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Primary and Scouting for the Eleven-year-old boy Welcome!

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1 Primary and Scouting for the Eleven-year-old boy Welcome!
Pre-Opening Find people who are/have….

2 Running an Effective Eleven-year-old Scouting Program
Purpose of Scouting in the Church Effective Adult Leaders Principles and Policies Running the program Resources Introduce ourselves Carolyn These are the points we are going to hit today.

3 Why do we use Scouting in the Church?
Help young men and boys enhance relationships with their families and the Church Develop strong and desirable traits of character, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness. Build testimonies in young men and boys. An extension of the home, Primary classes, and Aaronic Priesthood quorums The Church’s activity program for boys and young men. Scouting Handbook 1.1 Rich Why Scouting? Several things we want to accomplish…. Outlined in Scouting Handbook – you should all have one. See page 1

4 Scouting is a Tool “Why have we adopted Scouting? Someone has said that it isn't mentioned in the revelations given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, and of course that is true. Neither is the Primary nor the Sunday School, but one of our Articles of Faith clearly indicates that ‘if there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things’ Scouting is a help. It is a tool in achieving the objective of the building of real men.” -- Ezra Taft Benson Rich Have someone read. It’s not either/or The two programs complement each other. We don’t have to choose. The church has adopted scouting to help us prepare boys to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and young men to receive the Melch priesthood.

5 Scouting Prepares Young Men
“I feel that there has never been a greater need for youth to acquire the timeless values espoused and taught by Scouting than now. The war between good and evil is raging now as never before. But it is not a war of tanks and guns – but of words, of media, of thoughts and feelings, of Internet, cell phones and earphones – of drugs and drinks that dull the mind and the soul of our youth. And if we as leaders are not valiant, our youth will not be prepared for the challenges that await them.” -- Charles W. Dahlquist, II Carolyn Have someone read. Think about the youth you know and love. Scouting can help young men develop the strength of mind and character they need to fight the battles they face today. Our chosen generation needs chosen leaders to help them grow. See: 1Peter 2:9 But ye are a achosen generation, a broyal cpriesthood, an dholyenation, a fpeculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of gdarkness into his marvelloushlight: Matthew 22:14  For many are acalled, but few are bchosen.

6 The Power of Scouting “Impossible to measure is the great good which has come from this organization during the past century I believe in Scouting. I believe in the goals of the organization. I believe in the power of Scouting to bless and enrich lives for good.” -- President Thomas S. Monson Carolyn Have someone read. Testimony

7 In Short Scouting is a tool that helps young men develop the character and qualities needed to be effective instruments in the hands of the Lord in moving His work forward in the home, the Church, and the world. Rich So, the brethren have spoken. Scouting is a tool to help us prepare boys to become young men, and young men to become husbands, fathers and leaders. Throughout all the ruckus earlier this year about membership standards, the church remains firmly committed to Scouting.

8 Effective Adult leaders

9 Stake Primary Presidency
Registers with BSA and receive BSA training Coordinates support for Primary-aged Scouting programs in each ward. Encourages ward Primary Scout leaders to participate in basic and other approved training Helps plan day camps for Cub Scouts and 11 year old Scouts in conjunction with the local BSA Council. -- LDS Scouting Handbook 3.4 Can also serve as unit commissioners. Carolyn Training – Everyone needs to be registered, which means everyone needs YPT. If you have a question about the training you or other leaders need go to Click resouses, primary, scouting in primary. Look at the interactive chart on the right hand side of the page. (show example of chart) Commissioner! A commissioner is one who helps coordinate support for Scouting programs. In our Stake this is a separate calling. In others, it falls under the Stake Primary. Much of your responsibilities as a Stake Primary are the same as a commissioner anyway. Ask your Stake leaders if you aren’t sure how it works in your Stake. You should be training new Ward Primary leaders/counselors over Scouting, making sure they understand how the program runs and what training they need. Day Camp We will talk more about this later, but Day Camp can be such a great tool to bring boys together to grow and support one another.

