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Harry Frederick Israel Love at Goon Park By: Bethany Klais.

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1 Harry Frederick Israel Love at Goon Park By: Bethany Klais

2  Harry Frederick Israel was born in Fairfield, Iowa on October 31st, 1905  Alonzo Harlow Israel and Mable Rock Israel  Four Children-Robert, Delmer, Harry, and Hugh  Delmer’s Illness Childhood

3  Very smart child  Interested in poetry and drawing  Coasted through High School Education

4  Stanford University  Began as an English major  Mentors  Calvin Stone-animal behaviorist and editor of the Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology  Walter Miles-vision expert  Lewis Terman-developer of the Stanford-Binet IQ Test  Graduated in 1930 with PhD in Psychology  Last name change  Job opportunity College

5  More than ¼ of the children in the U.S died before age 5 between 1850-1900  “Avoid staying too close to your children.”  Handle sickness with isolation  “The apparent repression of love by modern psychologists stands in sharp contrast with the attitude taken by many famous and normal people.”-Harry Harlow Previous Views

6  Immediately moved to Madison  Madison vs. Stanford  Pronunciation difficulty  Married Clara Mears on May 7th, 1932  Clara forced to give up her Psychology career  Limited resources University of Wisconsin

7 Early in Harry’s Career  Convinced the UW to give him a lab  Rat Studies  Cat Studies  Frog Studies

8  Maggie- “Girl with a one track mind, a determination to keep Jiggs on the straight and narrow.”  Jiggs- “Nicest and sweetest orangutan that had ever lived.”  Blocks and Puzzle Experiments  Tommy Henry Villas Zoo

9 Rhesus Monkeys  Built the first UW primate lab  Harry’s Reuse of the monkeys  Harry’s treatment of the monkeys  Cheapest Primate possible  Rh factor in blood (positive or negative) discovered because of Rhesus monkeys

10  Wisconsin General Test Apparatus  Cube-Shaped Cage  Tray  How it worked? WGTA

11  Clara and Harry have two sons-Robert and Richard  Harry begins withdrawing from the family  Began questioning his love for Clara  Clara and Harry divorce  Clara wins custody of their two boys  Period of intense loneliness and disconnection  Meets Peggy Kuenne and marries her a year and a half after divorce from Clara  Two children with Peggy Harry’s Personal Life

12 Wire Mother vs. Cloth Mother Study  Separation of young monkey from mother  Housed with cloth mother and wire mother  Results: Monkey’s clung to cloth mother  Sense of security from cloth mom when frightened

13  Interested in studying depression (state of helplessness and hopelessness)  Total isolation  Vertical Chamber or “Pit of Despair”  Results  Reversing the Damage Social Isolation Study

14  Review of Harry’s Studies

15  First and only primatologist to win the National Medal of Science  Peggy passes away from cancer on August 11, 1971  Harry remarries Clara  Parkinson’s disease  Resignation from Wisconsin  Move to Arizona  Harry’s death Harry’s Later Years

16  Demonstrated the importance of affection toward the child from the caregiver  Demonstrated the importance of feelings of security  Demonstrated the devastating effects of isolation  Harlow Lab Contribution to Psychology

17  ity-of-wisconsin-to-reprise-controversial- monkey-studies/ ity-of-wisconsin-to-reprise-controversial- monkey-studies/ Recent UW Madison Primate Controversy

18  Much of Harry Harlow’s research was focused on animals as subjects. What are your opinions on this type of research?  Completely isolating children when they were sick and not showing children affection were common during the early 1900’s. What practices that we use today do you think will be looked back on as ridiculous? Discussion Questions

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