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Class at the jungle By : rawabi mubarak al wadani Raghad nasser al nasser.

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1 Class at the jungle By : rawabi mubarak al wadani Raghad nasser al nasser

2 Once upon a time there was a young lady called Emily.Emily’s mind was full of questions with no answers. She always wander about people acting theft,lying,cheating,these are the stories that the only things that mums tell their children about before going bed. One day Emily’s family went camping in the jungle and when.they arrived there they went to bring some woods 1

3 but Emily decided to go and bring some apples from the tree. On her steps to the tree she saw a lot of things,they were strange to her she was walking and thinking about the animals life. 2

4 So when she backed to the tent she waited until the everybody sleep and the sky come dark to go down the tree and set under the moon light to add a new story from the jungle to her memories 3

5 Emily’s story In a sunny day( Mr.Dogy) was counting his steps t to his lovely farm and he was singing (lovely farm coming to you coming to you ) “ but when he approached the farm he saw that there is something happened but after many steps he saw a” damaged tree and branches falling“ 4

6 and he walked faster and faster but the biggest surprised to him that he found a “broken gate “ and he ran out to the gate and was screaming what is the, what is happening to my farm, who did that,a and why ??!! (Mr.Dogy said ) 5

7 Suddenly he slipped in a banana peel and the doubted began enticed him “ bananas peel, broken gate, and damaged trees “ ( Mr.Dogy wondered ) What's thaaaaaaa, who did ittttt??? 6

8 He ran toward the trees to find any evidence or thing to achieve to the criminal, then he was looking between the trees he saw the (Bluebirds ) were on the branch and were singing on it. and he went to ask them and was hopefully to find some thing help him to find the criminal 7

9 so, when he came to them he said : bluebirds who did all that ?? bluebirds were keeping silent and were confusion they did not know if they have to tell the truth or pretending they did not know.. so bluebirds decided to pretend and say that they did not know.. 8

10 What can we say ??!! (Mr.Dogy ) we don’t know about any thing we like you,we surprised when we so all that. ( Bluebirds said ) He was thinking and thinking and thinking more then … He said I am going to the judge perhaps he can find the criminal Mark the owl was setting with his friend the fox and thinking a bout the animals kingdom 9

11 Suddenly.. (MR.Dogy ) entered them with an angry face and said I came here to you with all the far distance to help me find the truth,can you or not ??! 10

12 So strange What happening to him ?? Said proudly of course I can I used to find the solution for all kind of problems (said Mark the owl ) Ok lets tell what happen (said mr.Dogy ) And mr.Dogy started tells with details So while Mr. Dogy was telling the story mark noticed that the fox withdraws his steps away without saying good bye, ( what happened to him ?? ) !!(mark said ) 11

13 Then when (mr. Dogy ) finished (Mark the owl said ) why do not we go to your farm ? And when they came to mr.Dogy's farm they found banana peel in the ground But mark did not just saw a banana peel but also he saw the fox furring,but he hide it so mr.Dogy won’t be able to see it. Now I knew what happening to him 12

14 You stay in a life Mr.Dogy was looking at mark and said :what do you think ?? obvious it is Trecky monkey (Mark said ) o dear yes we have to punish treky monkey (Mark said ) and he called for Treky monkey. and when Treky monkey came to him Mark said : we have to punish you, you are the thief so you have to be in a jail. Mark was so happy that his won’t be in a trouble. 13 Ahha Treky monkey did that

15 Oh deer He didn't do anything the next day Treky monkey's friends heard what happened and they weren’t pleased about it. So the Blue birds felt guilty and they decided to go to the lion (the king of the kingdom ) and tell him the story,. 14

16 so Blue birds went to the lion and he asked for Mark to come and tell him what happened. Mark came to the lion. And the lion said : Mark say the truth or you won’t see the.light again Why I did that why ??? 15

17 God saved me. Thanks god Mark was so scared so he decided to tell the truth and a apologize from Treky monkey. So Treky monkey backed to the jungle and the Fox spent the rest of his life in the jail. And the Blue birds continued singing on the branches of mr.Dogy's farm. 16

18 All what Emily was thinking about is that animals acting remind her about humans behavior. Then she felt in a sleep but she add more things to her daily that she learnt from the story many things  Nothing will stay forever  After the storm comes sunshine  Patience is the key to relief  everybody is responsible for his sins 17

19 the end 18


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