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Gift Grab Monkey Joe’s Gift Grab Concept: An additional value for our Birthday party packages. The birthday child only gets to enter our Gift Grab for.

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1 Gift Grab Monkey Joe’s Gift Grab Concept: An additional value for our Birthday party packages. The birthday child only gets to enter our Gift Grab for a predetermined amount of time and collect tickets for prizes. This generates excitement in the facility and brings added attention to the Birthday child thus making their Birthday more memorable. It also creates a desire for the other children in the facility to be able to go into the Gift Grab for prizes. The only way to be able to go into the Gift Grab is to have your Birthday party booked at Monkey Joe’s-thereby potentially increasing your party bookings.

2 Gift Grab Frequently Asked Questions Where do I get one? You can order these through our inflatable vendor-Inflatable Depot. You will need to speak with Martin Szwimer as he is our contact. His phone number is 407.857.0905 and his email is How much do they cost? The cost of the Gift Grab is $2200.00 with a 50% down payment. How long will it take to receive it after ordering? Delivery time on the production and shipping is approximately 8- 12 weeks. What comes with the unit? The inflatable unit itself, two blowers, a carrying case and a waist cinching bag to put the tickets collected into by the participant.

3 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued How does it work? The unit stays inflated during operational hours and when a party occurs the Birthday child is allowed into the device and zipped in for a pre-determined amount of time (i.e.-30 seconds) and the ticket blower is turned on to churn the tickets inside the unit. The child grabs as many tickets as they can and puts them into a waist cinched grab bag. At the end of the predetermined time, the ticket blower is turned off, the unit is unzipped and the child is allowed out of the unit to have the tickets counted. Depending on the facility and what offers are created or utilized, the child will be directed where to go and receive their prizes. We suggest that this is one of the closing processes of each Birthday Party as it allows the party host to escort the party from the room. **(We strongly suggest that you get safety goggles for the child to wear while inside the unit-we do not want anyone’s eyes getting hurt.) Where does the unit get placed? This question is harder to mandate as each location is designed differently. The ideal placement would be somewhere near the front of the facility where everyone can see what is happening. Again, your placement will depend upon your location, electrical outlet availability and design.

4 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued How many blowers does this unit require? There are two blowers to use with this particular unit: one for the main blowing up of the unit and the second for the blowing of the tickets used inside. Are there any extra items I will need for this unit? You will need to buy safety goggle/glasses for the Birthday child to wear while inside the unit so that they reduce the potential for an eye injury. You may want to buy adjustable goggles as well as strap on glasses as these will tend to stay on the child’s head. You will also need to buy a stopwatch or timer of some sort to have a proper way of keeping time in the unit (based upon your predetermined amount of time inside the unit). Are there any safety concerns? Possible eye injury which can be prevented by the wearing of safety goggles/glasses. Paper cuts-if proper paper weight is used, probability is reduced. Unit falling over-can be prevented by securing to the floor and/or proper explanation to child on how to stand and grab tickets while inside.

5 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued Where does this fit into the party schedule? The ideal timing on this would be the last 5-10 minutes of the party. You would let the party parent/guardian know ahead of time that this is the transition piece out of the party room. At 5-10 minutes until the end of the party, the party host lets the children know it is time for the Gift Grab. As they make this known, they ask everyone to get their belongings and head to the Gift Grab where the Birthday child is now the center of attention. We suggest that an announcement is made on the PA system saying: Good Luck to “Shonna” in the Monkey Joe’s Gift Grab-it’s her birthday today! They grab their tickets for prizes and we escort the parent out to the car with their party takeaways. The parent/guardian can come back in to assist the child with picking out their gifts and they can as always stay and play for as long as they would like. The party host upon re-entering the facility goes back into the clean up and reset role for the party room and to get it ready for the next party. Do we still give away a free t-shirt or gift? Yes, the Gift Grab is an additional value for all of our party packages but we honor our tradition of Monkey Joe bringing a gift to the child for their birthday.

6 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued Do we charge extra for the Gift Grab? This is not something that we corporately suggest as it is being brought in to increase our guests perception of value and the child’s overall satisfaction with their party. There are several people who feel it would be beneficial to charge an extra $5-$10 to add this to your party package-much like a goody bag or ice cream. We ultimately do not dictate your pricing but encourage you to provide a WOW factor for all of your guests without nickel and diming them on everything. Can we use this for any child in the facility and charge for it? This is supposed to be used for the Birthday child only AND only for those with birthday parties booked at Monkey Joes. The best way to explain this in an easy way is this: At The Super Bowl, during halftime, there is typically a special event honoring kids that have accomplished something of importance-not every kid in the arena gets to participate. Or at a hockey game, where you have the “million dollar” shot for a goal from across the ice, only one person get to do this. Why? It creates excitement around the event or creates an awareness and “want” to be able to do or have what those people have. The only way to get to go inside the Gift Grab is to have your Birthday Party at Monkey Joe’s. (cont’d on next page)

7 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued We do understand that some of you may view this unit as a revenue generator. If you choose to do this, please understand that you will need to determine an amount to charge to enter the unit. You will on weekends and holidays need to bring in an additional employee to solely work at this particular unit. They will be responsible for keeping the kids in line orderly, keeping track of the time “’in” the unit, informing the kids where to go to redeem their tickets and also recuperating tickets from the front counter after they are turned in so that the unit stays full of tickets for the next participant. This can bring in more revenues for your location but you WILL need to determine how it affects your labor costs on busier days, what items you are giving away and making sure that the cost to use the unit covers these expenses without being unreasonable. You still will want it to be affordable for parents to allow their kids to participate-if you choose this route. **NOTE: this is also while making sure the birthday children are allowed in as their party time comes to a close-which will mean “a breaking in line” scenario. ** You may need two separate lines or starting points so that when a birthday child approaches, you let the next paying guest know that the birthday child needs to be next and then they will be allowed to enter immediately following them. Example Revenue Possibility: Saturday-13 parties booked with 15 kids in each party and each kid wants to go in the Gift Grab. That would be 195 kids total and if you charged $1.00 per child, that would give you an additional $195.00 for the day. If you get the same results every Saturday, then you get an additional $9400 per year for you.

