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By Vikram Gupta. Hanuman: The Greatest Devotee of Shri Ram.

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1 By Vikram Gupta

2 Hanuman: The Greatest Devotee of Shri Ram

3 How Hanuman was born  There was a very beautiful Apsara called Punjikasthala  She was cursed by Brihaspati to be born as a monkey  So she prayed to Lord Shiva and got a boon that she will get back her form after he is born as her son

4 How Hanuman was born  Lord Vishnu decided to be born as Ram on earth  He wanted Lord Shiva to come with him  So, Lord Shiva was born as the son of monkeys Kesari (Brihaspati’s son) and Anjana (Punjikasthala)  The wind god, Pavan, carried a drop of divine pie from Dasarath’s palace to Anjana and is considered Hanuman’s Godfather

5 How Hanuman got his name  One morning Hanuman woke up hungry  He thought the morning sun was fruit and jumped to get it  Rahu told Indra to protect his unique right to swallow Surya  Indra struck Hanuman with Vajra (lightning) and broke his Hanu (jaw)

6 How Hanuman got his name  Pavan was extremely angry  He carried Hanuman to a cave and took all the air from the three worlds, suffocating all beings  Lord Bhamha came to the rescue. He fixed the broken bone and named the baby Hanuman  He also blesses Hanuman with immense powers and protection from Bramhastra

7 Hanuman’s education  Hanuman wanted Surya to be his teacher  Surya refused saying he is always on the move  Hanuman grew to an enormous size, put each leg on two mountain ranges and made his request again and again always facing the sun  Surya was pleased and taught him everything

8 How Hanuman lost his power  Hanuman was very naughty  He was disturbing all the rishis and gurus  Realizing who he was, they gave him a minor curse to forget about his powers until somebody reminded him

9 Meeting of Hanuman and Ram  Ram and Lakshman were searching for Ma Sita  They met a group of monkeys led by Sugreev who were banished by his brother Bali  Hanuman was in Rishyamukh Parvat with Sugreev’s group where Ram and Lakshman came during their search

10 Search for Sita  The monkeys searched everywhere but could not find her  Finally bird Sampati told them about Ravan abducting her across the ocean in his flying chariot  None knew how to cross the ocean  But the wise bear Jambavan reminded Hanuman of his powers

11 Search for Sita  Then Hanuman grew to an immense size and jumped across the ocean  Sursa a huge demon rose out of the water and wanted to swallow him  Hanuman kept growing and so did Sursa’s mouth  Suddenly Hanuman turned tiny, and flew in and out of her mouth  Finally, Hanuman found land, the island of Lanka, Rakkhosher Desh

12 Messenger of Ram  After a long search Hanuman found Sita in a garden (Ashok Vatika) in Lanka surrounded by Rakkhoshi guards  But then Hanuman chased all the guards away and identified himself by showing her Ram’s ring  Before leaving Hanuman said he was hungry, and Sita told him to take the fruits from the trees  Then Hanuman wreaked havoc in the garden, breaking trees

13 Burning of Lanka  Ravan sent larger and larger forces to tame “the monkey” but they were all badly bashed up  Ravan’s son Indrajit used Bramhastra to tie him up  Hanuman let himself be captured  Then Ravan ordered Rakkhoshes to wrap Hanuman’s tail with cloth and set fire to it  Hanuman kept growing his tail longer.  Once the tail was on fire Hanuman broke his bonds and grew enormous  He leaped from building to building burning everything

14 Building the Bridge  Hanuman brought back Sita’s news and jewelry to Ram  He and the rest of monkeys and bears then built a bridge across the ocean to Lanka  Many think that the under- water structure seen from satellite photos is that of the bridge built by Ram and his army

15 Saving Lakshman  Indrajit (or Meghnad) shot Lakshman unconscious with Shakti  Hanuman got Lanka’s best doctor Sushen who said that only Sanjeevani herb can revive him but it has to be brought before dawn

16 Saving Lakshman  Hanuman jumped all the way across India to the Himalayan mountain  On the way, he killed Kalnemi who was sent by Ravan to kill him  Hanuman could not recognize the herb, so lifted the whole hill and brought it back just in time to save Lakshman’s life

17 Rescuing Ram and Lakshman  Ahiravan abducted Ram and Lakshman and took them to Patalpuri  As he was preparing to sacrifice them, Hanuman reached and killed Ahiravan and returned with Ram and Lakshman

18 Hanuman: Devotee of Ram  Lord Ram said to Hanuman, ‘I am greatly indebted to you, O mighty hero. You did marvelous, superhuman deeds. You do not want anything in return. … you have not asked for anything at any time. You threw away the precious garland of pearls given to you by Sita.  How can I repay my debt of gratitude to you? I will always remain deeply indebted to you.  I give you the boon of everlasting life. All will honor and worship you like myself. Your idol will be placed at the door of my temple and you will be worshipped and honored first. Whenever my stories are recited or glories sung, your glory will be sung before mine. You will be able to do anything, even that which I will not be able to!’

19 Did you know?  Hanuman is one of the seven immortals  He can take any shape at will  His body is strong like thunder (Vajranga or Bajrang); No weapon can penetrate him  Hanuman is Ram’s greatest devotee and is said to come wherever people worship Ram  “Sankat Mochan”: Those who worship Hanuman are free from danger  Much, much later, during Mahabharat, Hanuman helped Bheem (his ‘brother’) and Arjun (by riding on his chariot’s flag)

20 Hanuman Temples Ayyoddha New Delhi Trinidad Hempstead, NY Udgir

21 Songs about Hanuman  16 th century poet, Tulsidas, the author of Ram-charit-manas, wrote 40 verses on Hanuman called Hanuman Chalisa

22 Quiz!  Who was Hanuman’s mother?  Anjana (or Punjikasthala)  Why is Pavan considered Hanuman’s Godfather?  Because he brought a drop of divine pie to Anjana  How could Punjikasthala’s curse be lifted?  By Shiva’s Avatar being born as her son  What made Pavan withdraw all the air from the world?  Because Indra struck Baby Hanuman with his thunderbolt

23 Quiz!  Who was Hanuman’s teacher and why was he so persistent to learn from him/her?  Surya, because he has complete knowledge.  Where did Hanuman meet Ram?  Rishyamukh mountains  How did Hanuman escape Sursa?  By making her mouth grow wider and wider by enlarging himself and then shrinking and flying through  Where did Hanuman find Sita?  In a garden in Lanka (Ashok Vatika)

24 Quiz!  How did Hanuman burn Lanka?  By jumping around with his burning tail  What did Hanuman do to save Lakshman?  He jumped across India and carried a mountain full of medicinal herbs back before sunrise  From which abductor’s grasp did Hanuman save Ram and Lakshman?  Ahiravan, the ruler of the underworld (Patal)

25 Final Question!!  Where is this temple?  Trinidad

26 Acknowledgment  I thank Neepa Mashi for giving me the opportunity to present the story of Hanuman  I thank my dad without whose technical help this presentation would not be possible  I thank my mom for letting me use her computer  I thank all of you for listening to my presentation

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