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Unit 1 Dream homes Grammar Cardinal numbers and Ordinal numbers.

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1 Unit 1 Dream homes Grammar Cardinal numbers and Ordinal numbers

2 0 zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten Cardinal numbers (基数词) eleven twelve 1112131415 1617181920 nineteen thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen twenty 12345678910

3 30405060708090 twenty-onetwenty-two 2122232425 twenty-threetwenty-fourtwenty-five thirtyfortyfiftysixtyseventy eighty ninety

4 large numbers 100 one hundred 10,000 ten thousand 100,000 one hundred thousand 1,000,000 one million 1,000 one thousand X10=

5 500,000five hundred thousand 5,678 five thousand , six hundred and seventy-eight

6 4,886,103 銉佰捌拾捌万陆千壹佰零叁元整 亿千百十 万千百十元角 分 ¥ 488610300 four million, eight hundred and eighty- six thousand, one hundred and three 9,156,018 nine million, one hundred and fifty-six thousand and eighteen

7 10, 120 ten thousand, one hundred and twenty 549, 390, 090 five hundred and forty-nine million, three hundred and ninety thousand and ninety

8 Read the phone number : Miss Wang 8433,2901 Me 8432,1201 eight,four,three,three;two,nine,o,one eight,four,three,two;one,two,o, one you … double three

9 People from about 180 countries and areas live in a New York. 面积 有... 面积 area have an area of...

10 The CN Tower is 1,815 feet tall. Read the number: =The CN Tower is 1815 feet in height. long =in length in 在... 方面 在尺寸上 在面积上 in size in area

11 Red Square in Moscow is about 91,000 square metres in size. 正方形 广场 平方 方形的

12 France has an area of over 260,000 square miles. have an area of...

13 Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has over 13,000,000 people.

14 Language points 180 countries and areas: 180 个国家和地区 1,815 feet tall: 1815 英尺高 数词 + 量词(单复数) + 形容词 1 英尺( foot ) =0.3048 米 40 米长 40 metres long square metres 平方米 square miles 平方英里 in size: 在尺寸上,在大小上 我的房间在尺寸上大约 10 平方米。 My room is about 10 square metres in size.

15 have an area of… 有多大的面积。 中国有 1470 万平方公里的国土面积。 China has an area of 14,700,000 square kilometres. over= more than 多于,大于 we have over 36 classrooms. we have more than 36 classrooms. There be sb. doing sth: 正有某人做某事 操场上正有一些男孩踢足球。 There are some boys playing football on the playground.

16 1.hundred, thousand, million, billion... (1) 这些词前如有表示具体的数字的词, 它们不能加 “S” ; ( 2 )这些词前如没有表示具体数字的词, 则它们需加 “S” ,与 of 连用; 三百人 成千上万人 three hundred people thousands of people 2. _________(4) of them went to the factory. I want ________(2). My classmate is __________(18). Four two eighteen

17 3. Today we are going to study Lesson ____(5). He lives _____________________.(801 房间)。 4. The accident took place __________________ 年份用基数词,日期用序数词, (2006 年 7 月 1 日) 5.It's ______(2 点钟) 6.__________________is three. ( 1+2=3 ) ____________________is thirty. ( 5X6=30 ) 7.______percent of them is water. (30%) 8._________of the books are mine.( 五分之二) 9._____________________girl is behind me. ( 一位 21 岁的女孩) 10. 在 19 世纪 70 年代 _____________________ 11. 在某人 30 多岁时 _____________________ Five in Room 801 on July 1st, 2006 two One plus two Five times six Thirty Two-fifths A twenty-one-year-old in the 1870s in one's thirties

18 Ordinal numbers ( 序数词 ) We can use ordinal numbers to order things and events. We use them to talk about dates, floors, positions, etc.

19 Women’s day is on the eighth of March. Its birthday is on the fifth of June. The flat is on the seventh floor. He is always the first to come to school in our class. I am the second child of my family. Yesterday was his fourteenth birthday.

