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SFUSD Math Teacher Leader Training October 1, 2014.

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1 SFUSD Math Teacher Leader Training October 1, 2014

2 Agenda ❖ Reflection on Implementation and Site Collaboration ❖ School Loop and Survey Monkey - Feedback ❖ Group Work - Participation Quiz ❖ Planning and Anticipating with an Upcoming Unit ❖ Planning for Site Collaboration

3 Objectives Teachers will : ❖ Reflect on implementation and site collaboration ❖ Deepen understanding of how to reinforce norms of group work to promote meaningful discussion ❖ Plan math instruction using an upcoming unit from the SFUSD Math Core Curriculum

4 Norms Challenge ideas Respect each others’ thinking Assume positive intentions Share talk time Encourage reflection and revision Those that work, learn

5 Reflections on Implementation ● What has been going well? ● What challenges have you faced? ● What questions do you have? ● Generate solutions and ideas to a question or a challenge.

6 Core Curriculum Cycle - Reflection

7 School Loop School Loop is being used for electronic access to the Math Core Curriculum. We are also using lockers and discussions for: ●Clarifications ●Corrections ●Additions

8 School Loop - Accessing Units Accessing the electronic versions of the Units on SchoolLoop ●Go to ●Click on “School Loop” in the upper right hand corner ●Find your school ●Click on “Login” Once you are in School Loop: ●Click on “Groups” in the upper right hand corner and select “Join/Create Groups” ●In the Lookup box next to “Other Groups” type “algebra” or “geometry” ●Click on the name of a group you want to join (eg. “Algebra 2 Group”) ●In the Toolbox, click on “Join this group” ●Click on the “Locker” tab. The units will be there!

9 - Educators Tab

10 School Loop - Additions How do we share resources with other sites? 1.Designate one teacher at your site per grade level to be your uploaders. 2.Go to School Loop – Group Lockers ●Unit Folder (i.e. Unit A.2) ●There is a folder in each unit named "Additions" ●Click "Add" to upload or drag and drop into the Additions folder. 1.Include the unit, section, and description in the file name. For example: ●3.5 Entry Task - ELL Vocabulary ●G.2 Apprentice Task - Student Work ●6.2 LS2 Day 3 - HW Graph problems 2

11 School Loop - Additions How do we share resources with other sites? Some ideas for how to use this tool: 1.Together, look at Schoolloop to be sure everyone has access to current materials and knows where to see the Additions Folder. 1.As a grade level team, discuss and plan additional resources you might need with each other. 1.Upload files during department or grade level meeting times once a week (or every two weeks).

12 Survey Monkey - Revision Feedback What does your site want the developers to know to improve the next version? Survey Monkey

13 Survey Monkey - Revision Feedback Algebra: Geometry: Algebra 2:

14 Technology Time Go online and perform at least one of these tasks: ●Survey Monkey – provide revision feedback on Units 0 and 1 ●School Loop – access and use lockers and discussions ● – explore resources for teachers

15 Break

16 Group Work My vision of a group that works well is… Finish the sentence above on the piece of paper provided

17 A group that works well looks like... Form a group of four where each person has a different color piece of paper. ● Share your sentences ● Similarities and differences ● Identify a common theme

18 Participation Quiz - Strategy #3 Purpose: to reinforce norms for collaboration How do you get your students to “work together?”

19 Algebra Math Task - Participation Quiz Today I am looking for: ●Group questions only ●Thinking in the middle ○ leaning in ○ papers in the middle ○ think out loud to the whole group ●Asking others to justify their reasoning ○ How did you know…? ○ Do you mean…? ○ Why does that mean...?

20 Participation Quiz - Debrief Talk to a partner: ●What was the teacher doing/not doing during the task? ●How did the PQ impact your group participation? ●Why was it important that the PQ was public? ●How did highlighting certain things in other groups support your group work today and for the future? For more information, see Math Teaching Toolkit, pages 28 - 29.

21 Debriefing Content As a student, what math did you learn in the debrief? What teacher moves occurred before and during the lesson that were needed to highlight the mathematical content?

22 Lunch Please be back in 45 min

23 A Process for Lesson Planning Anticipating Monitoring Selecting Sequencing Connecting Margaret Smith Mary Kay Stein Please read page 25 in your Math Teaching Toolkit

24 Experience Planning a Task with Anticipating 1. Do the Math 2. QuestionsActions How might students interpret this task? What are the variety of strategies that students might use (correct and incorrect)? How are their strategies related to the math they are learning? What are possible misconceptions or places where students might get stuck?

25 Studying the Next Unit Read the Unit Overview ● What stands out to you? ● What is the math that students need to understand by the end of this unit? ● How might this unit build on the previous unit?

26 Next Steps For you and your team: ●Survey Monkey ●Schoolloop - Additions ●Participation Quiz ●Planning with Anticipation ●Other Create an Action Plan for your site.

27 HS Collaboration Days - McLaren October 14October 15 AAS SOTA Lincoln Lowell Marshall Wallenberg Balboa Civic Center Galileo Hilltop Ida B Wells Independence Woodside

28 Feedback See your district email for a link.

29 Feedback

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