10 Bishoprics Provide general direction for Scouting and ensure that it is properly organized and functioning. Under the Bishop’s direction, counselors see that the various Scouting programs are organized and that adult leaders are called and trained. The bishopric organizes a ward Scout committee to ensure that Scouting functions properly -- LDS Scouting Handbook 4.2 Rich Again, from the handbook… Bishops have a lot to do. They are responsible for the Scouting program in their ward – but they typically delegate the work to others. They are still responsible and need to have a working understanding of the program. Bishops are encouraged to attend Wood Badge. I found it helpful to attend Pack meetings and Courts of Honors, plus an occasional committee meeting and Scout Campout. Participated in all Priest/Venturing outings. It’s about relationships. Need to be there.

11 Ward Primary Presidency
Registers with BSA and receive BSA training Serves on the appropriate ward Scouting committee(s) Coordinates Scouting with the Faith in God program Provides support to Scouting leaders and encourages them to attend Scout training Visits Scout meetings and activities Reviews each boy’s progress and participation Helps plan and ensures that boys have an opportunity to participate in day camps -- LDS Scouting Handbook 6.5 Carolyn Please make sure 11 Year Olds are represented at Scout Committee meeting. It is easy for the older Scouts to forget about them. Cub Committee and Scout Committee meetings should be held monthly – great places to review the boys’ progress.

12 Ward Organization Bishop Aaronic Priesthood (Ages 12-18) Counselor
Primary (Ages 3-11) Counselor Young Men President Primary President Priests (Ages 16-18) Carolyn Counselor Counselor Teachers (Ages 14-15) Counselor Counselor Deacons (Ages 12-13)

13 Ward Scouting Organization
Bishop Aaronic Priesthood (Ages 12-18) Counselor Primary (Ages 3-11) Counselor Young Men President Primary President Priests (Ages 16-18) 11 yr-olds Advisor ASM 11 yr-olds Carolyn Notice the 11 Year olds are under Primary, but they are Boy Scouts. This can create a break down in communication, if you aren’t careful. The 11 year olds need to coordinate Board of Reviews with the Scout Master. They need to attend Courts of Honor with the rest of the Scouts and receive their awards there. So how does Scouting fit into this structure? Each Ward charters a Pack, Troop Team and Crew. Scout leaders are more draftees than volunteers. People are asked or “called” to serve in various positions. You don’t volunteer in the typical sense. At least that’s how it supposed to work. Counselor Counselor Teachers (Ages 14-15) Coach Counselor Counselor Deacons (Ages 12-13) Cubmaster (Ages 8-10) Scoutmaster Den Leaders

14 Eleven-Year-Old Scout Leader
Training Either the Primary teacher of eleven-year-old boys or another capable adult may serve as the group’s Scout leader. This leader should: Work under the direction of a member of the Primary presidency, meeting regularly to discuss the Scouting program and each boy’s progress. Register as the eleven-year-old Scout leader and attend the Boy Scout troop committee meetings Attend Scout training as applicable Attend other Primary meetings as invited Encourage and help each boy achieve the Faith in God for Boys award and advance in Scouting See that the boys participate in a day camp and help plan it if requested -- Rich Show of hands – 11-yr-old leaders? What is your role? You are the one in the trenches working directly with the boys. Yes, it takes time, but it’s fun and rewarding. My favorite calling. #1 responsibility: Be there with the boys – Both on Sunday and during weekly meetings + campouts. Talk more about specifics later.

15 Selecting Adult leaders
Testimony Trained Time Tenure Temperament Rich OK – Bishoprics and Primary Presidents – where are you? What are you looking for in an 11-yr-old leader? Not everyone is cut out to be a Scout leader You need someone who can set an example Discuss each item (come back to training) What is not on this list? No particular skills listed. You don’t have to be great outdoorsman or expert camper. This is not a place for a reactivation project. You need someone who can be an example. A word or two about training

16 Training Training “Just because this is God’s work, why do we think that we do not need to be trained by and large, we do a very poor job in training the leaders we call … and yet expect them to work miracles in the live of their young men.” Charles W. Dahlquist, II Carolyn - Read quote - Inspiration alone is not enough. We need trained leaders New church Scouting handbook outlines basic training requirements Other resources for training are and Round Table.

