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Contributors:Jakey Flinchbaugh and Will Robinson.

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2 Contributors:Jakey Flinchbaugh and Will Robinson

3 What This Thing Is 1baby in 2 years Skinny Thick reddish brown fur Red or Brown Face Primate family 3.5 KG and lives for over 20 years

4 Food What does it eat? Prey: Small Mammals Red and Blue Monkeys Leaves Humans Threaten It It’s range of hunting is at least 150 2.

5 Where It is Found Canopy:  Amazon –Flooded forests Flooded and Swampy areas

6 Amazing but true Had a stomach ache due to unripe vegetables? Produced special teeth to crack the husks and a special stomach to handle the toxic chemicals in the husks.

7 Q.1 How many types of Uakari Monkey are there? Q.2 What level of the rainforest does the Uakari monkey live in? Q.3 True or false? The Uakari Monkey is a bird. Q.4 What is the Uakari Monkey’s hunting range? Q.5 Name One of the Monkeys the Uakari eats

8 A.1 Over 6 A.2 Canopy A.3 False A.4 150 2. A.5 Red monkey, the Blue Monkey and the Nocturnal Galago

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