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The Watson's go to Birmingham- 1963

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1 The Watson's go to Birmingham- 1963
Chapters 11-15

2 3. Why do you think the kids never saw Grandma before this trip?
Chapter 11 questions 1. Why was Dad talking about changing everyone’s name to hick, southern names like Homer, etc.? 2. What is grandma’s name and whose mom is she? Describe her characteristics. 3. Why do you think the kids never saw Grandma before this trip? 4. Who was Mr. Robert?

3 1. What did Kenny think Grandma sounded like?
2. Mr. Robert spoke of two sporting activities that were popular in Birmingham. What are they? 3. After Mr. Robert tells his story about the raccoon that drowned his dog, what does Kenny think of him? 4. On page 162, Kenny says “Birmingham was like an oven. The first night I couldn’t sleep at all, me and By had to share a bed and we were both sweating like pigs.” What does Kenny mean by this? 5. What do you think that Kenny thought about Byron when he heard him joking and laughing at Mr. Robert and Dad’s jokes? Chapter 12 questions

4 Essential Questions for chapters 11 and 12
How has life changed today as opposed to the 1960‘s, and how has it stayed the same? Describe your idea of the perfect grandma. Describe the attitudes and feelings of the large families as they encounter long rides in limited spaces. Then compare this with your experiences with long family car rides.

5 Journaling prompt- choose one topic to write about
Have you ever dreaded an experience so much that you wanted to run away, but when you got there it turned out to be fun? Write about a time that you expected the worst, but ended up having a good time. In this chapter, we notice that Byron is acting more grown up and this confuses Kenny. Consider the idea of maturity. What does it mean to be mature? How can mature decisions affect circumstances both for ourselves and for others?

6 2. Why did Byron tell Joey this story?
1. Byron referred to the whirlpool (a swirling water that pulls people or objects under the water to the bottom and won’t let them up) as something other than it really was. Who and what did he tell Joey it was? 2. Why did Byron tell Joey this story? 3. Which Watson sibling (brother or sister) actually went to Collier’s Landing and got in the water? 4. What happened to he/she while they were in the water. Give at least 3 details 5. Who saved this sibling from the whirlpool? 6. Write one thing that created a suspenseful moment for them. Chapter 13 questions

7 Small group discussion
Was Kenny’s choice to go to Collier’s Landing, instead of the public swimming area, typical of his behavior? Why do you think that Kenny chose to go to Collier’s landing even though he was warned about the danger?

8 Chapter 13 reflective writing
1. What are differences in leisure activities of the rich and poor ? In 1963? In 2014? 2. Describe the attitudes and feelings of families as they prepare to spend leisure time together, using the book and your personal experiences as examples.  3. Discuss reasons why the author went into so much detail about the two major southern pastimes.

9 Journal entry 1. Consider the “wool poh” Kenny fears. Complete the thought- I have encountered things or people in my dreams or imagination that no one else could see. 2. Do you agree or disagree with Kenny’s analysis of the stages of trouble? Explain your response using some examples from experiences that you have had getting into trouble. What are strategies you could use to avoid trouble?

10 5. Why was Joey at home and not at church?
1. After Kenny got out of bed one Sunday morning, he sat by a tree outside to observe the birds and bugs not making any noise. But there was a loud thundering noise. What was the noise? 2. When Kenny heard the news of what happened, why did he just stand there while everyone was rushing down the street? 3. How did you feel when you read the part about people rushing to down the street and seeing little children being carried from the church all bloody and broken, and when it said people were holding each other, crying, shaking, digging in the rubble? 4. When Kenny was sitting on his bed at Grandma’s, what did he think Joey was? Why did he think that? 5. Why was Joey at home and not at church? 6. Joey said she saw Kenny across the street from the church before the explosion and she followed him home. Kenny was home under the shade tree. Who or what could she have seen? Chapter 14 questions

11 Class Discussion Imagine you are the president during the 1960’s. How would you talk to the community as a whole about the terrible acts of violence and prejudice happening in the country? What would you say to the community? What are effective ways to eliminate violence and ensure peace?

12 Journaling- choose 1 prompt to respond to.
1. If hateful acts bring nothing but tragedy, why do they happen so often? How does hate formulate and what can we do to prevent those types of attitudes in our environment? 2. I can relate to Kenny being scared at the explosion because I.....

13 Determine one character that you could most identify with. Why?
Exit slip Determine one character that you could most identify with. Why? Write one thing that created an emotional part of chapter 14 for the characters.

14 1. Did Byron stay in Alabama with Grandma Sands? Why or why not?
2. Where was Kenny’s hiding and healing place? 3. Why do Momma and Dad start being careful about what they say, and then start saying really nice things about Kenny? 4. How did you feel when Kenny broke down and cried because of the bombing? How do you think you’d react if some tragedy happened to you? 5. Did Byron’s character change any in the last chapter? How and why? Chapter 15 questions

15 Byron told Kenny that he didn’t think that the men who bombed the church were sick at all (like Momma thought), but that he thought “they just let hate eat them up and turn them into monsters.” Do you agree or disagree? What do you think Momma meant by the word “sick.” Explain. Byron told Kenny that there was no such thing as magic powers, but Kenny felt that Byron was wrong. Kenny believed that they were real and could be found in the kindnesses in life, like having understanding parents and supportive siblings. What do you think that the author was trying to symbolize by the use of the Wool Pooh, Angels, and other magic powers? discussion

16 When I am upset, ______ makes me feel better
When I am upset, ______ makes me feel better. Discuss who, what, when, how, why, etc. Talk about a belief of yours that is different from another family member or friend’s belief. Next, talk about a time you found yourself in strong disagreement with family, friends, or community. Journaling prompt

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