20 -th Ordinal numbers (序数词) hundredth four _____ hundred _________ five ______ twelve__________ eight ______ nine ______ twenty _______ forty __________ fourth fifth eighth ninth twelfth twentieth fortieth third one _____ two_____ three _____ first second

21 How do you write it? Ordinal numbers 1 st = first 10th = 2nd = second 11th =eleventh 3rd = third 12th =twelfth 4th = fourth 13th= 5th = fifth 20th =twentieth 6th =21st=twenty-first 7th =22nd= 8th =23rd= 9th = ninth30th= 10th=100th= sixth seventh eighth tenth thirteenth twenty-second twenty-third thirtieth tenth a hundredth

22 基数词变序数词的规律 1 基变序,有规律,末尾加上 th four ---> fourth fourteen ---> fourteenth 2 一二三,特殊记,末尾字母 t,d,d one--->first two --->second three --->third 3 八减 t ,九去 e , f 要把 ve 替 eight ---> eighth nine ---> ninth five ---> fifth; twelve--- >twelfth 4 Ty 把 y 变为 i ,莫忘 th 前有个 e twenty--->twentieth forty--->fortieth ninety--->ninetieth 5 如果遇到几十几,只变个位就可以 twenty-one--->twenty-first thirty-three--->thirty-third

23 Peter Ricky Elsa Mary Wilson

24 Children’s Day is on ____________. June 1st/first

25 Language points: 1. 序数词的运用: ⑴表示日期: e.g. 6 月 1 日 on the first of June/ on June (the) first ⑵表示编号: e.g. lesson 5 the fifth lesson ⑶起副词作用,前无 “the” e.g. Simon came first in the English exam. ⑷序数词前有限定词修饰时,不加 “the”. e.g. This is my first lesson.

26 1.the+ 序数词;基数词不加 the 2.a/an+ 序数词 ,表示 “ 又一、再一 ” ; 3.of the+ 基数词,表示范围; 三个女孩中 of the three girls 4. 序数词表达名次时,不加 the ; 排第二 come second 5. 序数词前有了限定词,则不再加 the ; 我的第一台电脑 my first computer


28 How do we say it? 4, 056 four thousand and fifty-six 23, 813 twenty-three thousand eight hundred and thirteen 567,110 five hundred and sixty-seven thousand one hundred and ten

29 6, 425, 200 six million four hundred and twenty-five thousand two hundred 126 one hundred and twenty-six 1,026 one thousand and twenty-six 12,206 twelve thousand two hundred and six

30 100,260 one hundred thousand two hundred and sixty 110,006 one hundred and ten thousand and six 1,200,026 one million two hundred thousand and twenty-six

31 111 1,111 11,111 111,111 1,111,111 11,111,111 111,111,111 one hundred and eleven one thousand one hundred and eleven eleven thousand one hundred and eleven one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven one million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven eleven million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven one hundred and eleven million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven Exercises:

32 1.Kangkang is a school boy. He got a good gift on his____birthday. A. fourteenth B.fortieth C.the fortieth D.the fourteenth 2.Tom will sell____stamps to help the poor children in the west of China. A.thousand of B.two thousand of C.two thousand D. two thousands of 3. When is your mother's birthday, Tina? It's on July the ______. A.twenty B.ninth C.five D. the fifth A B C D

33 4.Have you seen the CCTV news on TV? Yes,____children had a good festival on the ____Children's Day. A.millions of ;sixty B.ten millions; sixtieth C.millions of ;sixtiethD.ten million;the sixty 5. More than two___years ago, people knew little about the universe. A.thousands B.thousand C.thousand of D.thousands of 6.There are ___months in a year. October is the ____month. A.twelve;ten B.twelfth;tenth C.twelve;tenth D.twelfth;ten

34 7.Look at the numbers 2,5,11,23, 47 and 95. What will be the next number? A.191 B.127 C.158 D.276 8.Have you got everything ready for the party? No, we need_____. A. another two glasses B.other two glasses C.two other glasses D.two another glasses 9.It took me ____to find out the answer to the question. A. one and half hours and a half hours and a half hour and half hour

35 10.Which is the biggest number of teh four? A. two-thirds B.a half C.a quarter third 11.Lucy is very excited because today is her ____birthday. A.five B.fiveth C.the fifthD.fifth 12.Now,everybody,please turn to Page____ and look at the ___picture. A.Fifth;five B.Five;fifth C.Fifth;fifth D.Five;five 13.He wrote many books in his ___. A.thirty B. thirtieth C. thirties D. thirtieths 14.I've tried twice,but I'll try _____time. A.the third B.a third C. third D. three


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