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The cure for aids.

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1 The cure for aids

2 Patent number

3 Filed in the united states patent office in 1997

4 Boyd graves used to have HIV/aids
But no longer has HIV / aids


6 Do a Google search on Boyd Graves
Find and read the story written by Nathanial turner

7 The real reason That we have not been told the truth about the cure for aids

8 Is very easy to explain If they admit there is a cure
Patent no Then they have to admit to what Boyd Graves has to say

9 Which is

10 HIV / aids

11 Was created in a laboratory
Sanctioned by the united states government

12 Under a program called The special virus cancer program

13 He traced it back as far as 1893

14 This is one of the most informative websites that I have ever seen
This man has done his research

15 There is no way in hell it came from monkeys
Or the story that it came from pigs

16 If you believe in Darwin's theory of evolution we evolved from monkeys
Yet if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys The reason they cant find the missing link is simple, there is no missing link

17 I believe it's only Kinky, the first time
But sex with monkeys is even, way too Kinky for me

18 The monkey theory just didn’t add up
Boyd Graves just proved it

19 So always focus on the positive
There is a cure

20 Always wear one of these
Because now you really can catch aids twice

21 Always remember you are you
And never let anyone take that away from YOU

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