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Some faces of Bali.... Lagu Kodok (Frog Song) 1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/patmissnshome-20.

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1 Some faces of Bali...








9 Lagu Kodok (Frog Song) 1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/patmissnshome-20 1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/patmissnshome-20 1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/patmissnshome-20 Instrument is the enggung This is a small piece of palm bark into which a tongue has been carved.

10 The Frog Song This piece imitates the croaking of frogs in Bali’s rice paddies. It accompanies….what else? Tari Kodok (Frog Dance)

11 An enggung Blowing through this tongue produces the reedy sound. Which other instrument does this remind you of ?

12 Kebyar Trompong (seated dance) 20th century invention/composition of a dancer named I Nyoman Mario has become a popular kind of dance

13 The dancer is male. The dancer plays his own accompaniment on the trompong.

14 Trompong being carried to temple

15 Kebyar trompong Since it’s performed seated, it is said to be the most difficult of all Balinese dances. content is highly abstract androgynous charm of youth is evidenced holds trompong beaters in hands trembling hands and violent eye movements

16 Eventually the dancer sits at the trompong and begins to play This is the highlight of the dance. The acrobatics of the baton twirling beaters is part of the dance, of course.

17 Bali National Geographic Traveler 10 photos from Bali /photos/bali0210/bali_gallery.html?source= G3811&kwid=ContentNetwork|929511865 /photos/bali0210/bali_gallery.html?source= G3811&kwid=ContentNetwork|929511865

18 Kecak (Monkey Chant) This is a theatrical composition, composed in 1933. tells an important episode from the Ramayana (Hindu origins) The princess Sita is rescued from the demon-king Rawana by an army of monkeys

19 Origins of the kecak Based on a religious trance dance called sanghyang In the sanghyang, entranced young girls dance to pray for recovery in times of epidemics or when black magic has been at work. A male chorus sings “gamelan suara” (voice gamelan)

20 Origins of the kecak Using voices to imitate a gamelan, the men try to catch and imprison the evil spirit by the sheer ferocity of their sound. They also wave their arms around in the air to trap a demon named Buta Kala, who can only travel in a straight line. This way the sound and their bodies trap the evil spirits.

21 Kecak today Well-known form of entertainment for tourists, less for actual dispelling of demons Before it begins, a Hindu man called the “pamangku” recites a prayer. He offers fire, holy water and flowers. Holy water is critical to the Hindi, who believe it purifies everything in the universe.

22 In fact, Balinese Hinduism is referred to as agama tirta, which means “the religion of water”. No instrument is used other than the male voice. Chorus is to portray the monkeys in sound and movement. Percussive vocal effects.

23 the syllable “cak” is repeated by the 100 monkeys through clenched teeth the rhythms are similar to cengceng (cymbals) patterns from gamelan ensembles. one member sings the high-pitched chant continuously. hisses, yells, etc. are included

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