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Lesson Eleven Integrated Concepts

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2 Lesson Eleven Integrated Concepts
Language Arts: descriptive language, main idea and detail, compare and contrast Visual Art: line, shape, color, space, artist’s purpose Science: attributes, species

3 Many artists choose to make art about animals.
Often, they depict (show) the main idea of the animal but leave out some of the details. For example they might show the shape, but leave out the texture; or show the outline and leave out the color or pattern. What can you see that these artists chose to show? What did they choose to leave out?

4 In this painting the artist used intense colors and complicated shapes to create an image that is energetic and exciting. Can you figure out how the artist has made it seem that the fish are actually swimming around in the water?

5 Do you think the artist’s purpose is to show a particular
species of fish? Do you know of any fish that actually look like these fish?

6 Sometimes the artist is not interested in showing an animal’s
actual appearance, but instead wants to use some attributes of the animal to create an interesting artwork.

7 What kind of animal do you think it is? What attributes can you point out that helps you identify the animal? What attributes are missing that would help

8 Can you imagine how this artist created this animal? Can you tell what material the artist used? This kind of art is called sculpture. Sculpture is three dimensional. That means it can be measured three ways. It has height, width and depth.

9 In this sculpture, the artist
has used line, shape and space in interesting ways. What do you notice about space this work? Can you find space both inside and outside of the animal’s shape? Can you explain how the line is different than a line drawn with a pen or pencil?

10 Let’s compare and contrast these two artworks?
Can you describe some ways they are alike? Can you explain some ways they are different? Which of these ways of making art would you choose? Why?

11 Information about the art and the artists
Title: “Orange Fish” Artist/Dates: Clyde Jones, American, Born 1931 Medium: house paint on plywood Size: 24” x 60” Date: 1998 Title: “Giraffe” Artist/Dates: Michael van Hout, American, born 1953 Medium: steel tie wire Size: 22” x 8” 3” Date: 1993 What else would you like to know about the art or the artists? How can you find out?

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