jacksonville
General Grierson and Grierson Days General Grant’s Camp Governor Richard Yates (Civil War Governor) Abraham Lincoln Stephen Douglas Sammy Nichols Civil War Memorial

15 Lawyers in Jacksonville
Abraham Lincoln sometimes practiced in Morgan County Stephen A. Douglas was the Morgan County State’s Attorney William Jennings Bryan was famous for the “Monkey Trials” about the teaching of Evolution in Schools David A. Smith

16 Politicians in Jacksonville
Governor Joseph Duncan Governor Richard Yates, Sr. U.S. Senator Edward Spilman Governor Richard Yates, Jr. Stephen A. Douglas Abraham Lincoln William Jennings Bryan State Representative Jim Watson, Paul Findley

17 Innovators in Jacksonville
Jonathan B. Turner Dr. Vardiman Black Dr. Kenniebrew Samuel Nichols Jacob Strawn Sherwood Eddy Brigadier General Daniel Morgan

18 Underground Railroad in Jacksonville
Illinois College Jonathan B. Turner Edward Beecher Asa Talcott Porter-Clay Family Woodlawn Farm Benjamin Grierson Congregational Church

19 Sports Figures of Jacksonville
Ken Norton, Sr. Creston Whitaker Luther “Dummy” Taylor Sherwood Eddy Pops Hildner Andy Kaufmann Jerry Barber Al Rosenburg

20 Historical Places in Jacksonville
Ayer’s Bank Building Labor Temple Carnegie Library Morgan County Courthouse Strawn Art Gallery The old post office The Rectory State Street Arches

21 Historical Homes of Jacksonville
Grierson Home Gillett Home Talcott House Ayer’s House Hook Mansion Thompson House Yates-Rowe House There are too many to list! Look at this picture. Do you see why Jacksonville is sometimes called the “Elm City”?

22 Historical Homes of Jacksonville
Octagon House Smith House Porter-Clay House Samuel Adam’s House Fayerweather House Routt-McMillan House Peter Cartwright House And so many more!

23 Events in Jacksonville
Chautaqua Prairieland Heritage Days Morgan County Fair Grierson Days Jacksonville Raceways Cruise Night Theatre Guild

24 Religion in Jacksonville
First Presbyterian Church Centenary United Methodist Church Northminster Church Congregational Church Founders of I.C. and MacMurray Liberty Church Asbury Church Mt. Emory Baptist 4 Church Corner Just to name a few…

25 And you thought Jacksonville was boring!
Wow! We have a lot to learn about our historic town! This was just the tip of the iceberg! 

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