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The Golden Monkey A Choose Your Own Adventure By Adam,Jack,Joe,Rebecca,Robyn.

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1 The Golden Monkey A Choose Your Own Adventure By Adam,Jack,Joe,Rebecca,Robyn.

2 “Ahh!”you scream, as you look out of the steamy window of the plane.The engine is over heating,it is blazing with fire like a tree full of autumn leaves.The plane crashes into the golden sandy beach which leads to a jungle,but it didn’t sound,look or feel,like a normal jungle,it was a strange jungle.Suddenly! a map floats down to the ground like a angel, “The golden Treasure”you read off the map. Would you ever get home with the treasure? Do you follow the map to the gold? Do you use the map to get home?

3 You stand in front of two paths,The path to the left of the map says, “ To the four winged dragon.” But there is another path entitled, “The Mystery?!” The voices inside your head are asking you what could that be. It could be fairies,or crocodiles,or vampires,or elves.It could be anything! Do you follow the path of the mystery? Do you follow the path of the four wing dragon?

4 You use the map to try to get home,but there are two ways to get to the plane.One is pass the three headed tiger that is the deadliest tiger in the world and one bite can kill.Another path is the humbug wasp that looks so sweet.As if they wont harm you a little bit.If you think that,then you are wrong! It can kill you with its deadly poison. So which path will you take? Do you take the path of the humbugs? Do you take the path of the three headed tiger?

5 Whilst you are walking through the steamy hot forest you heard leaves crackling.You stop in fear.In the distance you can see a crinkly old wizard.He is walking towards you.The wizard has a white beard like a soft snowy bear.He says “I know who you are!Don’t be scared find the map!”When the wizard walks away and disappears in the mist.You see an old looking pick the map up,it has loads of pictures on it and you don’t understand it. Do you find the wizard and find the treasure to get home and share the gold with him? Do you get to know the wizard on the way to finding the treasure?

6 Whilst you are walking through the steaming hot jungle,you can smell smoke and some of the trees are snapping in half,then falling to the ground with a pound. Suddenly the ground starts to shake like an earthquake,again and again,as the noise is coming towards you. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”the sound roars through the forest. Then in front of you are giant, red, glowing eyes, twice the size of you. You notice it is a four winged dragon, with two wings at the front and two at the back. Do you chop off the head of the four winged dragon? Do you stab it in the heart,with a poisonous tooth sword?

7 “HELP” you scream as you run away from the terrifying humbug wasps that are zooming through the narrow trees. With a loud bang, you fall flat on your face.One of the humbug wasps finds you but you hit it and it falls to the ground in pain. After hitting the humbug wasp you get up and walk through the jungle. Then after about five minutes you fall into a blue tiger trap. “Ouch”, you trembled painfully. Do you call an old man called Bob and he comes to rescue you? Do you dig a tunnel to get out?

8 While you are running through the green jungle you say, “This is too quiet, too quiet,”suddenly you trip up and fall down a giant hole in the ground but as soon as you trip up a three headed tiger jumps out of the hole and you are unconscious next to the first head of the tiger. This tiger is about six foot two,with six arms,three legs and two hundred eyes all over his face.You wake up screaming at the sight of the tigers eyes.The tiger is the faster tiger you have ever seen in your life but just as it starts to charge at you, the poisonous humbug wasps fly towards you. Do you run out of the way? Do you run to get a weapon?

9 You were jogging through the forest with the map hanging out of your pocket. Then you can see the old wizard up a tree he comes down from the tree. The wizard says, “Come on if you want to get home.”When you set off walking through the forest you can see loads of monkeys. You started to look for the golden monkey and there he was at the front. When you see it the wizard goes to it and grabs the key. You have got the key and you have to open the treasure chest. Then the wizard turns into a three eyed frog.

10 You were jogging through the forest with the map hanging out of your pocket. When you see the wizard you say, “Well come on then let’s find that treasure.” You were walking through the forest and you see the golden monkey. Then you run up to it and grab the key and you can see the treasure chest. You open the treasure chest and out comes a portal to go home you say bye and thank you.

11 You chop off a head and another grows.You chop off another and another grows you know you wont be able to defeat this dragon and chop and chop and chop and chop and chop you get tired then suddenly all the head fire at you like a bullet and you fall over and you die and you never get found again.

12 You dashed to hide behind a tree then notices his tooth is covered with poison.If you use the tooth to stab him in the heart it is too risky because it is in his mouth. He could kill you just be closing his mouth so you run from behind the tree to the dragons tail whilst the dragon is firing at you. He misses and burns his own tail and cries out in pain. Whilst crying in pain the tooth falls out and you grab the tooth.The dragon starts firing at you and you stab the dragon directly in the heart and then dies.

13 “Hello is that Bob?”you say on your mobile phone. “Yes it’s me Bob, what do you want?” “I am stuck in a blue tiger trap in an African jungle” you say. “Ok I will come in about ten minutes then, see you later”. Bob says “Ok stay calm”.you say worriedly.Just then an enormous chopping sound comes rushing through the air,you scream. As you scream, Bob sees you and he lands the helicopter.he tells you to get in and then you fly home.

14 “I am going to dig a tunnel to get out” you say to yourself as you are digging.After ten minutes you get about half way there of the digging a blue tiger jumps enormously into the dug up hole.The blue tiger was enormous and it has razor sharp teeth, it has blue and black stripy, silky fur. But then the blue tiger jumps at you but bigger it gets you knock the blue tiger out with your spade. You carry on digging and after a while you get out and you find your way home.

15 You are running back to the plane but just as you are running, the hum bug wasps are following you back to the plane and then the three headed tiger start to chase you just as you are near the plane some more humbug wasps fly out of the trees but you fall down a hole and it brings you out at the plane door. And then you chump in the plane and call your mum “Mum help I am getting attacked by humbug wasps get air rescue over here now,”you say. All of a sudden the air rescue is here and air rescue lifts you back home.

16 You are running up a tree to find something to make a weapon to try to and make a sword out of bamboo sticks to kill the humbug wasps.And you need to kill the three headed tiger before they attack each other.Suddenly they stop then there is silence for a minute.All you could hear was nothing,just the there was an attack it was the humbug wasps they have stung the three headed tiger,so you start making a bamboo stick quicker cause Jon is on the head of the three headed tiger.Suddenly you kill six humbug wasps, they all fall to the you have to find the tiger,but just at that swallows a wasp and dies from poison.

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