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Zoobreak By Gordon Korman pg: 230

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2 Zoobreak By Gordon Korman pg: 230
By Camden B.

3 Characters Griffin Bing – a 10 or 11 year old boy “ Man With a Plan”.
Ben – Griffin’s best friend. Savannah – animal expert. Logan – actor. Pitch – climber. Melissa – computer export. Darren – bully.

4 Setting Bing’s House School zoo

5 Zoobreak – The Plot An animal is stolen by a bad zookeeper. A group of six friends go to find the animal, a money named Cleopatra. At first it was going okay but then everything started to go wrong and the kids had to free a bunch of other animals in getting to free the monkey. They decide to take the animals to a zoo that was different from the one they were stolen from. The kids take some brand new scooters that one boy’s dad invented and ride them to the new zoo with all the animals.

6 Zoobreak – The Plot, Continued
When they get to the zoo, it was pretty easy to break in. They were able to open all the animal cages and got all the animals put away but when they were headed back to where they were all supposed to meet, two of the kids were caught by the bad zookeeper. The security guards heard all the racket from outside of where they were and everyone was taken to the police station. The kids got off the hook because everything they were doing was for the right reasons, but the bad zookeeper was taken under arrest for stealing animals.

7 Zoobreak – Main Conflict & Resolution
The Conflict: Savannah’s monkey, Cleopatra, was stolen by a rotten zookeeper. The Resolution: Savannah and her friends break into the zoo boat and steal Cleopatra out.

8 Zoobreak – Good-Bye I rate this book Wikitastic WWWW!
It was a great read, and even better than the first book in this series, Swindle. Thank you for watching!

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