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GREEN DAY’S PERSPECTIVE. CE 6.2.2 Explain the causes of WWI, the reasons for American neutrality, and America’s role in shaping the course of the war.

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2 CE 6.2.2 Explain the causes of WWI, the reasons for American neutrality, and America’s role in shaping the course of the war.

3 CAUSES OF WWI Nationalism* Imperialism—Euro powers competes with each other for colonies Colonies provide raw materials and trade Militarism* (Example: German army and British navy) Allies* Triple Alliance/Central Powers*

4 AN ASSASINATION LEADS TO WAR The “powder keg of Europe” A spark to ignite the war—the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand* Setting off the alliance system



7 THE FIGHTING STARTS Schlieffen Plan –drive through Belgium to attack France first and Russia second The Battle of Marne and the Battle of Somme used trench warfare* Front line, support, and reserve trenches No man’s land*

8 AMERICANS QUESTION NEUTRALITY No reason—does not threaten our lives or property; nor did we want to lose American lives; take care of us Immigrants favor it* Many Americans favor it due to close ties with Britain* America has close trading ties with the Allies

9 THE WAR HITS HOME British blockade of German coast* German response  using U-boats Lusitania* Germany goes back and forth with its promises to stop U-boats

10 THE UNITED STATES DECLARES WAR Zimmerman Note/Telegram* April 6 th, 1917 Congress and Woodrow Wilson declare war to make the world “safe for democracy”safe for democracy

11 CE 6.2.2 Explain the causes of America’s role in shaping the course of WWI.

12 AMERICA MOBOLIZES America is not prepared upon entrance in war Selective Service Act* Trouble for African American soldiers Eight month training period with 17 hour days, worked with fake weapons, target practice, bayonet drill, clean the kitchen and grounds Women serve as nurses, secretaries, and telephone operators Economy converts*

13 AMERICA TURNS THE TIDE Convoy system* 230 miles of mines created between Norway and Scotland in N. Sea Heavy German losses

14 FIGHTING OVER THERE European soldiers are already exhausted and demoralized The American Expeditionary Force and John J. Pershing* Use the machine gun, tanks (caterpillar treads and made of steel), and planes (fire at each other with pistols and machine guns)planes Observation balloons*

15 THE WAR INTRODUCES NEW HAZARDS Surrounded by lice, rats, polluted water Poisonous gas and dead bodies Lack of sleep, shell shock, and trench foot*

16 AMERICAN TROOPS GO TO THE OFFENSIVE 1917 Russia backs out of the war; Germany focuses on Paris, France We arrive in time to stop German advances; have quick victories in which we go on the offensive (pg. 386) November 3, 1918 Austria-Hungary surrenders Germany in political upheaval* On the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, in the eleventh month of 1918, Germany signs an armistice*

17 Bloodiest war in history with 22 mill. dead 20 mill. wounded 10 mill. refugees U.S. only lost 48,000; 62,000 die of diseases; 200,ooo wounded

18 CE 6.2.3 Analyze the domestic impact of WWI on the growth of the government, the expansion of the economy, and the restrictions on civil rights.

19 CONGRESS GIVES POWER TO WILSON Govt. gives power to Woodrow Wilson to control a war-time economy War Industries Board* Fuel Administration monitored coal supplies and rationed gasoline, along with heating oil Citizen contributions when conserving fuel*

20 Herbert Hoover and the Food Administration* “Victory gardens” SELLING THE WAR Govt. spent 35.5 billion on the war Funded by taxes, borrowing money, and war bonds* George Creel, Committee on Public Information, and propaganda* Creel persuades artists and advertisers to set up posters, paintings, cartoons, and sculptures to promote the war



23 ATTACKS ON CIVIL LIBERTIES INCREASE Immigrants from Germany and Austria-Hungary are attacked (pgs. 391 and 392) Espionage and Sedition Acts* Clearly, a violation of First Amendment rights; 2,000 prosecuted and over half convicted

24 THE WAR ENCOURAGES SOCIAL CHANGE WWI contributed to the Great Migration* Tried to escape racism, discrimination, and ruined cotton fields; racial tension and overcrowding caused Women move into jobs held by men

25 They were railroad workers, cooks, dockworkers, and bricklayers Worked as Red Cross volunteers, grew gardens, and encouraged the sale of bonds JUST REMEMBER, AT ONE POINT, WE WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER…

26 CE 6.2.4 Explain how Wilson’s 14 Points differed from proposals by others.

27 WILSON PRESENTS HIS PLAN Paris: Wilson is greeted as a hero Wilson’s 14 Points* pg. 399 League of Nations* The “Big Four”—Wilson, Clemenceau, Orlando, Lloyd George*

28 DEBATING THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES Treaty of Versailles* Germany cannot maintain an army; has to give Alsace- Lorraine back to France War reparations* War-guilt clause* Russia lost more territory than Germany did because of its withdrawal

29 Wilson returns home to promote the League of Nations and the treaty Republican disapproval* Goes on an 8,000 mile tour, delivers 34 speeches, and suffers a stroke Up for vote twice and turned down each time Sign a separate treaty with Germany

30 THE LEGACY OF THE WAR Strengthened the military and the power of the govt. Europe experiences destruction of land and massive loss of life Fascism and communism rise in Europe Leads to the vengeance of Adolf Hitler of Austria

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