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Book p.44 Some people have made a difference in the lives of others! Let’s read the life story of Louis Pasteur, a very special person. Book p.44.

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2 Book p.44

3 Some people have made a difference in the lives of others! Let’s read the life story of Louis Pasteur, a very special person. Book p.44

4 The Amazing Achievements of Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur was born in France on 22nd December 1822. He was very interested in science. In 1854, he became a professor of Chemistry. Pasteur wanted to know what made liquid go bad. He discovered that tiny microbes in liquids made them go bad. Pasteur also discovered that he could kill the microbes by heating the liquid.

5 Book p.45 Pasteur discovered that there are microbes of bacteria everywhere, especially in hospitals. This caused many diseases. But if doctors heated instruments and bandages before use, they could kill these harmful bacteria. Pasteur’s most important discovery was vaccination. If an animal is injected with the vaccine of a disease, it will not get the disease.

6 Book p.45 Pasteur developed a vaccine for rabies, a deadly disease. On 6th July 1885, a boy called Joseph was bitten by a dog with rabies. Joseph’s mother begged Pasteur to give her son the rabies vaccine. Pasteur had never tried the vaccine on human beings but he knew that he had to help the boy. So, he gave the boy a vaccination. The experiment was a success! At last, rabies could be cured.

7 Book p.45 In 1888, the French government opened the Pasteur Institute to study how disease could be prevented. Pasteur was its director until he died in 1895. All his life, Louis Pasteur worked hard to solve problems and make life better for people. His work continues to save many lives around the world.

8 Book p.47 Cathy and her friends put on a play about Louis Pasteur’s life. Mr. Pasteur, I need your advice. How can we prevent diseases from spreading in Hospitals? I know that microbes of bacteria can carry diseases. We need to heat instruments and bandages before using them. This will kill the microbes. I think you are right, Mr. Pasteur. We will do as you say.

9 Book p.47 Mr. Pasteur, I need your help. I know that you have a rabies vaccine. I think it can save my son’s life. Joseph needs help. I think I should give him the vaccination.

10 Book p.48 Thank you, Mr. Pasteur! I know that you saved my life! I think that you are a very special person. This vaccine cures rabies! Well done, Mr. Pasteur. I think we should build an institute in your name.

11 Book p.48 After the performance, Cathy and her classmate talked about their favourite special person. My favourite special person is Leonardo da Vinci. I know that he drew many beautiful pictures. I think that he was a wonderful artist. If you want to be a great artist like him, you need a lot of practice.

12 Book p.49 “People are not born special,” said Mrs. Lee. “They work hard to achieve their dreams. If you work hard, you too can do great things.” Louis Pasteur himself was once an ordinary man. He became a great scientist because of his passion for science. If you want to be a great scientist like him, you yourself have to do the experiments. I will take your advice and work hard so that I myself may do great things some day.

13 Book p.49 We love Joy Cowley’s stories. How can we learn to write stories like her? Joy Cowley taught herself how to write interesting stories by reading a lots of books. You too can teach yourselves how to write well by reading widely. I think the most important thing is to love what you are doing. Great authors themselves enjoy reading and writing stories. We will buy ourselves more books to read!

14 Book p.50 Subject Reflexive pronoun I myself youyourself, yourselves hehimself sheherself ititself weourselves theythemselves

15 Book p.51 “Successful people follow simple routines to achieve great goals,” Mrs. Lee told the class. ”A routine is a set of actions that is usually followed in the same order. Here is Louis Pasteur’s routine for doing research.” First, Louis Pasteur used his microscope to look closely at microbes to find the causes of diseases. Then, he made detailed notes about his observations. Next, he made suggestions about the causes of diseases. After that, he tested his ideas to see if they were correct. Finally, when he was sure that his solution worked, he told the world about it.

16 Book p.52 Cathy found a story about the life of her favourite author, Joy Cowley, in a magazine. She decided to share it with her class. The Story of Joy Cowley Joy Cowley was born in New Zealand in 1936. When she was young, she had a hard time learning to read and write. However, when she was nine years old she discovered the magic of books. After that, she started writing her own stories. By the time she was eleven, her stories and rhymes was published in the local newspaper.

17 Book p.52 One day, a publisher in New York read one of her stories and was so impressed that she asked Joy to write a novel. Joy wrote Nest in A Falling Tree, which became so popular that it was made into a movie. Joy also wrote many children’s books. Her stories about ‘Mrs. Wishy-Washy’ and many other characters are popular with children everywhere. Till this day, Joy continues to write wonderful stories for children all over the world. She has taken many children on the exciting journey of reading with her.

18 Book p.53 Choose a special person to write about. Find out more about the person by doing research. Here are some questions to help you find information. Where and when was this person born? What kind of childhood did he or her have? What are his or her main achievements? Why is this person special? Then, think about where to find the information. Where can we find information about Jing Yong? I really love his stories! We can visit the library and use the library search system to find books related to him. We can search the Internet by typing in a key word or phrase. We can start by tying in his name.

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