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ENGLISH BOOK 1 (Lesson 1 & 2) Desing by : Ali Heidari.

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1 ENGLISH BOOK 1 (Lesson 1 & 2) Desing by : Ali Heidari



4 2. world

5 This little( small ) girl doesn’t have any friends. She is playing alone( not with other people ).


7  Children go to kindergarten( school for children )when they are three or four years old.

8  I want to buy a book‚ but I don’t have any money to pay for( spend money ) it.







15 1. Friedrich Froebel lived in Germany many years ago. His mother died when he was a small boy. People didn ’ t pay much attention to him. So Freidrich played alone in a garden. He loved the flowers and plants. He was happy there.

16 22. Soon it was time for Friedrich to go school. In school he sat on a hard chair. All day long( all day ) he looked at books. The books didn’t have any pictures. Friedrich couldn’t( P of can ) do things with his hands. He had to( p of have to ) sit on that hard chair and look at books. It was no fun( entertainment ). 3. Friedrich grew up( p of grow ). He remembered his school and his garden.

17  4. School should be a happy place. It should be like a garden‚” said Friedrich. “Children should play. They should do things with their hands. They should have books with pretty picture”. 5. So Friedrich started a school like this. He called it a kindergarten. Kindergarten is a German word. It means children’s garden. 6. People learned about Friedrich’s new school. Soon there were kindergartens all over the world. Friedrich Froebel made school a happier place for little children.

18 Itie Hitry bylike mybike whyfry highcry mine Mike sign fine drive wide

19 ENGLISh فارسي ENGLISh فارسي ENGLISh فارسي address آدرس Germany آلمان motor-bicycle موتور سيكلت again دوباره Glad to meet you از آشناييتون خوشبختم much خيلي all day along در تمام طول روز grow كاشتن must بايد all over در سراسر grow up بالغ شدن Nice to meet you از ديدار شما خوشبختم alone تنها had to on time سر وقت alphabet الفبا hard سخت pay attention to توجه كردن به become شدن have to اجبار pay for پرداختن call ناميدن I'd like مايل هستم... plant گياه could توانستن just a moment فقط يك لحظه صبر كنيد pretty بسيار زيبا Could I... آيا مي توانم ؟ kindergarten مهد كودك remember به ياد آوردن die مردن last name فاميلي rial ريال early زود learn a bout sth آموختن چيزي salad سالاد every body هركس little كوچك so پس exercise ورزش- تمرين love دوست داشتن زياد world جهان first name نام كوچك mean معني داشتن fun سرگرمي moreبيشتر Vocabulary



22 2. climbed

23 3. land

24 In some countries monkeys work as farmhands on the farm. They help farmers. The cows are eating grass in the field.

25 6. clever My students are clever. They learn very fast.

26 7. pick Flowers are beautiful. Don ’ t pick them. 8. ripe We pick fruits when they are ripe ( ≠ green ). We don ’ t pick them when they are green.


28 10. raise Farmers raise ( grow ) plants ‚ vegetables ‚ and flowers. They also( too ) raise animals.

29 QUESTIONS 1 Where is the monkey ? What does the monkey have in his hand ? 2 Where did the cat climb ? Why did the cat climb to the top of the tree ?

30 34 Where do farmers work ? What do farmers do on the land ? What does a farmhand do ? Where does a farmhand work ?

31 5 6 Where are the cows ? What are the cows doing there ? Are my students clever ? Do they learn fast ?

32 78 Are flowers beautiful ? Should we pick beautiful flowers in parks ? When do we pick fruits ? Which is better a green orange or a ripe orange ?

33 910 Why do children like monkeys ? Where can children see monkeys ? What do farmers do ?


35 3. Coconuts grows at the tops of tall trees. The farmer must( should ) climb each tree to pick them.It is hard work. Some farmers keep monkey. They do this work. 4. It ’ s fun to see a monkey going work. He rides on the back of the farmer ’ s bicycle. When they get to the field ‚ the monkey climbs each tree. He looks at the coconuts. 5. The monkey knows that a brown coconut is ripe. He knows that a green one must stay on the tree longer. He picks the brown ones. And he drops them down to the farmer.

36 / u: / zoosouptoocoolfoodtoothwhotoolblue twofoolyouruleboottruedoput

37 Vocabulary ENGLISh فارسي ENGLISh فارسي ENGLISh فارسي also همچنين funny جالب pick چيدن Asia آسيا get late دير شدن pies of sth تكه اي از چيزي awake بيدار go up بالا رفتن post office اداره ي پست back پشت grass چمن quite نسبتاً better بهتر green نارس raise پرورش دادن clever باهوش have a cold سرماخوردگي داشتن ripe رسيده climb بالا رفتن He is from... او اهل... snow باريدن برف cloudy ابري How far... چقدر مسافت... somthing چيزي coconut نارگيل important مهم spring بهار cold سرد It's me من هستم stand in line در صف ايستادن correctly به طور صحيح Japan ژاپن stay ماندن cow گاو jungle جنگل take an exam امتحان دادن dark تاريك keep نگه داشتن thirsty تشنه dialog مكالمه kilometer كيلومتر travel مسافرت كردن drop down پايين انداختن land زمين Turkey تركيه Eroup اروپا laugh خنده understsnd فهميدن exam امتحان long village دهكده far from دور از make باعث شدن weather آب و هوا farm مزرعه meter متر What do you do? چه كاره اي ؟ farm hand كارگر مزرعه monkey ميمون Where is he from ? او اهل كجاست؟ field زمين necessary ضروري Which كدام fix نصب كردن north شمال Who's that man? آن مرد كيست؟ full of sth پر از top بالا winter زمستان

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