17 Assistant Scout Master (11 year old Scout Leader)
Training Assistant Scout Master (11 year old Scout Leader) Youth Protection Training (YPT) – online Scoutmaster Specific Training Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) For online courses go to Carolyn YPT – needs to be done before you start working with the boys Scout Master Specific ASAP, with in the first year Outdoor – with in the first year You can find times for leader specific training at Round Table or from your Stake Scouting rep

18 Wood Badge is leadership training for all Scouting volunteers
“If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up now for the next Wood Badge course in your council.” -- Charles W. Dahlquist, II Rich You need to go to Wood Badge! What is wood badge? 6 full days. Individual vision of success in you calling/position Goals to achieve that success Beads once complete. Best Leadership training you will find anywhere. Plus it’s cheaper and more fun.

19 Additional Training Monthly Roundtable University of Scouting
Additional Online Training Safe Swim Defense Safety Afloat Weather Hazards Climb on Safely Rich Monthly roundtable gives you a change to share ideas and learn from other Scout leaders in your area. We miss out on this great resource. No need to reinvent the wheel. UoS – One day training on everything you can imagine. 1000 people, 138 different classes last year – several in Spanish Take over McCarthur HS. Not a commandment, but very helpful if you are going to be an effective leader. OK – we’ve talked about supporting roles and who needs to do what. We’ve talked about what it takes to be a great 11-yr-old leader

20 Principles and Policies
Rich - Let’s review some basic BSA and church policies…..Carolyn

21 Eleven-year-olds are not Deacons
Eleven-year-old Scouts meet separately from year old Boy Scouts (Deacons) Only three one-night campouts for eleven-year-olds -- LDS Scouting Handbook 6.2 Age based program - boys advance on their birthday, not all together in the spring Carolyn Age appropriate, age appropriate, age appropriate. There are different programs for a reason – beyond matching up with the quorum structure. Think about the 11 year olds you know. Then think of the 13 year olds you know. An 11 year old does not need to hang out with a 13 year old. There is a huge difference in growth, development and exposure on many levels.

22 Weekly Meetings " Eleven-year-old boys meet separately from the Aaronic Priesthood age Scouts because they are not yet part of the quorum. Occasionally, special day time activities for Aaronic Priesthood age Scouts may include the patrol for eleven-year-old Scouts. Eleven-year-old Scouts preferably meet in the daytime, but if evening meetings are necessary, arrangements should be made to ensure that these boys are not away from their homes late at night and that they are carefully supervised until they arrive home."  -- LDS Scouting Handbook 6.2 Carolyn Have someone read

23 Weekly Meetings If possible, avoid meeting at the same time/place as the older (or younger) boys. Have your own meeting place – suitable for Scouting activities. Eleven-year-olds should participate in Boards of Review and Courts of Honor with the older YM. Carolyn Read

24 Camping “Eleven-year-old Scouts may participate in a one-night camp three times each year.  No other Scout-sponsored overnight camping should be planned for the eleven-year-old Scouts…. Fathers are invited and encouraged to participate in the overnight camping experiences with their sons and with boys whose fathers cannot attend.” LDS Scouting Handbook 6.2 Rich Have someone read.

25 Camping No more than three one-night campouts for each eleven-year-old
Fathers are not required to accompany their sons in order for them to attend an overnight campout. 11-yr old (or younger) boys do not go on campouts with their fathers serving in YM callings with older boys. Rich Each boy only gets three campouts. Don’t waste them. Avoid the summer heat. Go when it’s cooler and you can all sleep. Plan for advancement requirements like cooking that has to be done on a campout. Depending on boy’s birthdays and availability you may need to schedule 4-5 campouts to get each boy 3 campouts. Siblings don’t tag along. Not even if mom insists. This is what they have been waiting for… Be sure they are prepared for the campout. You want them to have a good experience the first time out.

26 Two-Deep Leadership “Two registered adult leaders or one registered adult leader and a parent of a participant (one of whom must be 21 years of age or older) are required on all Scouting trips, outings, classes, and meetings.” -- LDS Scouting Handbook 8.7 This includes campouts… “The bishopric adviser to the Primary or another qualified male adult should be invited to supervise the overnight camping experience when the leader of the eleven-year- old scouts is a woman. Women leaders do not participate in overnight camping with the boys.” LDS Scouting Handbook 6.2 Rich Two-deep, two deep, two deep. Safety comes first. No compromises here. If you have to cancel an activity – cancel it. Women don’t camp with the boys. Period. Camporees, Training, etc. We use separate facilities.

