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Describe what a paradise is: or give a definition:

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1 Describe what a paradise is: or give a definition:

2 1) it’s like a dream which has come true.

3 2) It’s a like a real fantasy.

4 3) Living a dream of make believe.

5 4) A place which is so wonderful that you can never forget it.

6 5) A place where you can find peace and tranquility 安静

7 6) Place where you might wish to remain for ever and ever.

8 7) A place where there are plenty of fruits, vegetables and flowers

9 8) A place where there is green grass, lush valleys, clean rivers, meadows

10 9) Untouched by human hands

11 10) A world where everyone minds their own business and can do as they please, as long they don’t cause any harm to anybody or anything.

12 11) A place where I can everything I need including happiness.

13 12) A place were I don’t fear death or dying.

14 13) A place where I can live forever.

15 14) A place where the happiness lasts forever

16 15) A Promised Land

17 16) A place where will always remember as being fully of magic.

18 Part two This is not about politics or the army?

19 Question would you like travel to a tropical island in the Philippines? Yes I would because ------ No I wouldn't because

20 If the answer is yes explain: How long would you go for and what would you do when you arrived. I would go for ----------- one week, two weeks one month 6 months one year I would go for the rest of my life

21 I would go swimming in the deep blue sea. I would eat tropical fruits and vegetables I would walk along sandy beaches and eat coconuts I would go for boat rides I would go deep sea diving

22 I would see underground caves I would go rafting I would visit the animals in the zoo including the tarsier monkey I would climb up some mountains I would sunbath on beaches I would go snorkeling I would visit the hot and cold springs I would go surfing I would see the tropical fish and coral

23 I would see the dolphins I would see many waterfalls I would stay in holidays centers I would visit underground rivers and streams. I would ----------------

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