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Louis Marin -Utopiques: Jeux D’Espaces Ch. 8., Utopian Culture: The Monkey and the Neophyte.

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1 Louis Marin -Utopiques: Jeux D’Espaces Ch. 8., Utopian Culture: The Monkey and the Neophyte

2 Model for the articulation of the primary and secondary ideologies within Utopia Key ‘Real’ unconscious processes Enunciative process (writing Utopia) Fictional or ‘unreal’ processes Processes internal to the enunciative phrase Ideological screen or figure limiting the space for utopic signifying practice Neutral - Utopian religious philosophy - neither humanist nor Christian Honest pleasures Critical ethics of asceticism False pleasures Sociological critique of nobility Second ideological screen = enunciated phase Bourgeoisie: rationality of existence emerging Feudalism: manor lifestyle degenerating Humanism and Christianity Raphael-More - complex enunciative position

3 The transformation of book into merchandise (from utopia to history) UtopianbookEuropean narrative disinterested knowledge play Monkey Book as trinket European Raphael narrative accident interested food economic exploitation trinketSavageEuropean history UTOPIAUTOPIA } = direction of transmission in exchange = recipient = loser = consequences = mediating operation

4 Schema for the transformation of religious organisation into political institution (from utopia to history) A Christians Raphael The MARTYR, historical proof of doctrinal Catholicism B Utopians Narrative A Christians Raphael The neophyte Doctrinal Catholicism B Utopians Narrative accident Separate Christian community Exclusion rejection Reform FeudalismHistory Indicates the orientation of the transmission process for the object to be exchanged, within this operational space, the educational or proselytising discourse, or its transformation – the discourse of political economy. For an explanation of all other links see the key on the next slide. Internal relationships of correspondence

5 Marin includes this at the base of the schema given in the previous slide. B Laic, neutral, formal bourgeois state Social contract civil society Private property A Individuals private citizens and ideology = the beneficial processes of transmission = the deficit processes of transmission = the opposition of contraries = the relations of conformity or coherence

6 Religious superhumanity, or mankind in excess Profane subhumanity, or mankind by default Preaching neophyte In the religious world of Christianity: fanatic truth with excessive zealotry. In the island of Utopia: a converted utopian sets himself apart from others, wanting religious identity. He sets himself apart and excludes himself } rupture, individualism Predatory monkey In the profane world of humanism: botanical science, and by games and unbridled playfulness. In coming toward the island of Utopia: a wise monkey imitating humans, creates an absence in the profane signs. He identifies himself with them and becomes confused } assimilation, exploitation

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