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1 Automated Testing & Test Tools Apirada Thadadech.

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1 1 Automated Testing & Test Tools Apirada Thadadech

2 2 Contents  The Benefits of Automation and Tools  Test Tools  Software Test Automation  Random Testing: Monkeys and Gorillas  Realities of Using Test Tools and Automation

3 3 Apirada Thadadech The Benefits of Automation and Tools The code test fix loop get repeat several times before the software is released. Might need Many time to run the tests and check the bugs that found in previous test runs were indeed fixed and no new bugs. Software test tool and automation can help to solve those problem

4 4 Apirada Thadadech The principle attributes of tools and automation:  Speed. Might average test case every 5 seconds.  Efficience. During running test case by test tool, have time for test planning and thinking up new test.  Accuracy and Precision. A test tool will perform the same test and check the result perfectly.  Relentlessness. Test tools and automation never tire or give up

5 5 Apirada Thadadech reminder Software test tools are not a substitute for software testers, but they just help software testers perform their jobs better.

6 6 Apirada Thadadech Test Tools  Test tool work as Black- box testing. They could perform software tests without having to set up a real-real scenario, they don ’ t need to understand how the tool works.  Test tool could be set up the monitor and modify the raw communications that occurs among those million computers(testing networking software)  Test tool could be set up to monitor and modify the raw communications that occurs among those million computer seem white-box skills and knowledge of the low-level protocol to effectively use the tool.

7 7 Apirada Thadadech Types of test tool  Invasive A tool is used only to monitor and examine the software without modifying  Non-invasive A tool modifies the program code or manipulates the operating environment

8 8 Apirada Thadadech Test Tool Type  Viewers and Monitors Test tool allow tester to see details of software’s operation that they wouldn’t normally be able to see.  Drivers are tools used to control and operate the software being tested, such as batch file, software that testing requires large amounts of data to be entered for test.  Stubs is like driver, but stubs are essentially the opposite of driver in that they don’t control operate the software being tested. Such as sent data to printer, you can test it is to enter data, print it and look at the result paper printout.

9 9 Apirada Thadadech Viewers and Monitors Computer #1 Computer #2 Software under test Communications line Computer #3 Viewer test tool Tapped line

10 10 Apirada Thadadech Stress and Load Tools Stress Tool Stress Tool is The Stress program allows you to individually set the amounts of memory. Disk space, files and other resources available to the software running on the machine. Load Tool Load Tool is similar to stress tool but it run on Web servers to load them down by simulating a set number of connections. Such as it check that 10.000 simultaneous users and 1 million hits a day can be handled without showing response times. There are problems about available memory and disk space when the system run many programs in the same time, such as running word processing and copy file to fill up….and so on.

11 11 Apirada Thadadech Software Test Automation Software test automation is software that could be combined, started, and run with little or no intervention from tester.

12 12 Apirada Thadadech Types of automation  Macro recording and payback  Programmed Macros  Fully Programmable Automated Testing Tools

13 13 Apirada Thadadech Macro recording and payback  The Most basic type of test automation is recording your keyboard and mouse actions as you run your tests for first time and then playing them back when you need to run them again

14 14 Apirada Thadadech The Option in Macro recording and playback  Name  Name : Macro name provides a way to identify it later.  Repetitions  Repetitions: Great way to find bugs. You can set the number of times the macro will repeat or loop when it runs.  Trigger  Trigger : you can set how the macro is started, can be by a hot key.  What’s captured  What’s captured: you can select to capture as ketstrokes or mouse action.  Play back speed  Play back speed: it can set play back from 20 % slower to 500%  Playback position  Playback position: determines when mouse movements and clicks should be absolute or relative to a certain window onescreen

15 15 Apirada Thadadech Note: Recording and playing back macros is a popular means to automate simple testing tasks. Its also a good place to start for testers learning how to automate their.

16 16 Apirada Thadadech Programmed Macros Programmed macros are a step up in evolution from the simple record and playback variety.

17 17 Apirada Thadadech Simple macro program 1: calculator test #2 2: > 3: > 4: 123 – 100 = 5: > 6: > A Simple Macro that performs a test on the Windows Calculator

18 18 Apirada Thadadech Random Testing: Monkeys and Gorillas Test Monkey : The idea that you had a million monkeys typing on a million keyboards for a million years. The use of test monkey to simulate how your customers will use your software in no way insinuates that computer users are related to apes.

19 19 Apirada Thadadech Test monkeys  Dump monkeys  Semi-Smart monkeys  Smart Monkeys

20 20 Apirada Thadadech Dump Monkeys A dump monkey doesn’t know anything about the software being tested; it just clicks or types randomly. 1: randomize timer 2: for I = 1 to 10000 3: play “{click “+str$(int(RND*640))+”, “+STR$(RND*480))+”}” 4: play CHR$ (RND*256) 5: Next i

21 21 Apirada Thadadech Remember The monkey is doing absolutely no verification. It just clicks and types until one of two things happens- either it finishes its loop or the software or the operating system crashes.

22 22 Apirada Thadadech Note If you don’t believe that a dumb monkey can possibly find a serious bug, try running one on your favorite computer game or multimedia program.

23 23 Apirada Thadadech It doesn’t seem to make sense that simple random clicking and typing could find a bug, but it does for a couple reasons:  Given enough time and attempts.  With its continuous repetition and use.

24 24 Apirada Thadadech Semi-Smart Monkeys

25 25 Apirada Thadadech Realities of Using Test Tools and Automation The Software changes. Specifications are never fixed. There’s no substitute for the human eye and intuition. Verification is hard to do It is easy to rely on automation too much. Don’t spend so much time working on tools and automation that you fail to test the software. If you’re writing macros, developing a tool, or programming a monkey, you are doing development work. Some tools are invasive and can cause the software being tested to improperly fail.

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