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Picture source from «Gorgeous animals»:

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1 Picture source from «Gorgeous animals»:


3 Monkey in my chair AUSTRALIA  MissingSchool developed the “Monkey in My Chair” programme for kids having treatment for cancer.  The kids receive a Monkey, who can go to school when the kid is too sick to attend, and sit in the kid’s place in the classroom.  In addition to each "Monkey Kit," each child will be given online access to Monkey Message, an online component that allows the sharing of pictures and documents to ensure the line of communication stays open between the patient and the classroom. 


5 Webchair GERMANY/NL/BELGIUM  The webchair is a Mobile Device (mostly a notebook) with a camera in classroom.  So students who are isolated (eg. quarantine) are able to steer its camera and interact with classmates and teachers. 


7 Educational Robotics ITALY  In the Gaslini Children Hospital in Genova they use the principles of 'Educational Robotics' in a hospital context.  This means that a team of teachers and experts from the Robotics School of the CNR (Natioanl Research Centre) teach the students with medical needs how to build little robots.  realizzati-dai-bambini-in-ospedale realizzati-dai-bambini-in-ospedale


9 Aventura Tok Tok SPAIN  This tool, not specifically designed for HHE, allows the creation of virtual network, promoting the interaction between hospitalised kids.  They can then publish their own works (characters, environments…) and to broadcast them to the rest of the platform users. 


11 Pupil Passport UK  Willow Bank School (WBS, Part of the Hospital School in Leicester) use a pupil ‘Passport’ as a way of collecting and using significant data on pupils.  It’s an on-line form which enables schools and medical personnel to contribute to the information about the pupil’s medical and educational history.

12 THE USE OF ICT TO SUPPORT LEARNING AT HOME AND IN THE HOSPITAL Innovative practices in HHE: finally an EU funded projects

13 LeHo Learning at Home and in the Hospital Online Educa Berlin 2014 Presentation by Matteo Uggeri

14 Main project data  Programme: LLP – Key3 Multilateral Network  Runtime: January 2014 – December 2016  Coordinator: Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (ITA)  Contact person: Matteo Uggeri  Partners:  Università degli Studi di Perugia (ITA)  Bednet (BE), Staatliche Schule fur Kranke Muenchen (GER)  MMB (GER)  EDEN (UK)  Funditec (ES)  Children’s Hospital School of Leicester (UK)  Third Country: 57357 - Children's Cancer Hospital (EG) + External Evaluator: Daxa Patel + Board of Experts

15 The starting point  Students in hospital or ill at home face isolation and cannot access mainstream education.  ICT can play a key role in providing better communication and mediation of the educational processes whilst a student is absent from school due to a medical condition.

16 The issue of HHE (Home and Hospital Education)  Providing education to children and youngsters with medical or psychological needs: a world-wide problem  Every country has its own solution for it.  Need for an international confrontation on this subject  In some countries there are online/digital solutions that may help the schools and the family to guarantee the right to education also to these children.

17 Aims of this project  Outline key educational factors & good practices needed by ill students;  Explore and design ICT-based solutions which will enable children in hospital, in home therapy, or who attend school part-time, to access education.  Verify how technology can impact on the methodology and pedagogy in Home and Hospital Education (HHE).

18 Not only for ill people  Moreover, the initiatives adopted in the HHE, which represents an educational extreme are designed to be innovative and to improve education in difficult contexts.   They may also be effectively applied in ‘normal’ didactical situations.

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