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Happy 25 th Birthday Henry Braun School!. In 1987, construction on a new school began in Parkridge…

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1 Happy 25 th Birthday Henry Braun School!


3 In 1987, construction on a new school began in Parkridge…

4 Let’s go back in time to…


6 The school was designed by Joseph Pettick Architect Ltd. It was built to hold a maximum of 600 students. The total cost to build the school was $4 700 000.

7 Construction began on the 21 classrooms, gym, library, office, and “computer laboratory.”

8 The children in the neighbourhood, such as myself, watched with fascination as the school was being built. After workers dug a huge pit, the kids thought the school would have a pool. It turned out to actually be the library pit! “The pool…”

9 Naming Our School The choice was clear – our new school would be named after the incredible educator and leader, Mr. Henry Braun. A man of commitment and integrity, Mr. Braun was a teacher, principal, and superintendent in Saskatchewan until he retired in 1983. It has been a constant honour to have Mr. and Mrs. Braun present at so many of our events throughout the school’s 25 year history.


11 The school was slated to open, and 10 classroom teachers, 1 music teacher, 1 French teacher, 1 librarian, and 1 learning resource teacher, and a principal were needed.

12 Henry Braun School’s first principal was Mr. C. B. Wilson. He was an excellent principal who had a lot of school spirit and who was loved by the students.

13 With the school built and staffed, it was time to open Henry Braun School!

14 In September of 1987, Henry Braun School opened its doors to 280 eager students!

15 Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Nabe with the first kindergarten classes to begin at Henry Braun School. The “morning class”…

16 …and the “afternoon class.”

17 The library definitely did not have much of a selection of books yet! How things have changed!

18 Playing on the bee-hive, swing set, slide, and monkey bars was the way we spent our recesses! (Yes, there was a swing set. It was a supervision nightmare, and there were so many injuries that it was quickly taken down!) The Playground

19 Nothing existed beyond the school. The field was visited by wildlife, including a deer at one point!

20 Henry Braun School had a state-of-the-art computer lab. Although these computers were pretty high-tech in 1987, your iPod contains more technology than these computers! “The Computer Laboratory”

21 The Sound System! Check out the pumpin’ sound system in the gym! It had a record player!

22 Braun Bobcats Although the logo has changed, Henry Braun School has always had the bobcat as its mascot.

23 A look at the old uniforms…

24 …and just for fun, let’s take a look at some 80s Henry Braun fashion!

25 Metallica Air Band!

26 The bigger the hair, the better!

27 Pretty radical style!

28 The 1987 Grade 8 Grads!

29 It has been an education, exciting, amazing 25 years at Henry Braun school. Tens of thousands of students have learned lessons, made friends, and created memories in this building. We look forward to many, many more years of education and opportunities at Henry Braun School! 1987 2013

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