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Suggested activities during your visit to Nice. Nice touristic map.

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1 Suggested activities during your visit to Nice

2 Nice touristic map

3 Nice le grand tour Guided visit of the important sites of Nice in the grand tour for 20 Euros! For more information visit the site : 11 guided stops to visit the city : - You take the bus - You get down in the place you want to visit - You get to know all the important places at NICE For assistance in booking please contact the organisers at the conference

4 La promenade des Anglais The Promenade des Anglais ("Promenade of the English") is a celebrated promenade along the Baie des Anges, a bay of the Mediterranean, in Nice. Before Nice was urbanized, the coastline at Nice was just bordered by a deserted stretch of beach covered with large pebbles. The first houses were located on higher ground well away from the sea.Promenade des AnglaisMediterranean Starting in the second half of the 18th century, many wealthy English people took to spending the winter in Nice, enjoying the panorama along the coast. When a particularly harsh winter up north brought an influx of beggars to Nice, some of the rich Englishmen proposed a useful project for them: the construction of a walkway (chemin de promenade) along the sea. The city of Nice, intrigued by the prospect of a pleasant promenade, greatly increased the scope of the work. The Promenade was first called the Camin dei Anglès (the English Way) by the Niçois in their native dialect Nissart. After the annexation of Nice by France in 1860 it was rechristened La Promenade des Anglais, replacing the former Nissart name with its French translation.Nissart

5 The old Nice and the Castel Hill The sizable hill that separates Old Town Nice from the Port of Nice is known as Castle Hill. Get to the Castle Hill (La Colline du Chateau) to enjoy a panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the city. Just east of the Le Cours Saleya and Vieux Nice is a staircase you can climb for free, or you can use the lift for 0.55 Euros.

6 Russian Orthodox cathedral The Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Nice (Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint- Nicolas de Nice) is a Russian Orthodox cathedral, and a national monument of France, located in the city of Nice. Opened in 1912, thanks to the generosity of Tsar Nicholas II, it is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral outside Russia. There is currently an ownership dispute over the property. The parish, which belongs to an overseas Russian Orthodox jurisdiction under the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, opposes a claim on the property by the Patriarchate of Moscow, which has the backing of the Russian government(citation needed). The dispute seemingly stems from a conflict between old Russian nobility who have long since settled in Nice and newly arrived Russians. A subjective account of the dispute, favoring the current administration, can be read in the following text translated from the French, which formed the bulk of this entry prior to edit:Russian Orthodoxcathedralnational monument FranceNice Tsar Nicholas IIRussian OrthodoxRussia From a religious point of view, this claim is considered by the local noble Russian community as unlawful, since the cathedral belongs to the Orthodox Church of Constantinople and therefore has nothing to do with the Church of Moscow. They also underline that a religious matter should not be dealt with by the Russian state. What is more, this claim from Russian authorities is also linked to the arrival of newly emigrated wealthy Russians, who belong to the business Russian classes or even to the mafia. The old noble Russians who have lived in Nice for decades are unwilling to see they cathedral under the authority of a corrupt government and "invaded" by Russians whose wealth is openly known to be from illegal activities. They also noticed that the behavior of these newcomers is far from what it should be from truly religious people: indecent clothes in a very religious building, a clear tendency to show off how rich they are, a mere respct of religious dogma but no real Christian values underneath. There has also been a recent case of false accusation against the previous archbishop of the cathedral, led by newly come Russians."

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