27 Youth Protection One-on-one contact between adults and youth is not permitted. In situations that require personal conferences, such as a Scoutmaster's conference, the meeting is to be conducted in view of other adults and youths. Adult leaders must respect the privacy of youth in situations such as changing clothes and taking showers at camp, and intrude only to the extent that health and safety require. Adults must protect their own privacy in similar situations. Carolyn Avoid situations that would allow someone to even think that anything inappropriate could be happening. Not worth the risk just to get something passed off.

28 Sleeping Arrangements
Eleven-year-old Scouts may share a tent while camping – in fact they should share tents so no one is left all alone. Adult Leaders under no circumstances may share a tent with any Scout A Father may share a tent with his son while on a campout, but no other Scouts or leaders may share that same tent.  Father and son only. Carolyn Again, this is to protect both you and the youth. This is non-negotiable.

29 Fund Raising Activities are funded from the budget – no fees to participate (13.2.8) If budget funds are insufficient, youth can pay for all or part of the cost of an annual extended camp. (8.13.7, , ) If that is not enough, one group fund-raising activity may be permitted each year to help pay the cost of an annual camp or activity, or to buy equipment and supplies needed for camp. (8.13.7, , ) Sales of commercial goods is NOT approved (13.6.8) Ticket sales for Scout Fairs, Camporees, etc. are approved. (LDS Scouting Handbook 8.13) Church supports FOS (13.6.8, LDS Scouting Handbook 8.13) Rich Budget first, then individual / family, then group fund-raiser Give the boys a chance to earn the money they need. Members can contribute by identifying jobs the boys can do for them. Lawn mowing, yard work, washing cars, windows, babysitting, etc. Same principle applies to Cubs, YM and YW. Group fundraisers have specific guidelines – Review Popcorn is not approved. The church supports FOS – organized by Bishops and Stake Presidents

30 Calling Adult leaders Upon being called to a ward Scouting leadership position, and before meeting with the boys, the person accepting the call should complete the BSA Adult Application. In addition, the person must complete Youth Protection training (YPT). The membership application should be submitted with appropriate fees to the BSA local council office immediately. The bishopric should wait two weeks before sustaining the applicant in sacrament meeting. The name of each applicant is checked against the BSA files and a criminal background check is done. If there are any problems, a BSA official will contact the bishop; otherwise, the bishop may assume the application has been accepted. LDS-BSA Relationships May 2011 Rich We often set ourselves up for problems. Call Register Clear with BSA (wait) Sustain Set Apart Serve “Never allow a Scout leader to function in any position in a [Scout] unit sponsored by the Church in the United States until he has been registered with the Boy Scouts of America.” (President Boyd K. Packer, from a letter to stake presidents, January 2, 1997)

31 Running an Effective Program
Rich Next topic…. but first….

32 Break and activity Both Snack TP shuffle

33 “Game with a Purpose” Scouting is a… -- Baden Powell
Rich In the words of Scouting’s founder The game is the camping, the knots, the patrol activities and competitions, the badges, etc. In scouting we send young men into the woods with their buddies, armed with knives and axes and let them play with fire – for a 11-year-old, it doesn’t get any better. That’s the game, but it’s not the purpose. Boys learn best by doing things. Not by being told, not being shown, but by experiencing things. Scouting allows us to do that in a controlled environment. By participating in weekly Scout meeting and going on campouts, by serving in leadership positions, and earning MB’s they grow and develop – in ways that can’t be matched in a classroom setting. As we help these boys prepare to receive the Aaronic and Melch Priesthood and become missionaries, along the way, many will become Eagle scouts and earn the DtG award, but that is not the ultimate objective Scouting is a tool to help us prepare and train these boys to become YM and YM to become husbands, fathers and leaders. Activities allow Scouts to learn by doing

34 Scouting Methods Patrol Method Adult Association Uniform
Leadership Development Scouting Ideals Outdoors Advancement Personal Growth Patrol Method Adult Association Uniform Leadership Development Scouting Ideals Outdoors Advancement Personal Growth Rich The Boy Scout Program uses eight methods to accomplish its mission. They are: . “PAULSOAP” Let’s explore some of them

