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The Roaring Twenties A test review. These two immigrants were found guilty on circumstantial evidence and sentenced to death. Many people viewed their.

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1 The Roaring Twenties A test review

2 These two immigrants were found guilty on circumstantial evidence and sentenced to death. Many people viewed their case as an example of prejudice against people based on their ethnic origins and beliefs.

3 Who are Sacco and Vanzetti?

4 A pseudo-science that deals with the improvement of hereditary traits.

5 What is eugenics?

6 A style of music that became popular in the ’20s. Its style was influenced by Dixieland music and ragtime.

7 What is Jazz?

8 The movement of hundreds of thousands of African Americans from the rural South to industrial cities in the North was called this.

9 What is the Great Migration?

10 During Prohibition, people would sneak in to secret bars called _________.

11 What are speakeasies?

12 A stylish, unconventional woman of the 1920s who dressed in attire considered too revealing by previous generations were called _________.

13 What is a Flapper?

14 This famous trial tested a state law that banned the teaching of evolution.

15 What is the Scopes Trial or Monkey Trial?

16 True or False. The sharp reduction in immigrants due to new immigration laws in the 1920s contributed to the decline of the KKK.

17 False. Scandal of KKK leaders led to its decline.

18 In the 1920s, most African American voters in the North cast their votes for the _______Party, the party of Lincoln.

19 What is the Republican Party?

20 After the Emergency Quota Act was passed, admission to the U.S. was based on immigrants’ a.Literacy test scores b.Job skills c.Wealth d.Ethnic identity and national origin

21 Answer: D

22 The new morality of the 1920s glorified a.Work b.Promiscuity c.Personal freedom d.wealth

23 The new morality glorified PERSONAL FREEDOM! Answer: C

24 What was John T. Scopes put on trial for? a.Violating Prohibition laws b.Being a leader of the KKK c.Teaching creationism d.Teaching evolution

25 Answer: D He was arrested and tried for teaching about evolution!

26 What did the 21 st Amendment to the Constitution do? a.Granted women the right to vote b.Outlawed the manufacture and distribution of alcohol c.Repealed Prohibition d.Abolished the poll tax

27 The 21 st Amendment repealed (cancelled) the 18 th Amendment; therefore, it repealed Prohibition. Answer: C

28 What famous athlete was given the nickname, the “Sultan of Swat”?

29 Who is Babe Ruth?

30 The flowering of African American arts in the 1920s became known as this.

31 What is the Harlem Renaissance?

32 What was the purpose of the Volstead Act? a.Limit immigration b.Enforce Prohibition c.Ban the teaching of evolution d.Prohibit lynching

33 The Volstead Act was passed to enforce Prohibition. This gave the federal government police powers to find those that were violating the law Answer: B

34 Ernest Hemingway wrote a novel called A Farewell to Arms. This book a.Portrayed war’s meaningless violence b.Glorified war c.Exposed the emptiness and superficiality of much of modern society d.Portrayed the vitality and freedom of the new morality

35 A Farewell to Arms portrayed war’s meaningless violence. Answer: A

36 One of the greatest political triumphs of the NAACP in 1930 was with the a.Signing of a law against lynching b.Signing of a law banning discrimination in federal jobs c.Defeat of a racist judge nominated for the Supreme Court d.Appointment of an African American to the Supreme Court.

37 Answer: C The NAACP was able to lobby against the nomination of the racist judge.

38 Because many people thought the country was losing its traditional values, many joined a religious movement called _____________.

39 What is fundamentalism?

40 What group was exempt from the National Origins Act of 1924? a.Chinese b.Mexicans c.Canadians d.Japanese

41 Answer: B Mexicans were exempt because the immigration laws had created a labor shortage!

42 New York City neighborhood that was the center of the African American artistic and creative outpouring of the 1920s.

43 What is Harlem?

44 He founded the Universal Negro Movement, or Black Nationalism. He encouraged independence and separation from whites. a.Marcus Garvey b.Oscar DePriest c.Duke Ellington d.Langston Hughes

45 Answer: A Marcus Garvey

46 Writer who became a leading voice of the African American experience in the United States.

47 Who is Langston Hughes?

48 Pilot of the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight.

49 Who was Charles Lindbergh?

50 He was the prosecutor at the Scopes trial. a.Oscar DePriest b.William Jennings Bryan c.Clarence Darrow d.Al Capone

51 Answer: William Jennings Bryan..he ran for President three times Answer: B

52 Which of the following groups were not a KKK target? a.Immigrants b.Protestants c.Catholics d.African Americans

53 Answer B : Protestants

54 The illegal production and distribution of liquor is called _____________.

55 What is bootlegging?

56 A gangster who became notorious during Prohibition.

57 Who is Al Capone?

58 ___________opposed all forms of government.

59 What are anarchists?

60 She was one of the first woman anthropologists who published Coming of Age in Samoa.

61 Who is Margaret Mead?

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