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Research Paper Proposal UE4B 1098200103 Ruth Zeng.

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1 Research Paper Proposal UE4B 1098200103 Ruth Zeng

2 Proposed Research Topic Topic : The successful marketing strategy of own brand, 7-Select 1. Why 7-Eleven needs to have their new own brand, 7- Select? 2. Dose 7-Eleven can get more marketing share among their competitor by creating their own brand? 3. What kind of marketing strategy 7-eleven use to get more marketing share? 4. Does 7-Eleven success in their new own brand, 7-Select?

3 Purposes Make clear why 7-Eleven is more famous than other convenience store? Is the reason because their new own brand or not? Discuss why 7-Select is successfully accepted in the retail marketing? Is because the low price or goods variety?

4 Background National Association of Convenience Stores defines convenience store as "a retail business with primary emphasis placed on providing the public a convenient location to quickly purchase from a wide array of consumable products and services". Total number of convenience in Taiwan : 9,810 7-Eleven : 4,820 Family Mart : 2,814 Hi Life : 1,286 OK :890

5 Scope 1.Search the information about the marketing strategy of 7-Eleven. 2.Compare the 7-Eleven with its competitor. 3.Make clear why 7-Eleven needs to create the new own brand. 4.Discuss whether 7-Eleven abide by the general marketing strategy to success in the retail industry or not. Questionnaire : object - college student in Taiwan quantity of questionnaire : 100

6 Theoretical framework Marketing strategy - 1. Strategic three Cs: the customer, the competition, the corporation. 2. Product positioning. Branding – 1. A symbol of one company. 2. The intangible assets 3. influence the customer’s perceptions and drive up the store choice and loyalty.

7 Method Question in questionnaire: 1. How frequently do you go to 7-Eleven to buy good? 2. Why don’t you choose Family or OK to buy goods? 3. What kind of goods do you buy in 7-Eleven? Is for food or cookies? 4. Do you buy the goods of 7-Select before, how’s feeling with it? 5. If not, why don’t you want to buy the goods of 7-Select? 6. How do you think are 7-Select goods much cheaper than other goods or not? 7. Do you think 7-Eleven become famous because their new own brand, 7-Select, or not. Why?

8 Limitations 1.Want to interview the worker or manager in 7-Eleven to know more detail about their marketing strategy. 2.There is not much information about Taiwan’s retail convenience store and marketing strategy; therefore, I will look for the information and material from books in Wenzao library.

9 reference 1. Subhash C. Jain, School of Business Administration University of Connecticut. “Marketing Planning & Strategy, sixth edition “ (September 16, 2000) 2. C. Whan Park, Bernard J. Jaworski, & Deborah J. Maclnnis. “Strategic Brand Concept-Image Management”. Journal of Marketing, Vol. 50(October 1986) 3. Kusum L. Ailawadi, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College & Kevin Lane Keller, E. B. Osborn Professor of Marketing,Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College. “UNDERSTANDING RETAIL BRANDING: CONCEPTUAL INSIGHTS AND RESEARCH PRIORITIES” (Revised September 27, 2004) 4. Wee Kheng Tan, Assistant Professor Kainan University, Dept of Information & Electronic Commerce No 1 Kainan Road, Luchu, Taoyuan County, Taiwan & Shih Kuo Chen, Kainan University, Dept of Information & Electronic Commerce No 1 Kainan Road, Luchu, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. “USING SELF-SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES (SST) IN A RETAIL SETTING: A STUDY IN TAIWAN’S CONVENIENCE STORE CONTEXT” (IADIS International Conference e-Commerce 2008) 5. 全家便利商店企業網, 經營績效, 取自 6. 7-ELEVEN 全國最新店數, 營運概況, 取自 http://www.7-

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