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Uni - President Enterprise Corp. Financial Management MA 1 N 0103 陳乃華 Rita Chen.

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1 Uni - President Enterprise Corp. Financial Management MA 1 N 0103 陳乃華 Rita Chen

2 The profile of Uni-President Group UPEC was founded in Yongkang District, Tainan City in The primary focus of research at the time was on the development of new animal feed formula and wheat flour development. Largest company in Taiwan - Market cap US$7.27bn, total assets US$10.59bn, and revenue US$13.18bn. - In Taiwan it controls the 7-Eleven franchise and owns the President Lions baseball team. Top 3 Company in China - In China and the Asia region, the company has joint ventures or stakes in companies ranging from Kikkoman(sauces) to French retailer Carrefour (hypermarkets chain in Taiwan).

3 Convenient store & Retail store History : Opened the first 7-11 in Taiwan in 1980 & Listed on TWSE since Valuation : Market cap US$5.53bn*, QFII ratio 40.99%. Geographic Scope : Taiwan 、 China 、 Southeast Asia (Philippine 、 Vietnam). China Retail Businesses : - First entered China retail market through Shanghai Starbucks in In May 2008, be granted “7-Eleven” franchise license in Shanghai ; 100 stores opened as of end June, 2012.

4 7-11 Market Share in Taiwan Number of Convenience Stores in Taiwan ELEVEN 4,750 4,8034,822 Family Mart 2,3942,5932,8232,816 Hi-Life 1,2521,2541,2951,298 OK

5 The Business Strategy Diversification in the Single Industry. Multi-brand Strategy. Supply Chain Vertical Integration. - From manufacturing, distribution to retail Logistic Sub-conglomerate - It adequately integrating the subsidiaries of retail, logistics and recreational service companies within the group, rapidly expanding its business territory

6 Major UPEC subsidiaries under logistic sub-conglomerate CVS ChainsRestaurantDepartment Store 7-Eleven Hankyu Drugstore Mister Donut Logistic COSMED TAKKYUBIN Life Style Cold Stone21Centry MUJI Major retail scope in Taiwan

7 Overview of Uni-President’s developments overseas Uni-President entered China market in 1992 as its first step towards true internationalization. UPEC will aim at establishing a food factory in every province and a sub- plant around every factory to form a complete network for the whole of China. In Southeast Asia - UPEC has collaborated with a local company in Indonesia to set up an instant noodle production factory. - Through the acquisition of management rights of Philippine Seven Corp, UPEC will leverage its effectiveness in production and sales. Other regions - UPEC also intends to setup an instant noodle factory in Central America to further tap the American market.

8 Summary of financial Taiwan Ratings; Upgrades Rating on Uni-President Enterprises Corp to “A”. Overall Performance Item / Year (NT$1,000) YOY% Revenue 134,569, ,712, % Gross Profit 39,408,208 38,275, % Operating Profit 5,785,988 6,074, % Pre-tax Profit 7,779,949 7,430, % Net Profit 6,789,362 6,352, % EPS(NT$)

9 Summary of financial Earnings & Estimates Summary of UPEC 2012 revenues at Uni-President Enterprises Corporation totaled 46.9B TWD, while annual earnings equaled 2.40 per share.

10 Thank you for your attention.

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