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03/05/58 Department of Land Transport Ministry of Transport Thailand.

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1 03/05/58 Department of Land Transport Ministry of Transport Thailand

2 “Results-Based Management” “ easy pay for a better way ” 03/05/58 BY MR. CHIRUTE VISALACHITRA DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL FOR ADMINISTRATION

3 THE DEPARTMENT OF LAND TRANSPORT A government agency Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Transport Responsible for controlling and regulating domestic and international road transport With the aim of developing a better road transport system and also to promote the economic growth, social welfare, political stability and national security

4 Our vision “To develop a road transport system that brings about better quality of lives”

5 Our mission To regulate, develop and promote road transportation. To regulate motor vehicles to meet the safety and environmental standard. To become an organization with excellent work and service.

6 CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY “To provide our customers with the best vehicle registration and tax collection services” Q: How can we achieve this target? A: By ensuring that all the services rendered are convenient, fast, non-discriminating, transparent and accountable.

7 CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY Milestones: Reducing work process and duration of vehicle registration and driving license services. Eliminating unnecessary documents required. Improving attitudes of staffs especially in providing services to customers.

8 History of vehicle tax payment Since 1988, the service of vehicle registration and annual tax payment was transferred from the Royal Thai Police to the Department.

9 Timeline of annual vehicle tax payment service evolution 1988 – 1991: A 7-step procedure at 3 service points took nearly 2 hours for an annual vehicle tax payment. 1992 – 1993: The process was reduced to 6 steps which were completed within 1 hour. Also, the oval-shaped tax payment sign was made smaller 2002 – present: - The overall process is completed at 1 point, done by 1 officer within 3 minutes - The tax payment sign and receipt are combined and printed on an A4 paper.

10 ONE STOP SERVICE FOR ANNUAL VEHICLE TAX PAYMENT The whole process for vehicle annual tax payment is completed at 1 point.



13 New Means for Annual Vehicle Tax Payment  Drive thru for tax  Shop thru for tax  Internet  Deduction from bank account  Credit card  Bank counter  7-Eleven  Mobile-for-tax

14 DRIVE THRU FOR TAX Launched on 4 th January 2006 A new means to pay annual vehicle tax for vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Act. Service provided at an outdoor area within the compound of the Department. Customer remains in the car while being serviced. Reduces traffic jam and parking lot congestion

15 03/05/58



18 Shop Thru for Tax Launched the service on July, 15 2006 for Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samutprakan For vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Act In collaboration with Cencar Co. Ltd. (in operation as Carrefour) 13 branches of Carrefour provided the service To make more alternatives for annual vehicle tax payment other than coming to the Department

19 03/05/58 SHOP THRU FOR TAX


21 Payment made through internet Started since 2008 Made through the Internet via or Deduction from bank accounts Done automatically from saving accounts Payment made by credit card Payment made at bank counter or at Counter service (7-Eleven).

22 03/05/58 E-PAYMENT


24 Mobile-for-tax Available for vehicles of class: C 1 : Sedan (not over 7 seats) C 2 : Passenger Van (over 7 seats) C 3 : Van and Pick-up C 12 : Motorcycle All vehicles must be registered in Thailand One vehicle per time No registration book needed

25 Mobile-for-tax Launched in May 2010

26 03/05/58 Mobile-for-tax

27 03/05/58 11 YEARS CELEBRATING.....DLT

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