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Welcome to the National Partner Webcast for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day We will begin at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern.

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1 Welcome to the National Partner Webcast for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day We will begin at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern

2 Webcast Agenda Overview of Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and 2011 Theme Objective of Event / 10 Week Initiative Introduce 10 National Partners and Discuss Commitments Examples of Ways Partners Can Participate Preview Web site, Resources, Materials Gather Partner Feedback Questions & Answers Next Steps

3 Introduction of Presenters Leslie Collins - National Engineers Week Foundation Amy Foster – National Girls Collaborative Project Cheryl Juarez – Girls RISEnet National Museum Network Laura Huerta Migus – Girls RISEnet National Museum Network

4 About the National Engineers Week Foundation The Foundation is the E in STEM. We work year-round. We are collaboration at work, owned by all. Our strengths are in volunteerism outreach and informal education. Programs are … compelling yet simple to execute so that anyone and everyone can innovate with them.

5 Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day 2001 Founding partners with Foundation: AWIS, IBM, Mentornet, SWE, WEPAN Call to action in engineering profession Attention to issue of under-representation

6 Girl Day Current Model 10,000 engineers 1 million K-12 girls Foundation provides toolkit and national pledge roster

7 ‘10 for 10’ Anniversary Campaign 10 national signature partners each with 10 partners/affiliates Outreach to 10,000 10-year-old girls 10 weeks Launch February 24, 2011 Conclude Mother’s Day May 8, 2011

8 ‘10 for 10’ National Partners Girls RISEnet/ASTC* NGCP* AAUW Girl Scouts National Engineers Week Foundation* NCGS SciGirls SWE WEPAN *Adhoc committee

9 ‘10 for 10’ National Partners 1.Participate in telecons and help organize and implement the national program. 2.Reach out to 10 other affiliates, schools, sections, or subsidiaries to engage and ensure participation. 3.Give those orgs ideas on how to participate. 4.Get them to report to the database. 5.Give logo and boilerplate about the national org to National Engineers Week Foundation. 6.Both to appear online. 7.National partners included in launch press release. Should be prepared for comment.

10 ‘10 for 10’ Local Partners Create and implement events Report to national office

11 National Girls Collaborative Project The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) brings together organizations that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

12 Project Goals 1.Maximize access to shared resources within projects and with public and private sector organizations and institutions interested in expanding girls’ participation in STEM. 2.Strengthen capacity of existing and evolving projects by sharing promising practice research and program models, outcomes and products. 3.Use the leverage of a network or collaboration of individual girl-serving STEM programs to create the tipping point for gender equity in STEM.

13 Educators- Ways to Participate Host a role model luncheon. Invite professionals to share about their career during roundtable discussions. Organize a fun field trip. You can find an event or site at or Check out the engaging curriculum Techbridge offers to provide girls with hands-on experiences to introduce engineering concepts. See Collaborate with your local Society of Women Engineers section to host an event for girls. http://aspire.swe.org

14 Educators- Ways to Participate Participate in the March Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering & Technology Attend a special program hosted at your local science center. Check out the engineering activities that are found in the Girl Scout journey series “It’s Your Planet-Love It!” or contact your local Girl Scout Council to find out if a special event is being held in honor of E-Week. Host a spring break engineering camp at your college to engage girls in positive experiences and provide a tour of the campus.

15 Industry-Ways to Participate Visit a classroom to share more about your career and educational pathway. Let a high school student shadow you on the job. Hold a Saturday program for employees’ daughters and granddaughters. Work with a local Girl Scout troop on technology- related badges and journey activities. Participate in the March Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering & Technology.

16 Everyone-Ways to Participate Search the National Girls Collaborative Project Program Directory to find collaborating partners, scientists, and programs for girls Sign the Engineers Pledge on Facebook to help give engineering a better image. Visit engineering Web sites designed especially for girls:,,, Attend a special program hosted at your local science center. Find a SciGirls Science Club at

17 Girls RISEnet (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering) National Museum Network Project goals: – Address the national need to cultivate diversity in preparing the next generation of female engineers. – Build a national network of science centers committed to strengthening the professional capacity of informal science educators to engage and motivate girls in science and engineering. – Contribute to the development of a diverse pool of female engineers, enabling the nation to move toward a more equitable workforce.

18 Project Partners: – Miami Science Museum – Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) – SECME, Inc. Core components: – Train-the-trainer model to build capacity of 11 partner museums and museum practitioners in their regions. – Follow-up support – Mini-grants to support implementation in regions – Web site resources Funded by NSF HRD Research on Gender in Science and Engineering Program/Extension Services (GSE/EXT)

19 RISEnet Regional Museum Hubs: – California Academy of Sciences – Connecticut Science Center – Center of Science Industry COSI Columbus – Explora! – Louisville Science Center – Maryland Science Center – Miami Science Museum – New York Hall of Science – NYSCI – Oregon Museum of Science & Industry – OMSI – Saint Louis Science Center – Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center

20 Suggestions for Museums: – Expand on events already planned for Engineering Week to include activities for girls. – Add an engineering component to your afterschool or weekend programming. – Contact engineering societies or chapters at your local universities – they may be able to provide activities and volunteers for the event. – Contact local industry partners to recruit female engineer role models for your program participants.

21 Tools and resources Ideas for participation National media outreach Press release template for local events Graphic/icon Web portal at Data capture Engineering outreach portal at for public events

22 Survey Monkey - Fields 1.Last Name 2.City 3.State 4.Country 5.Email Address 6.Profession

23 Survey Monkey - Fields 7.Which program are you Participating with? – National Engineers Week Foundation – National Girls Collaborative Project – Girls RISEnet/ASTC – Girls Inc – Society of Women Engineers – National Coalition of Girls Schools – SciGirls – AAUW – Girl Scouts – WEPAN

24 Survey Monkey - Fields 8.Event contact email if different 9.Organization PR Contact Email 10.Number of Girls participating? 11.Number of 10 year olds participating? 12.What are your activity or event plans? 13.Date of event or activity? 14.Location of activity (school, home, science center, etc.)? 15.Is this the first time you have organized or participated in an event to encourage girls in engineering & technology? 16.Other partner groups at the event?

25 To access this survey please go to:

26 Questions & Answers Next Steps

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