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Exceed Customer Expectations with Convenience

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1 Exceed Customer Expectations with Convenience
Chapter 12 Exceed Customer Expectations with Convenience

2 Exceed Customer Expectations with Convenience and Timing
Understand what A + convenience is. Identify and site examples of ways to improve speed of service and ease of doing business Avoid the problem of over-promising and under-delivering service. Show customers how you value their time. Explain how past examples of increasing speed and convenience have allowed for major advances in customer service. Understand the concept of “virtual waiting” and how you can use this to exceed customer expectations. Identify examples of improvement in customer ease of use and once-and-done service. Consider possible ancillary services that could help create an A + experience for customers. Describe the potential advantages of simplifying products for better customer service.

3 Understand what A + Convenience is
Speed Simple Over-promising and under-delivering

4 How to Produce A + Convenience
Seriously value the customers’ time Make things easier for the customer Produce “once-and-done” service Make doing business with the company easy Offer ancillary services that make the customer’s life easier

5 Give Serious Regard to Customer Time and Convenience
Time is valuable Speed is easier to work with than convenience Make sure customers get a realistic perception of how longs things take

6 Consider the Use of Virtual Waiting Techniques
Match Capacity to Demand Respond to How Customers Perceive the Wait Make Things Easier for Customers

7 Create Once-and-Done Service
Make Doing Business Easy

8 Offer Ancillary Services

9 Simplify the Product

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