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Home Affairs Bureau. Capacity building Audience building Arts education Manpower training.

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1 Home Affairs Bureau

2 Capacity building Audience building Arts education Manpower training

3 Stronger cultural “software” 4. Partnership and Cultural Exchange 1. Programmes and Audienceship 3. Community Involvement 2. Arts Education and Manpower Training

4 We are committed to enriching our cultural programmes. 1. PROGRAMMES

5 Established Brands; Hong Kong Arts Festival Growing Brands; Autumn Thematic Festival

6 Over 4,400 events presented/sponsored by LCSD annually Many district carnivals/thematic entertainment events Many free indoor and outdoor cultural and arts entertainment events

7 Education is key to nurturing talents, training arts administrators and building audiences 2. Arts Education Source: Ming Pao Daily, D9, 22 May 2009

8  8 to 15% of lesson time in the school curriculum recommended for arts education  New Senior Secondary School curriculum starting from the 2009/10 school year  Other arts education activities include:  School Culture Day Scheme: 3yrs participation by 700 + schools and 335,000 + students  Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students  School Arts Animateur Scheme  Music Office Training Scheme (5,000 children every year)  Schools Dance Festival, Schools Creative Music Showcase  Arts Ambassadors-in-school program School Culture Day Scheme Puppet Interactive Performance Experience the Arts Pilot Scheme Concert by John Chen Ensemble

9 Support for Arts Teachers through:  Arts Mart  Professional development programmes  Development of teaching and reference materials in collaboration with tertiary institutes  Performing Arts Education Centre

10  Eight “University Grants Committee” funded institutions providing over 2,200 student places for 2009/2010  Construction of new Tseung Kwan O campus to house Hong Kong Design Institute  The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts: Professional training in music, dance, drama, theatre and entertainment arts, film, television and Cantonese Opera o Approx. 340 talented young graduates from HKAPA every year

11 Nurtured through:  Nine Hong Kong flagship performing arts companies (HK$259 million)  Cantonese Opera Art troupes; Cantonese Opera Fund (HK$3.8 million)  ADC supporting budding artists and small and medium groups (HK$63.31 million) Cultural exchange project supported by Emerging Artists Grant

12  Attachment programmes in LCSD’s Museums (Art, History, Science, Space), Heritage, Central Conservation, Film Archive  APA student exchange programmes  Clore Leadership Programmes (UK)  Arts Council Korea  Others Internships, training and scholarship opportunities across all arts and cultural areas where trainees get on-the-job training and exposure in:

13 We are dedicated to building a community-wide appreciation and audience for the arts and culture 3. Community

14 The Venue Partnership Scheme was recently set-up to provide arts groups with priority booking and free access to venues which LCSD are partnered with. “ 34 performing arts groups are benefiting” from the scheme since its full inception in 2009

15 Identifying Alternative Venues  Open stage performances; Tsuen Wan Dance Day  Bamboo Theatre @ Sheng Shui, Tsing Yi and Tai Po  Others (eg. Nan Lian Garden, Cattle Depot)  HKADC ‘s new rental subsidy scheme 2009-10

16 We bring people and arts closer together by encouraging and facilitating exchanges in culture and the arts. 4. Partnership

17  Closer Cultural Partnership Arrangement with the Central Government; 2005  Closer Cultural Partnership Arrangement with Yunnan and Shenzhen; 2009  The Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Cooperation Meeting  “GPRD Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Development Plan 2009 – 2013”

18  Memoranda of Understanding on Cultural Cooperation with 11 countries  The 6 th Asia Cultural Cooperation Forum; October 2009

19  Venice Arts Biennale (since 2001)  International Cultural Industries Fair in Shenzhen (since 2005)  Shanghai Expo 2010

20  Puppet Show: Brer Rabbit in the Land of Monkey King  Design for Living Produced by Edward Lam Dance Theatre  Rachel Cheung, award-winning local young pianist  Louis Vuitton: “A Passion for Creation” exhibition

21  Oasis. Mirage: Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium 2009  SZ-HK Bi-city Biennale of Architecture Urbanism

22 Subvention for Big 9s259M Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts219M Hong Kong Arts Development Council83M Various funds administered by HAB (eg. Arts Development Fund, Cantonese Opera Development Fund) 31M Government sponsored arts and cultural programmes (eg. 4,400 performing arts programmes, Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Summit) 289M TotalHK$881M NB: The above only highlights some of the major spending items. Education Bureau / UGC spending not included.

23 Home Affairs Bureau

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