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“The Monkey’s Paw” By W.W. Jacobs. Part I The night was cold and wet. The wind is howling outside. Inside the house was a warm fire in the fireplace.

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1 “The Monkey’s Paw” By W.W. Jacobs

2 Part I The night was cold and wet. The wind is howling outside. Inside the house was a warm fire in the fireplace. Mr. White and his son are playing chess. Mrs. White is calmly knitting. Sergeant Major Morris knocks at the door.

3 Part I Sergeant Sergeant Major Morris speaks about India and shows the Whites the monkey’s paw. Afakir put a spell on the monkey’s paw, allowing three people to have three wishes each. The The fakir wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives. Those Those who interfered with it or tampered with it did so to their sorrow.

4 Part I Sergeant Sergeant Major Morris mentions that he was granted three wishes but he refuses to talk about them He He points out that the first owner was granted three wishes also. While While the Sergeant Major Morris forgot what the first two wishes were for, the third wish was for death.

5 Part I Sergeant Major Morris reveals that he was able to get the monkey’s paw from the first owner. He tells the Whites that he thought about selling it but that it had caused enough mischief already. When asked if he would like to have another three wishes, the Sergeant Major replies that he doesn’t know.

6 Part I Suddenly Suddenly he threw the monkey’s paw into the fire. Mr. Mr. White retrieves it from the fire despite the fact that Sergeant Major warns him to let it burn. He He tells Mr. White to hold it up in the air and make a wish if he wants, but Mr. White is warned again to let it be.

7 Part I The The Whites make a joke of it when Mrs. White mentions that they should wish that she had four pairs of hands. Sergeant Sergeant Major Morris tells them that they need to wish for something sensible if they’re going to wish for anything. Mr. Mr. White gives the Sergeant Major a small sum for the monkey’s paw even though the sergeant major again warned him to throw it away.

8 Part I After After the sergeant major left, Mr. White wishes for two hundred pounds. Afine crash from the piano greeted the wish followed by a loud outcry from Mr. White. Mr. Mr. White explained that the monkey’s paw moved and that it twisted in his hand like a snake.

9 Part I In In spite of the eager anticipation, the money never appeared. Outside Outside the wind howled even higher. The The old man jumped at the sound of the door banging upstairs. An An unusual and depressing silence fell upon all three and lasted until they went to bed.

10 Part I The The son remarks that he doesn’t see the money and that he bets he never will. He He mentions that they should expect the cash tied up in a big bag in the middle of their bed with something horrible on top of the wardrobe watching them as they pocket their ill gotten gains.

11 Part II The The family appears to be a jovial mood the following morning. It It is winter, but the sun is shinning. The The monkey’s paw is carelessly pitched on the sideboard. Speculation Speculation is that all old soldiers are full of wild tales that simply aren’t true. Nevertheless, Nevertheless, Morris told the Whites that the things wished for might happen so naturally that they could be attributed to coincidence.

12 Part II Herbert Herbert White, the son, leaves for work. Mrs. Mrs. White checks the mailbox in eager anticipation of the two hundred pounds. She She notices the mysterious movements of a man who appeared to be attempting to make up his mind about entering. The The fourth time, the man walked through the gate and walked up the path.

13 Part II He He was invited into the house by Mrs. White. The The visitor announces that he is from Maw and Meggins, the firm Herbert works for. He He informs them that there has been an accident, but that Herbert “isn’t in any pain.” Mrs. Mrs. White suddenly realizes that Herbert is dead.

14 Part II Herbert Herbert was caught in the machinery and killed. He He could not be truly identified except the by clothes he was wearing. While While the company claimed no liability, they awarded the old couple two hundred pounds. Mrs. Mrs. White shrieked in terror.

15 Part III Herbert Herbert was buried in the new cemetery two miles from the house. The The couple no longer spoke to one another, but they remained in hopeful expectation that something else would happen. Aweek later, Mr. White awoke to find that his wife was out of the bed.

16 Part III He He invited her back into the bed, saying that she would get cold. She She replied that it was colder for her son. began to cry but remembered the monkey’s paw which was in the parlor. wanted to go get it and make another wish that Herbert were alive. Mr. Mr. White told her that she didn’t know what she was saying.

17 Part III The The old man informs her that Herbert had been dead for ten days now and the body wouldn’t be recognizable. In In addition, the body was beyond recognition when Herbert was killed. The The man wanted to know how she would recognize him now if he came back. He He went downstairs and retrieved the monkey’s paw.

18 Part III The The old woman commanded him to wish their son back to life. old man made the wish. Watching Watching the shadows reflecting from the rim of the china candlestick onto the ceiling, the old man grew apprehensive. When When nothing happened, the old man breathed a sigh of relief and returned to bed.

19 Part III They returned to bed. Later the old man got up, striking a match, went downstairs. As he paused to strike another match, he heard a faint knock at the door. While the second knock was louder, the third knock could be heard throughout the house.

20 Part III As As the old woman rushed down the stairs heading to the door, her husband stopped her and tried to prevent her from opening the door. She She escaped from him and ran to the door. The The old man frantically called out for her not to open the door.

21 Part III The The husband followed, calling out to her as she hurried downstairs. He He heard the chain rattling and the bottom door bolt slowly drawn from the socket. There There was constant banging echoing throughout the house as the husband frantically searched for the monkey’s paw. Finding Finding it, he made the third wish.

22 Part III The The door opened and a cold wind rushed up the staircase. wife screamed a loud wail of disappointment as he rushed to her side. They They went to the door and saw a street lamp and its reflection on a quiet, deserted road.

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