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Virtual Referee for Asteraceae I- Lettuce Referee Introduction.

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1 Virtual Referee for Asteraceae I- Lettuce Referee Introduction

2 2 Introduction  Lettuce growers require seed lots that have rapid and uniform emergence with consistent head development so fields need to be harvested only once.  Physiological necrosis can affect the development of the lettuce head.  The evaluation of lettuce requires a skilled analyst who can accurately classify small seedlings.  Evaluations often include interpretation of various degrees of physiological necrosis and require the correct and consistent application of the “50% Rule” to the functionality of the cotyledons.

3 3 Purpose  To promote precision, standardization, and uniformity among seed labs regarding lettuce evaluation.  To test the interpretation and adequacy of the existing AOSA Rules Vol. 4 Seedling Evaluation Handbook.  To provide data to be used as supporting evidence for future AOSA Rules proposals.  To serve as a seedling evaluation training tool within labs utilizing color images.  To develop a lettuce seedling evaluation webinar used for training across all aspects of the seed testing industry.  Harmonize with ISTA Rules by utilizing color photos for necrosis evaluation and seedling classification.  Clarify the difference between physiological necrosis, decay, mechanical damage and discoloration by visual comparison.

4 4 Objectives  Conduct a Virtual Lettuce Referee that tests the evaluation criteria of the Seedling Evaluation Handbook Volume 4.  Test the interpretation and adequacy of the existing AOSA Rules for evaluating lettuce and the application of the 50% Rule to the functionality of the cotyledons.  Modify the criteria for the new AOSA Seedling Evaluation Handbook (SEH) for the Asteraceae Sunflower Family I – Lettuce, based on the results of the referee.

5 5 Instructions  All analysts are encouraged to participate in this referee, regardless of their lettuce evaluation experience. Surveys from each evaluator are permitted from a single lab.  Each participating lab will receive one CD from Anita with this introductory power point, seedling photos and a blank answer form to duplicate as needed for each participant.  Answers will be recorded electronically via Survey Monkey. You can find the link to the Lettuce Virtual Referee Survey Monkey on the AOSA and SCST homepages.  Please rate your skill level on the answer form as well as approximately how many lettuce samples your lab tests each year.  One continuing education point will be given to each participant.

6 Contacts Elizabeth BadaConnie O’Brien Nunhems USA, INC.ESTA 1200 Anderson Corner Road7240 Holsclaw Road Parma, Idaho 83660Gilroy, CA 95020 Phone: 208-674-4158Phone: 408-846-9964 Fax: 208-674-4002Fax: 408-846--9954 E-Mail: 6

7 Asteraceae Family I- Lettuce Committee Members      With special thanks to Riad Baalbaki – CDFA Riad Baalbaki has taken all pictures using “Zoomify”, which he demonstrated at the 2012 AOSA/SCST annual meeting in Des Moines, IA 7

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