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Manage Your Time Manage Your Stress! The webinar will begin shortly.

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1 Manage Your Time Manage Your Stress! The webinar will begin shortly.

2 Your Facilitators Denise Traicoff Marian Botchway I am speaking right now. If you cannot hear me, click Q&A on the toolbar and type a message in the Question box

3 Learning Objectives Identify methods to reduce interruptions and set priorities at work Describe the 4 factors that affect your work energy Determine strategies for renewing energy

4 Interactive Tools Feedback button Attendee panel

5 Interactive Tools Question and Answer (Q&A) panel Raise your hand button

6 Drawing Toolbar Move Text Change colors Type Text Stamps

7 MIPH Community Where are you?

8 Poll What causes YOU the most time management challenges? Setting Priorities Setting Goals Managing Interruptions Putting off Important Tasks (Procrastination) Scheduling your Time

9 Requests from subordinates Tasks I forgot

10 What’s the difference?

11 ASK YOURSELFTHEN IMPACT ON MY WEEK Does the task have a deadline this week? Are there meetings or classes you must attend? DO Schedule the task in your plan for the week Is someone else qualified to complete this task? DELEGATE Schedule time to turn over the task (may require a meeting) Is a report due after this week? Are you designing a public health campaign to be rolled out in the near future? PLAN Schedule time to prepare a short project plan Is this task not urgent? Can I complete this during a less hectic period? LIST Start a list of low-priority activities

12 Is there a monkey on your back? Enables other people to further improve their skills and their abilities Frees up your time to work on more important tasks Delegating tasks

13 When and how to delegate Is there someone else who has or can be given the necessary information to complete the task? Is there enough time to delegate effectively? Define the employee’s responsibility ◦ Establish a time limit

14 Sources of Your Energy BodyMind Spirit Emotions

15 Replenish Your Energy BodyMind Spirit Emotions

16 Strategies for maintaining a healthy body Suggestions Sleep Exercise Diet Moderate alcohol No smoking Tip/ Ideas

17 Control your emotions to improve your energy Become aware of the emotion itself Deep abdominal breathing—inhale deeply, then exhale slowly for 5-6 seconds Change the story you tell yourself: view the circumstance through another’s perspective Express appreciation to others Express your feelings in a non- confrontational way Source: Managing Yourself by Paul Morgan

18 Focus your mind by reducing interruptions Seek privacy to work on a task that needs concentration Schedule uninterrupted blocks of time without email or telephone Manage drop-in visitors

19 Nuture Your Spirit! Do what you do best and enjoy most at work Dedicate some meaningful time to aspects of your life that mean the most to you (ex religion, family, friends, health) Identify and practice your core values on a daily basis

20 Was this session an important hour for you? Determine which tasks are urgent vs important Show appreciation to subordinates Identify your values

21 Questions Type your question in the Q&A pane

22 Additional resources Online Temperament Indicator Online Time management survey: Chapter 9, Emotional Management-marshmallows and mental toughness in “Managing Yourself” by Paul Morgan. Practice any of the activities listed at the end of the chapter. %20Managing%20Yourself%20%20Coach%20Yourself%20To%20Optimum%20Emotional%20Intelligence.pdf Tips for taking control of your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually: Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey? William Oncken, Donald Wass Harvard Business Review Nov-Dec 1999

23 What’s next? Post reflections on the discussion board – Topic: Tips for managing your time Complete your post-webinar evaluation Join the community site:

24 Get the handouts Download the handouts from this session Handouts also posted on the MIPH Community site in the Continuing Education section

25 Acknowledgements Manage your energy not your time, Tony Schwarts Catherine McCarthy Harvard Business Review How to Stay Focused on What’s Important by Gina Trapani Centers for Disease Control & Prevention/Family Health


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