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Uni - President Enterprise Corp. Financial Management MA 1 N 0103 陳乃華 Rita Chen.

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1 Uni - President Enterprise Corp. Financial Management MA 1 N 0103 陳乃華 Rita Chen

2 The profile of Uni-President Group UPEC was founded in Yongkang District, Tainan City in1967. - The primary focus of research at the time was on the development of new animal feed formula and wheat flour development. Largest company in Taiwan - Market cap US$7.27bn, total assets US$10.59bn, and revenue US$13.18bn. - In Taiwan it controls the 7-Eleven franchise and owns the President Lions baseball team. Top 3 Company in China - In China and the Asia region, the company has joint ventures or stakes in companies ranging from Kikkoman(sauces) to French retailer Carrefour (hypermarkets chain in Taiwan).

3 Convenient store & Retail store History : Opened the first 7-11 in Taiwan in 1980 & Listed on TWSE since 1997. Valuation : Market cap US$5.53bn*, QFII ratio 40.99%. Geographic Scope : Taiwan 、 China 、 Southeast Asia (Philippine 、 Vietnam). China Retail Businesses : - First entered China retail market through Shanghai Starbucks in 2000. - In May 2008, be granted “7-Eleven” franchise license in Shanghai ; 100 stores opened as of end June, 2012.

4 7-11 Market Share in Taiwan Number of Convenience Stores in Taiwan 2009201020112012 7-ELEVEN 4,750 4,8034,822 Family Mart 2,3942,5932,8232,816 Hi-Life 1,2521,2541,2951,298 OK 829850867884

5 The Business Strategy Diversification in the Single Industry. Multi-brand Strategy. Supply Chain Vertical Integration. - From manufacturing, distribution to retail Logistic Sub-conglomerate - It adequately integrating the subsidiaries of retail, logistics and recreational service companies within the group, rapidly expanding its business territory

6 Major UPEC subsidiaries under logistic sub-conglomerate CVS ChainsRestaurantDepartment Store 7-Eleven Hankyu Drugstore Mister Donut Logistic COSMED TAKKYUBIN Life Style Cold Stone21Centry MUJI Major retail scope in Taiwan

7 Overview of Uni-President’s developments overseas Uni-President entered China market in 1992 as its first step towards true internationalization. UPEC will aim at establishing a food factory in every province and a sub- plant around every factory to form a complete network for the whole of China. In Southeast Asia - UPEC has collaborated with a local company in Indonesia to set up an instant noodle production factory. - Through the acquisition of management rights of Philippine Seven Corp, UPEC will leverage its effectiveness in production and sales. Other regions - UPEC also intends to setup an instant noodle factory in Central America to further tap the American market.

8 Summary of financial Taiwan Ratings; Upgrades Rating on Uni-President Enterprises Corp to “A”. Overall Performance Item / Year (NT$1,000) 2012 2011 YOY% Revenue 134,569,525 122,712,725 9.66% Gross Profit 39,408,208 38,275,309 2.96% Operating Profit 5,785,988 6,074,940 -4.76% Pre-tax Profit 7,779,949 7,430,465 4.70% Net Profit 6,789,362 6,352,410 6.88% EPS(NT$) 6.53 6.11

9 Summary of financial Earnings & Estimates Summary of UPEC 2012 revenues at Uni-President Enterprises Corporation totaled 46.9B TWD, while annual earnings equaled 2.40 per share.

10 Thank you for your attention.

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