35 Expect Scouts to wear theirs
Uniforms Wear your uniform Expect Scouts to wear theirs Field Uniform Tan shirt with all the patches Pants or shorts Belt and socks Either new or old are OK – but don’t mix/match Activity uniform Polo or T-shirt SET THE EXAMPLE! Carolyn You set the standard when it comes to uniforms. We wear a white shirt and tie on Sunday. That’s our Sunday uniform. We wear this uniform for Scout activities. Wear your uniform. Expect the boys to do the same. Full uniform includes Shirt with proper patches, pants, belt, socks (can be expensive, thrift stores and E-bay are good sources for used uniforms.) In our troop we wear the full field uniform (Class A) while traveling, and to special events like campfires, Courts of Honor, etc. We wear the activity uniform (Class B) at all other times. This costs <$5. The boys designed it and help print them up. Again, it’s up to you to set the example.

36 scOUTING Rich What do you have when you take the “Outing” out of “Scouting” . . .

37 sc Rich What do you have when you take the “Outing” out of “Scouting” . . . Not much

38 Get out of the classroom Boys remember activities
scOUTING Get out of the classroom Go outside! Boys remember activities and campouts… not Sunday lessons Rich The “outing” is the promise of Scouting. What do boys think of when When a boy becomes a scout he doesn’t want to just sit in a classroom listening to someone talk. He wants to do things. Get outdoors. GO CAMPING!! (it’s the game) Purpose is: 1) Really get to know your boys. Going camping, dealing with rain, sweating when it’s hot and trying to stay warm when it’s cold, sharing time around a campfire. Share experiences is how you develop relationships with your boys. 2) It also gives you a chance to teach by example. Scripture reading. “Bishops,…a personal interview once a year…is not sufficient to fulfill your sacred duty….Go on their campouts.” Ezra Taft Benson How many Sunday lessons do you remember? How many campouts?

39 Advancement “Eleven-year-old Scouts … are encouraged to achieve the rank of First Class before turning twelve years old.” -- LDS Scouting Handbook 6.2 This takes planning to accomplish Develop an annual plan Do things in parallel – work on requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and First Class at the same time Don’t forget … advancement is just one of the eight methods of Scouting Carolyn This may seem daunting to a new Scout leader, but with training, organization, and planning, it is very achievable. If the boys move onto YM with their First Class they have a great start toward their Eagle and they’ve learned a lot on the way.

40 Parallel Advancement - First Aid
Tenderfoot: 12a. Demonstrate how to care for someone who is choking. Second Class 7a. Show what to do for "hurry" cases of stopped breathing…. First Class: 8c. …explain the steps (procedures) in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Merit Badge: 3a. Explain what action you should take for someone who shows signals of shock, for someone who shows signals of a heart attack, and for someone who shows signals of stroke. 3b. Identify the conditions that must exist before performing CPR on a person. Then demonstrate proper technique in performing CPR using a training device approved by your counselor. 3c. Explain the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). Carolyn One example of parallel advancement Take a month and knock out all the first aid requirements – including the merit badge. Another example of parallel advancement in hiking and orienteering.

41 Advancement “Eleven-year-old Scouts … are encouraged to achieve the rank of First Class before turning twelve years old.” -- LDS Scouting Handbook 6.2 This takes planning to accomplish Develop an annual plan Do things in parallel – work on requirements for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and First Class at the same time Don’t forget … advancement is just one of the eight methods of Scouting Carolyn Other methods of Scouting are: Scouting Ideals Patrols Outdoors Personal Growth Adult Association Leadership Development Uniform They all work together to help the Young Man grow.

42 Annual Program Planning
Goals: Help each boy achieve the First Class Rank Prepare each boy to receive the Aaronic Priesthood Things to consider: Calendars – School, Church, Family, District/Council, Troop Weather – Camping in July/August isn’t fun Birthdays – boys advance on their birthdays Individual interests and needs – be flexible Rich Some things to consider when you put together the annual calendar

43 Program Planning Tools
Boy Scout Handbook Scout Fieldbook Troop Program Features, Vol. I, II & III Faith in God for Boys Rich Plenty of resources – refer to handout Internet is great source of ideas and activities You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This has all been done before – many times.

