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Manager Self-Service. 2Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Key Terminology PortalA site that functions as a point of access to information on the web. SAP.

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1 Manager Self-Service

2 2Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Key Terminology PortalA site that functions as a point of access to information on the web. SAP will be accessed through the BRITE portal. Interactive Form (iForm) An electronic form within SAP used to request an HR Action. Becomes part of employee’s record. (Adobe Acrobat Reader software required.) Human Resource Action Processor (HRAP) Replaces the ZPAF processor. The HRAP will initiate the iForms and access employee data. Employee Self- Service (ESS) Workplace for employees to view personal information and request changes. Business Intelligence (BI) Repository of SAP information for the purpose of reporting. iViewsSnapshot of specific pieces of employee information. Universal Worklist (UWL) Replaces former SAP inbox. The UWL contains the HR Actions requiring manager’s approval and/or any notifications of other actions pertaining to the manager’s employees. SAP 4.6bBroward’s legacy system that contains the history and data from SAP ECCBroward’s Finance, Human Resource, Payroll and Professional Development System. Employee master data is maintained beginning 2008; however, some historical data was converted.

3 3Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Agenda Unit One: Introduction to Manager Self-Service (MSS) Two: Reviewing HR Actions & Navigating the Universal Worklist (UWL) Three: Substitution Rule Four: Delegate Five: Manager Self Service Functionality: Work Overview & Team Six: Display Employee General Information Seven: Display Personnel Development Information Eight: Display Education and Instructional Information (Certification, Duty Assignment, & Out-of-field) Nine: Display Salary Information & Date Specifications Ten: Performance Management Eleven: Development Plans

4 4Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015  Review the Go-live Kit: Getting your computer ready? 1 2

5 5Manager Self-Service – 5/3/ Getting your computer ready?

6 6Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit One: Introduction to Manager Self-Service (MSS)

7 7Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Manager Self-Service (MSS) Roll-out HR Action Approval via Home UWL July 2008 View Employee DataJuly 2008 Out-of-field ProcessFall 2008 in conjunction with current process Employee AppraisalsPilot All Professional Growth PlansPilot All Development PlansFall 2008 Time ApprovalJanuary 2009 (tentative) On-line Vacation & SPR RequestJanuary 2009 (tentative) On-line Reappointment ProcessMarch 2009

8 8Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 What is Manager Self-Service (MSS)?  On-line tool to allow administrators to manage their staff  Accessible anywhere with internet access  One –stop shopping for administrators to obtain information about their employees  Tool for performing their management tasks (e.g., employee appraisals)

9 9Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 MSS Roles The MSS role will be assigned to administrators who are a “chief” of an org unit:  School Based Administrators: Principals  District Based Administrators: based on the organizational chart  Delegates assigned for an administrators long term absence. MSS will be rolled out to additional administrators after SAP go-live:  Assistant Principals, Managers, Supervisors, etc.  SAP Support will work with the individual locations to determine which staff should have MSS

10 10Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Two: Reviewing Forms for Approval Navigating the UWL – Universal Worklist

11 11Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 MSS & SAP Process Flow Start HRAP Initiates i-Form; attaches required docs to the on-line action Principal/ Director (MSS Role) Reviews Information in UWL Approve Action Information is Executed in SAP Finish HRAP & Employee Receives notification HRIS/Staffing/ Budget Information is Executed in SAP Or

12 12Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Process Execution Actions executed immediately upon approval by Administrator:  Additional positions (with certain exceptions)  Supplements  One-time (additional) payments Executed after HRAP processes, Administrator receives notification  Separation of employment (voluntary, i.e. personal resignation) Actions executed by the appropriate department upon approval by Administrator (identified department) :  Remaining Additional positions (Staffing, Sub Central, HRIS)  Change in pay (HRIS)  Demotion (HRIS)  Reassignment (HRIS)  Transfer (HRIS)  Working while on leave (HRIS)  Return from leave (HRIS)  Create position (ABA, Grants)  Maintain position (ABA, Grants)  Sick leave budget (ABA, Grants)  Termination (involuntary, i.e., abandonment of position) (Staffing)

13 13Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Reviewing HR Action Forms Use the Home – Universal Worklist (UWL) Do not use the UWL under the MSS tab 1 2 3

14 14Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Reviewing HR Forms: Tasks Do not use these buttons 4 5

15 15Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 HR Action Forms: Review the HR Action Form

16 16Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Reviewing the Form: HR Action Notes 2 1

17 17Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Approving the HR Action Form 2 1 3

18 18Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 These forms will appear different than the one reviewed:  Position Request From – Create & Maintain  Will caution approver to save prior to approving. The HRAP person should have saved. Approver can save the form or continue by approving.  Supplements  One time payments Approving Other Forms

19 19Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Demonstration  Simulation are available on the BRITE Portal by clicking Training>Online Library, then click the simulations button shown below, or go directly to: onlinelibrary/sims/index.html Or  Log into the BRITE Training Portal to practice 1 2

20 20Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Three: Substitution Rules

21 21Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Substitute Rule This feature is used when an administrator will be temporary unavailable (e.g., vacation). Gives another administrator access to the administrators Universal Worklist (UWL) for the substitute to approve HR Actions. Can have more than one substitute. Access is given by the Current Administrator creating a substitute on- line from their UWL. This does not give the substitute access to Manager Self Service (MSS). It only gives them access to your UWL using their sign-on. The current administrator will still be able to view tasks and notifications even though they appear in the substitutes UWL. Once the Substitute approves an item, the item will be removed from the administrator’s task list.

22 22Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Designate Substitute

23 23Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Designate Substitute

24 24Manager Self-Service – 5/3/ Designate Substitute

25 25Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Designate Substitute

26 26Manager Self-Service – 5/3/ Designate Substitute

27 27Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Four: Delegate

28 28Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Delegate This feature is used when a vacancy exist or an administrator is absent for an indefinite time period Gives another administrator access to view and complete tasks in the administrators org unit (i.e. employee appraisals, view employee data, etc.) Access is granted by supervisor submitting a security form to BRITE Security Delegate will receive the MSS tab & functionality for that org unit

29 29Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Five: Manager Self Service Functionality Work Overview & Team

30 30Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Navigating MSS

31 31Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Attendance Overview b 4a

32 32Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Reminder of Dates 1 2

33 33Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Navigating the BRITE Portal – MSS 2 34 Coming soon 1

34 34Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Six: Display Employee General Information

35 35Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Display Employee Information

36 36Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Employee iViews: Organizational Assignments

37 37Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Monitoring of tasksCompany Property Personal Data

38 38Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 General Information: Absence Days 2 3 1

39 39Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Seven: Personnel Development Information

40 40Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Personnel Development

41 41Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Personnel Development: Training Activities 1 2 3

42 42Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Eight: Display Education & Instructional Information Certification, Duty Assignment, Out of field

43 43Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Education Certifications

44 44Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Duty Assignment Out of Field

45 45Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Nine: Display Salary Information & Date Specifications

46 46Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Salary Information: Date Specifications

47 47Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Salary Information: One Time Payment and Deduction

48 48Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Ten: Performance Management

49 49Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Performance Management 1 2 3

50 50Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Professional Growth Plans (PGPs)

51 51Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Unit Eleven: Development Plans

52 52Manager Self-Service – 5/3/2015 Individual Development Plan (IDP) This employee has 3 development plans: 2 courses are required for the Leadership Dev –Level 1 Model

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