8 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued Do we keep the unit inflated all the time? Yes, this will draw attention to it even when there are no parties. Much like the one completely set up party room to create an “image/idea” of what the guests party would be like. Do we get Swisher to sanitize it with the other jumps? Swisher should sanitize this unit when they sanitize the other jumps. Just make sure that the tickets inside are removed prior to the Swisher sanitation occurring. What kind of tickets do I use? We have created Monkey Joe Gift Grab dollar bills that will be available on the MJ intranet for download. They will also be available for order through Kwik Kopy. There are different types of bills depending on what you would like to use in your Gift Grab and what offers you have in your store (redemption vs. non- redemption). There will be bills with “Thanks for playing-good luck next time”, redemption ticket bills with predetermined values, bills that say concession (not specific items) that you make the requirements for (i.e.-3 concession bills= free candy bar), bills that have monetary values-which are predetermined amounts, bills for big prizes (frequent user card, free jump, golden ticket- free jump per month for a year). These will be logoed for Monkey Joe’s.

9 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued What do the Gift Grab dollar bills look like?

10 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued What type of paper do I use? You must use 20# paper-we strongly suggest using brightly colored paper and printing in black and white-this reduces your cost but still generates excitement. It would be beneficial to have all tickets in all different colors so that the kids do not think that “all yellow” are big prizes or “all blue” are non-winning tickets What do I give for prizes? Each store is different and as such we tried to create a program that could work in any environment. If you have redemption, you can use the redemption ticket bills, the non-winning bills, the big prize bills and the concession bills if you choose to do so or any combination thereof. If you do not have redemption but sell toys, you can use the non-winning bills, the concession bills, the monetary value bills and the big prize bills, If you do not have redemption or sell toys, you can use the non-winning bills, the concession bills and the big prize bills. Every child should be a winner of something whether it is a tattoo or bracelet. No one should leave empty handed.

11 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued Is this a required item for Monkey Joe’s? No, absolutely not. This is just an added value that we are bringing to the brand to help showcase our party packages and to help draw attention at outside events. Can this be used for events outside the store? Yes. This can be a HUGE draw for any community event. You will need to make sure that you have the proper electrical requirements met and also if using outdoors that the unit is properly secured to the ground per manufacturer requirements for safety reasons. This would be an opportunity to charge to win prizes. You could have them sign up for Fishbowl to increase your database or charge a small fee for a chance to win a party giveaway. The parents or kids could go inside for your predetermined amount of time and “see” if they can win it. You WILL want to have some giveaways regardless as we still want everyone to be a winner-so the MJ tattoos, bracelets and pencils are great options for this type of setting. **(Note: you must decide if this is going to be used for outside events or offered to every birthday child in the facility. If you want to do both, you will need to purchase two units as it cannot be in two places at the same time.)**

12 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued Will this unit need to be inspected by a state inspector? This depends on your state/local requirements as each state, county and city have different regulations. If you currently have to get your jumps inspected, I would err in favor of the state and say it would be better to call and ask vs. trying to get something by the officials. How much space does it require? I would say this unit needs a 5’X5’ space as it is 4’7”X4’7” and you will need a height of greater than 8 feet as this is the height of the unit. Can more than one child be in the unit at one time? No. For safety reasons, only one child in at a time is permitted. They will be grabbing for tickets and we do not want anyone to get injured while participating. An adult may assist a child under the age of four in the event they are completely scared or don’t understand the process. Participants should stand in the middle of the unit facing forward (where they entered) and should stay in this position through their timed event. They should grab as many tickets as they can and stuff them into the waist bag prior to the timer running down to zero. When the timer goes off, what they have in their bag is what gets counted-not what’s in their hands.

13 Gift Grab FAQ’s continued What is the ratio of winning vs. non-winning tickets? Having done a little research on this, it seems that the consensus would be a 25% winning tickets vs. 75% non-winning ratio. The 25% can be broken down however you would like. Obviously, you would not want to have 50 of your biggest prize tickets floating around in your Gift Grab. How many tickets total should be in the Gift Grab at a time? In speaking with Martin at Inflatable Depot and others, a minimum of 500 tickets would start you off but 1000 or more really makes it a WOW factor. This also creates the overwhelming disorientation needed while in the Gift Grab and for those watching the process.

14 Gift Grab We look forward to this new value piece for our Brand and hope that this information packet is helpful in answering your questions. However, if you do have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call your Franchise Business Manager or anyone at the corporate office. All of contact information is below. Sonny Crumpton Valerie Anderson Vice-President and Brand Head Director of Operations 404.427.9876 404.805.0909 Candi Kelley Bryan Herren Director of Training Director of Architectural Design 770.356.5933 404.895.8660 Shonna Lester Director of Marketing 404.849.2321

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