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Dayton 01 Jul 1925 Monkey Trial Bryan Darrow.

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2 Dayton

3 01 Jul 1925 Monkey Trial


5 Bryan

6 Darrow

7 William Jennings Bryan discards his collar and coat in the torrid courtroom of Dayton, Tenn., as the Scopes "Monkey Trial" gets underway on June 19, 1925.





12 Dayton teacher and football coach John Scopes, seen here during sentencing, was fined $100 on July 21, 1925. Both Bryan and the ACLU offer to pay it for him.

13 Lesson 10 The Trial That Rocked the World

14 Christians believe that God in heaven made human beings but evolutionists think human beings come from the earth (or from lowly animals). What’s Bryan’s intention of making a statement like this? Bryan was encouraged by the audience’s appreciation of his sarcasm and became more enthusiastic What is the intention of the writer to choose words like “brandish” and “denounce”? condemn as evil; to criticize severely and publicly, announce threateningly denounce A mass meeting denounced him as a traitor. The newspapers denounced the new taxes.

15 What did Bryan subtly imply when he said that these experts “come hundreds of miles” ? find agreement between; make friendly again; make (arguments, ideas, etc.) consistent, compatible reconcile I asked how he would reconcile apartheid with Christianity. The two girls quarreled but are now reconciled. What was Bryan accusing these scientists of ? Amenmay this be ture; so be it

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