44 Program Features Rich Backpacking program – includes:
Intro and explanation 4 – weekly meeting outlines 1 activity – overnight backpacking trip Weekly outlines lead up to monthly activity

45 Every boy gets an assignment
Weekly Meeting Plan Boy size pieces Every boy gets an assignment Faith in God Rich Refer to handout Here’s a tool to help you plan and carry out a weekly meeting. Many of you are probably familiar with it. Some of you probably use it. It works! The Troop meeting plan lays out an agenda for a weekly troop meeting. It breaks it down into specific bite size – or boy-size pieces. Review pieces quickly Each section has someone responsible Every boy needs an assignment. He needs a reason to be there. We’re not doing this to entertain them. Include Faith in God in the agenda. A meeting without an agenda is an adult run meeting Next is an example -

46 Preopening Instruction Assignments Plan Games Scoutmaster’s Minute
Review Rich Preopening something besides basketball to do before the meeting starts Opening ceremony Skill instruction – short, hands on training, NOT a lecture Patrol meeting – boy led, includes assignments Interpatrol activity = GAMES Closing – your turn to invite the spirit Relate to things they have done that evening, or recent events. After – very important for leaders to evaluate and prepare Blackened scrambled pancakes – “when boys cook it, they will like it!” Other resources – games, ceremonies, other activities

47 Well Planned and Executed Meetings = Fun + Learning
Fast moving Start and end on time Have a written plan Follow a monthly program theme Include Faith in God Communication with parents is essential! Rich Again, no need to reinvent the wheel. Use this form – it works. It provides a consistent structure – something for the boys can get comfortable with – both as participant and as leader. Don’t skimp on SM minute. Have something prepared, but be ready to draw on something that happened during the meeting. This is your chance to reinforce what YOU want them to learn.

48 Faith In God Help boys and their parents become familiar with
the Faith in God for Boys guidebook. Find ways to combine activities from Faith in God with Scout activities. Many activities fulfill requirements in both programs. Boys should complete two activities in each of the three areas each year. Eleven-year-olds complete five additional activities in “Preparing for the Priesthood.” Some of these activities can be done at home with family. When a boy has completed the activities in the Faith in God for Boys guidebook, the Primary president and the bishop sign the Faith in God Award certificate on the last page of the guidebook. The boy is then recognized in Primary for his accomplishments. Carolyn Should be done by a member of the Primary Presidency before the boy turns 8. Faith in God should be a part of Cub Scouts as well. It shouldn’t be new to boys in 11 year old Scouts Next slide will demonstrate Some of these requirements can be coordinated with the Bishop and YM leaders as part of Priesthood Prep. Just read

49 Scouting requirements
FAITH IN GOD Scouting requirements Basic Requirements The Adventure Begins, Chapter 1, p.4 Learning and Living the Gospel Read D&C 89. Discuss how Heavenly Father blesses us when we faithfully live the Word of Wisdom. . . Second Class 8, 9a Plan and complete your own activity... Tenderfoot 3, 4c, 7, 9; Second Class 1a; First Class 10, 11 Serving Others Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal. Tenderfoot 3, Second Class 3g, First Class 4a Service project Second Class 4 Read and discuss the parable of the good Samaritan... Second Class 5 Developing Talents Learn how to budget and save money... Second Class 10  Make an item from wood, metal, fabric... First Class 7b, c Plan a physical fitness program... Tenderfoot 10a Learn about and practice good nutrition... Tenderfoot 13, Second Class 11, First Class 12 Preparing for the Priesthood Discuss with parent or Primary leader how important a good education is… Second Class 9 or First Class 10 Carolyn Came right from, resources, Primary, Scouting in Primary, top of page 11 year old Scouts.

50 Day camp “The stake Primary president should see that every boy in the stake has an opportunity to attend day camp.” “Day Camp should provide the 11 year old boys the excitement and fun of putting into practice, in the out-of-doors, the Scouting skills they have learned and are learning.” -- Day Camp Guide Day Camp should be useful and fun Carolyn This can be accomplished on a Ward or Stake level. Many Stakes do it on a Stake level. One benefit of this is the boys get to be with a large group of LDS boys. This is often a first for many boys, especially those from smaller units. Great opportunity to use all the methods of Scouting: Scouting Ideals Patrols Outdoors Advancement Personal Growth Adult Association Leadership Development Uniform

51 Day camp Do what works for you
1-3 days Spring, Summer, Fall, Saturday Consider number of boys attending Ask 11-year-old Scout Leaders what would help them Help with rank advancement Be organized: Plan, Plan, Plan Involve leaders, specialists in your Stake/Ward Keep boys moving, busy and having fun Balance indoor/outdoor activities Involve older Scouts as Patrol Leaders Communicate with families Great opportunity to engage families new to Scouting Carolyn Show patch and book Don’t try to do it all yourself. Make sure all adult leaders are registered and have YPT. Feed them early and often. Break up indoor and outdoor activities. Take game breaks (ie. Dodge ball) if boys are sitting for a long time.

