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George J. Pardos, M.D...1 George J. Pardos, M.D.. Ophthalmologist: Fellowship Trained in Cornea and External Disease.

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1 George J. Pardos, M.D...1 George J. Pardos, M.D.. Ophthalmologist: Fellowship Trained in Cornea and External Disease

2 George J. Pardos, M.D...2 Reporting On : F Increased Sensitivity of the Non Human Primate Eye to Microwave Radiation Following Ophthalmic Drug Pre-treatment F Henry A. Kues et al F Bioelectromagnetics 13:379-393 (1992)

3 George J. Pardos, M.D...3 Purpose:Study the Effects on the Monkey Eye after being exposed to: F 2.45 GHz at power densities of: –0.2,1.5,10 and 15 mW/cm2 F 4 hour a day for three days F Pre treated with Timolol or Pilocarpine F No Pre-treatment with eye drops F Controls - No EMR exposure –No EMR exposure and the use of drops

4 George J. Pardos, M.D...4 Eye in EMR Research F Can observe changes in the eye without being invasive –killing animal F Allows us to view effect on tissue without actually manipulating these tissues –blood vessels, corneal endothelial cells etc.. F Gives insight into how other tissue less accessible reacts

5 George J. Pardos, M.D...5 Glaucoma F Incidence is 1:5000 F Most Common drug in treatment is Timolol –Pilocarpine also widely used

6 George J. Pardos, M.D...6 Control Animals: Not exposed to EMR and / or used Drops F No blood vessel leakage F No changes in the Corneal endothelium –Photo 1A & B

7 George J. Pardos, M.D...7 Results: Exposed to EMR- No drops F Levels of power 10 mW/cm2 and higher caused blood vessel leakage in the iris of of these animals F Levels of 5 mW/cm2 caused changes in the corneal endothelial cells in these animals

8 George J. Pardos, M.D...8 Result: Exposed to EMR and drops F Leakage of iris blood vessels were found between 0.2 mW/cm2 and 1.0 mW/cm2 F Found corneal endothelial changes that were more than twice the amount observed in animals exposed to EMR but without drops- threshold not tested but at least 5 mW/cm2 –Photo 5A & B

9 George J. Pardos, M.D...9 Conclusion F No evidence of leakage in Rhesus monkeys not exposed to EMR or using drops F EMR causes blood vessel leakage in Rhesus monkeys at 10 mW/cm2 F Treating with commonly used antiglaucomatous drops decreased threshold level for leakage from 10 mW/cm2 to between 0.2 and 1.0 mW/cm2 or by a factor of 50

10 George J. Pardos, M.D...10 Why is this Relevant? F Current FCC regulations allow at higher frequencies, greater human power exposure. –At GHz frequencies 1.0 mW/cm2 is allowed. F This study show that even at the 0.2 mW/cm2 (200 uW/cm2) there may be threshold damage allowing increased permeability to none human primate blood vessels

11 George J. Pardos, M.D...11 Why is this Relevant? F The proposed tower would be allowed to emit EMR at 0.2 mW/cm2. At higher frequencies, the community power exposure is allowed to increase and the damage from increase power exposure to the vasculature and corneal endothelium of a monkey is demonstrated by this study.

12 George J. Pardos, M.D...12 Why is this Relevant? F Effect of EMR on Rhesus monkeys can be assumed to parallel those of humans F These test subject were only exposed to a total of 12 hours of EMR. Residence would be exposed to CONTINUOUS EMR. The assumption being that continuous exposure would cause cumulative damage far beyound that seen in the 12 hr monkey exp.

13 George J. Pardos, M.D...13 Why is this Relevant? F The damage to the Rhesus monkey’s eye is a mirror to what may be happening to other organs less accessible to observation. F The ubiquitous use of these antiglaucomatous medication (Timolol and Pilocarpine) further jeopardize that portion of the public to the effects of EMR

14 George J. Pardos, M.D...14 Statement F While the extrapolation between effects seen in Rhesus monkeys and Humans is not proven by this paper, enough evidence is presented regarding the harmful effects of EMR to our nearest genetic relative that further studies on Humans is Warranted

15 George J. Pardos, M.D...15 Statement F The residence surrounding the proposed tower should not be allowed to serve as the test subjects for a human experiment. F Prudence would suggest further studies are needed before the public be exposed to the potential harmful effects of EMR at the levels, the proposed tower would be permitted to emit, and proven to be harmful, in our nearest genetic relatives, monkeys.

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