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Survey Monkey By, Meghan and Amy.

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1 Survey Monkey By, Meghan and Amy

2 What do You Know about Survey Monkey?  Click below to take a survey!  k2KnXg_3d_3d k2KnXg_3d_3d

3 What is Survey Monkey?  A website to create electronic surveys  Answers to survey questions will be sent back to creator  Question formats and layouts can be customized depending on the survey  Supports other languages  This is helpful for ELL  Survey link can be e-mailed or put on a class website

4 Teachers can…  Assess prior knowledge to inform instruction by creating surveys on current educational topics  Learn more about students by creating surveys with questions about student interests, hobbies, etc.  Create surveys to communicate with parents  Get feedback from students and parents to improve and expand on specific projects, assignments, etc. in the future

5 Communication With Parents  Surveys can be emailed to parents regarding  Class conference times  Volunteer times/preferences for classroom events  Feedback about their child’s experience in the class

6 Students can…  Create own surveys to conduct research  For a unit on graphing  For a mathematics lesson on probability  Social Studies lesson on voting  Voting on a classroom issue  Get to know classmates by creating surveys for each other to fill out

7 Survey Results  Creator can look at responses individually or as a whole  Responses can be viewed as graphs or charts  Responses can be viewed as they are collected  Results can be filtered to look for patterns in data

8 Why use Survey Monkey?  Easy and quick way to gain information  Surveys are simple to make  Address book can created to easily send link  Saves a lot of paper  Improve teaching based on parent and student feedback

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