52 Put It All Together Weekly Meetings Sunday Lessons Other Activities
Faith in God Campouts Priesthood Preview Day camp Carolyn All these things can keep our Young Men focused on building themselves and their relationship with God. The Spirit is key to helping us put all the pieces together.

53 Always look for opportunities
Invite the Spirit Always look for opportunities to invite the spirit Sunday lessons Spiritual thoughts Campfires Scoutmaster’s Minute Rich There are lessons to learn from almost all Scout activities. The boys may not recognize them, so look for them and point them out. Use Scouting experiences to reinforce what they are taught on Sunday. Take time to have a spiritual thought morning and evening on campouts. Take advantage of outdoor settings to help them feel the spirit. Always close every activity with a brief SM minute. You get the last word. 2-3 minutes at the most. This ensures you finish the activity with something spiritual.

54 Online Resources Scouting Handbook
Handbook 2: Administering the Church Primary / Eleven-Year- Old Scouts Troop Program Features Vol I-III Troop Program Resources Guide to Safe Scouting Scouting For Youth With Disabilities Manual Rich Refer to handout with more detailed list of resources

55 Valiant Leaders “One of the tools Satan uses against the Church is to
convince priesthood holders that they can do tomorrow what they should do today. But the Lord tells us, ‘Wherefore, now let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence’ … a key word to this counsel is now. In a program as demanding as Scouting, some leaders are concerned and tentative and might feel inadequate or overwhelmed. These feelings are normal. The best way to deal with such feelings is to just jump in—now. The Lord has called you, and He will qualify you and bless you to the degree that you learn your responsibilities and magnify your calling.” - David l. Beck Carolyn Have someone read Jump in and get it done. Share personal experience. Testimony.

56 Do it NOW Your time horizon is very different from that of your Young Men To have an impact on their lives you must act NOW Rich Boys have a very short time horizon. If you wait, they will miss out. Rich

57 Questions? Rich Questions? [After taking questions]
I have a question for you How many of you have a daughter? How many want that daughter to marry a returned missionary? An Eagle scout? A YM who has a testimony fulfills his priesthood responsibilities Has a good education Treats her with respect

58 Reaching the one “This, then is our assignment: to save every boy, thereby assuring a worthy husband for each of our young women, strong Melchizedek Priesthood quorums, and a missionary force trained and capable of accomplishing what the Lord expects.” -- Thomas S. Monson Rich Read quote We can’t afford to write off any of our YM. Scouting is a great tool for reaching boys who aren’t interested in “church”. Testimony

59 Primary and Scouting for the eleven-year-old boy
Carolyn Gardner Rich Bowman Little Philmont documents Here’s how to reach us. All the handouts and this presentation are available on the Little Philmont website.

60 Primary and Scouting for the Eleven-year-old boy Thank you!
The end.

61 Aaronic Priesthood Purposes
BSA Mission Become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and live its teachings. Serve faithfully in priesthood callings, and fulfill the responsibilities of priesthood offices. Give meaningful service. Prepare and live worthily to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and temple ordinances. Prepare to serve an honorable full-time mission. Obtain as much education as possible. Prepare to become a worthy husband and father. Give proper respect to women, girls, and children. Prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Scout Oath On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Scout Law A Scout is ... trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Lets compare the objectives of the two programs Become converted Duty to God, a scout is reverent Serve faithfully in callings Helpful, Obedient Give meaningful service Help other people at all times Prepare for Melch Priesthood, mission and father . . . Make good choices, Physically strong, morally straight Obtain Education Mentally awake Proper respect Courteous, kind The two program have the same goals . . . different words, but the same objectives

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