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Выполнила: Шлыгина Вероника Петровна учитель английского языка.

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1 Выполнила: Шлыгина Вероника Петровна учитель английского языка

2 Wild Animals







9 Fill in the name of the animal which lives in this place: an eagle, a dog, a cow, a crocodile, a penguin, a whale, a fox, a monkey....lives in the doghouse. …..lives in the river. ……lives in the ocean. ……lives in the forest. ……lives in the jungle. ……lives in the mountains. ……lives on the farm in the country. ……lives on the iceberg.

10 What wild and domestic animals and birds do you know? Choose the odd word: Domestic animals are: a cow, a horse, a fox, a sheep, a cat, a dog, a hen, a rabbit Wild animals are: a wolf, a fox, a bear, a cat, a crocodile, a tiger, a lion, a cow, a hare, a goat, a giraffe Domestic birds are: a hen, a chicken, a duck, a goose, a mouse, a turkey, a parrot, a wolf, an eagle Wild birds are: an eagle, a sparrow, a cow, a hen, a turkey, an owl

11 Complete the text. Guess what animal it is. I live in the. I have got big teeth and a long tail. I like and. I can swim. I can’t fly. I don’t eat and. I am green. I am big and strong. I am angry. I am…

12 What are the animals? Read the description of the animal and guess its name 1.It is brown. It is merry and funny. It is a… 2.It is grey. It is very strong and not kind. It is a.. 3.It is green. It is big and very strong. It is a … 4.It is orange. It is cunning and beautiful. It is a.. 5.It is grey. It is very big and strong. It is an… 6.It is black. It is very clever and kind. It is a… monkey wolf crocodile elephant fox dog

13 What do the animals and birds eat and drink? Mark the sentences as true (T) or false (F) Cows and horses eat grass, leaves, hay. Elephants eat bones, Chappy, Pedigree, meat, soup. Dogs eat bananas. Cats eat fish. Wolves eat other small animals. Cats drink milk. Many animals and birds drink water. Monkeys eat corn. Rabbits eat carrot and cabbage. (Т) (F) (Т)

14 What can the animals do? Write down can or can’t A dog ……. run, jump, swim. A cat ….. climb, run, jump. A tiger …. fly. A horse …. run, jump. A monkey …. jump, climb, walk. A parrot …. fly, speak. An eagle ….. fly and hunt. can can’t

15 A lot of spots. A long, long neck A funny scarf. It ‘s a …

16 Green and long With many teeth. Beautiful smile - It`s a …

17 As red as fire, With a fuzzy tale. It likes long walks. It is a …

18 A very long nose. It grows and grows. It is huge and likes fun. It is an …

19 So colorful and bright, Is fond of talking much. Likes eating carrot It is a…

20 I have wings but I'm not a bird I am small and colorful. I live in gardens and fields and forests. I used to be a caterpillar. I am a...

21 I'm a soft and furry pet. I have four legs and a long tail. I have sharp teeth and claws. I like to chase mice. I am a...

22 I live in lakes and rivers. I eat fish and birds. I have four legs and a long tail. I have lots of pretty teeth. I am a...

23 I have four legs. I'm very smart and I like to play. I like to smell things. I can wag my tail. I am a...

24 I'm very, very big. I like to eat peanuts and hay. I have four legs and two big ears. My long nose is called a trunk. I am an...

25 My skin is green and slippery. I have four legs and webbed feet. I eat bugs and little fish. I can swim under water and hop on land. I am a...

26 Tell about your favorite animal. Use the plan What animal or bird is it? Where does it live? What does it eat and drink? What does it look like? What can it do?

27 Переведите слово Тигр? Horse Bear Pig Panther Tiger

28 Как переводится слово Wolf ? Волк Лошадь Змея Кошка Змея Кролик

29 Вы знаете, что означает слово Squirrel? Белка Бегемот Тигр Слон Корова Жираф

30 Как переводится слово monkey? Кролик Собака Мышь Обезьяна Тигр

31 Как в английском языке переводится слово Корова? Horse Cow Crocodile Bear Sheep Monkey

32 The proverbs about animals As hungry as a wolf. As slow as a tortoise. As dirty as a pig. As tall as a giraffe. As funny as a monkey. As heavy as an elephant. As busy as a bee. As cunning as a fox.

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