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PartA Let’s learn Miss Chen rainbow.I can see a.

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2 PartA Let’s learn Miss Chen

3 rainbow.I can see a

4 I can see a …… Play a game: 火眼金睛 cat

5 I’m a cat. Mew ! Cat, cat, I’m a cat.Mew! I’m...

6 Guess: What animal is it? (动物) cat

7 I’m a rabbit. Rabbit, rabbit, I’m a rabbit.


9 I’m a panda. Panda, panda, I’m a panda. This is my...

10 What is it ?




14 monkey

15 Monkey, monkey, I’m a monkey. I’m a monkey, I have a……

16 Who’s tail (尾巴)?



19 dog

20 Dog, dog, I’m a dog. I ’ m … dog

21 duck Duck, duck, I’m a duck.Quack!

22 Let ’ s Chant Cat, cat, I ’ m a cat. Rabbit, rabbit, I ’ m a rabbit. Panada, panda, I ’ m a panda. Monkey, monkey, I ’ m a monkey. Dog, dog, I ’ m a dog. Duck, duck, I ’ m a duck.

23 1.I am yellow, I have 2 legs, I can swim( 游泳). 2. I’m white and black. I live ( 居住) in China ( 中国 ). 3. I am white, I have 4 legs,I have 2 long ( 长 ) ears and 2 red eyes. 4. I have 4 legs.I am your good friend( 朋友). I can watch the door( 看门). 5. I am small. I have 4 legs. I like fish ( 鱼 ) and mice( 老鼠). 6. I am brown( 棕色).I have 2 arms , 2 legs and a long tail( 尾巴). I can climb the tree( 爬树)。

24 Cat and dog are good friends( 好朋友).

25 One day (一天),the dog moved his home( 搬家),so the cat can ’ t find (找不到) the dog.

26 Look!The cat is finding … No,I ’ m duck. Dog,dog.

27 No,I ’ m monkey. Dog,dog.

28 No,I ’ m rabbit.

29 Dog,dog. No,I ’ m panda.

30 Dog,dog. Haha … I ’ m dog.

31 We should protect the animals. ( 我们应该爱护大自然,保护动 物. ) Animals are our friends. ( 动物是我们的朋友. )

32 Homework 1. 听读 P41-42 五遍,边听 边做动作,学唱英文歌曲。 2. 画出五个动物,着色并描 述你的图画。


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